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Best Private Email Service Provider for Business in India

Best Private Email Service Provider for Business in India

What is the private email service???

Private email is simply email that you use exclusively for your business. Generally, your personal email address also includes your company name such as and the email address of your colleagues will be formatted in the same way.

This professional way of sending private emails will also work as an advertisement as your business name will appear with every communication.

The risk factor of a private email service???

Emails are a very difficult means of communication for proper security. Following the information revealed by Edward Snowden, email security problems have become much more obvious to the general public, as users previously had no idea of spying these communications easily.

Therefore, secure email providers such as Lava bit and Silent Circle decided to suspend operations and shut down their servers rather than comply with the NSA’s demands, as it was against their privacy policy.

Here are our top 5 secure email providers you can use

1. Nexahost

Nexahost is an independent secure email service that provides great security, privacy and stability over the Internet. They provide permanent and encrypted email accounts, including calendars and address books.

Thus, Nexahost is completely self-funded and ad-free. Nexahost is said to be one of the most all-round and friendly encrypted email services. This is a great, cost-effective solution for those who want to encrypt their entire mail suite.


  • Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP) Available
  • Made by IMAP / POP3,
  • Address book and calendar (synchronization)
  • Just saved data encryption
  • Ad-free email account and ad-free website

2 Mailfence

Mailfence is an encrypted email service based on the Open PGP standard that provides end-to-end encryption and digital signature. It was started in November 2013 by Liaison Office Group, which has been managing an online collaborative suite for professionals, universities and other organizations since 1999.

However, unlike other private and secure messaging services that can be found on the web,Ā  Mailfence does not lock users in its “digital island“. This leaves its users absolutely free to communicate securely with anyone, whether with other mailfence users or with another email service (complying with the Open PGP protocol).


  • The email address is digitally signed to prove
  • Email settings will be customized according to the user’s preferences
  • Blocks spam messages
  • Allow users to purchase credit for sending text messages and faxes
  • Includes file storage and calendar for documents

3. CounterMailĀ 

Countermail is all about user security. Although its interface looks quite outdated, its system is updated regularly, while its email security is second to none. Like ProtonMail, it also provides end-to-end encryption between sender and receiver and uses Open PGP to protect your email messages and secure your email account. Since it uses a diskless data server, no one will be able to read or write anything you send through these servers.


  • Supports IMAP
  • Allows to modify various settings for your account
  • Considers keeping an IP address log
  • Uses anonymous email headers
  • Supports email filter
  • Available for desktop and iOS

4. RunboxĀ 

Not all are the most popular secure email service compared to the ones mentioned above, but Runbox is slowly catching up with the top email providers in terms of email encryption. Runbox uses various security tools to keep your data away from cyber theft who want to steal it.

Thus, it also provides an annual plan using bitcoins for additional anonymity. Finally, Runbox uses two-factor authentication and with external tracking cookies, it is almost impossible for scammers to hack into any Runbox email account.

FeaturesĀ  Ā  Ā thus, therefore

  • Create an email alias to use different email addresses with only one account
  • Powerful and reliable in processing and storing large amounts of data.
  • Professional management of email such as spam filtering, customized sorting, forwarding, etc.
  • Integrated services
  • Strong Email Privacy Protection
  • Spam and Virus Protection

5. CTemplarĀ 

CTemplar is comparatively a new service or possibly the newest option for you. The company is based in Iceland and is gaining popularity due to its serious claim to be the world’s most secure and private email service.

Therefore, the reason behind the claim is Iceland’s strong privacy laws. Apart from this, it also provides amazing security features along with complete encryption protection.

FeaturesĀ  best private email service providerĀ Ā  Ā 

  • Delete email immediately
  • Built-in kill switch
  • Anti phishing protection
  • Dedicated bare-metal server
  • Removed from IP email

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