Bulk SMS Services transpire to be the most extensive marketing tactic of its reachable compatibilities in approaching a bulk population fractionally. Since, people addiction towards mobile devices irrespective of age, gender and trade have made businesses to house this technique. The Modern market is thriving its best with emerging Bulk SMS Service providers each day with much mobile presence.

Either for Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS or OTP’s, the success of an SMS campaign is influenced by varied factors. That includes delivery speed, reachability, redundancy, scalability, security, compliance, support, user interface features, integrations framing, gateway infrastructure etc. So, it is highly essential for the marketers to be heedful in choosing a service provider even at affordable prices.

Factors to consider while choosing a Bulk SMS Service

High Delivery Rates

Telcob has framed presence with 96% SMS Delivery providing customized text solutions by incorporating diversified components in making an SMS communication happen. The Marketers can benefit through varied verticals of Bulk services like Bulk SMS, Long Code, Short URL, and Excel Plug-in with well-framed API integrations, multiple operator connectivities and an intelligently furnished Bulk SMS gateway technology enhancing high SMS deliverability.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Telcob provides Real-Time Reports and Analytics directly redeemed from Operator which gets updated in real time in the application based on DLR status (Dynamic Language Runtime). So the marketers can track their delivery status of each and every SMS that sent through our UI.

SMS API Integrations on all Platforms

Telcob provides furnished SMS API suites which facilitate simple integrations with any third-party applications instantly. Hence It enables marketers to summon delivery reports, receive SMS, add and schedule a number of campaigns etc.

Scalable to any extent and In-built Redundancy

All the text communication solutions of Telcob are scalable to any extent at any point of time effortlessly. Ours is an intelligent robust Cloud infrastructure possessing in-built redundancy at every level with maximum TPS (Transaction Processing System) routes to ensure zero downtime for the customers using our dashboard.


We are transparent with the prices and there are no differentiating charges with customers. As our application loaded with wide varied features and those which apply to your business or used alone have charged. Hence the cost decreases when a customer buying our services.

Data Security

Significantly, Data Security plays a major key role in any type of business. So the service provider should take client data privacy and security measures seriously. And enforce them at any cost minimizing risk factor on all levels.

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