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5 Best Cheapest Email Marketing Services

A cheap and affordable email marketing service isn’t difficult to find. On the research for the cheapest email marketing services to run your campaigns without wanting to take out a second contract?  In this blog, we’re going to introduce the cheapest email marketing services options. We’ll examine what makes each one unique, and help you settle on the best solution for your business. Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Let’s read various cheapest email marketing services !! cheapest email marketing services

Why Choose The Best Email Marketing Services ?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing instruments for small businesses. According to a study, email marketing on average equals a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States. This is because email marketing is simple to operate, gives you whole control, and supports you to establish a direct connection with your customers. Not convinced on email marketing? See these email marketing services for why growing an email list is so great today.

It’s essential to know that a lot of your profit with email marketing depends only on the email marketing software you choose because they are answerable for making sure that your emails really go delivered. If you aren’t accurate, then you will end up paying a lot more money for some features and disastrous email deliverability rates (which causes you to drop even more money).

1.Mailcot.com (www.mailcot.com) 

cheapest email marketing services






They are No.1 Mass Mailing Service Provider Company in India. They provide the Best and Cheap Email Marketing Services.Boost your sales and business with Bulk Email Marketing Services, we provide email newsletters, email drip campaigns, automated welcome emails, email template design, copywriting, transactional emails, email analytics, contact forms for your website, email software setup, email CRM integration, compliance with GDPR and federal CAN-SPAM laws.

Provides services such as :-

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services allows your business to email the consumer whenever you want. While not every email needs to be a sales pitch, your contact with the customer should provide something of value to them.

  • Transactional SMTP

If you are looking for a Transactional SMTP service, then you probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional messages and is searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk.


  • Marketing Automation

Create fully automated campaigns with the world’s most intuitive workflow builder. Apply tags, trigger campaigns, add delays, branch with if-then logic, and do about 30 other things.


2. SendinBlue (www.sendinblue.com)


As one of the cheapest email marketing software options, SendinBlue’s key selling point is its scalability. If you’re looking to try out an email campaign or two without investing a ton of resources, you can start out on the free plan and work your way up as needed.This service also makes email marketing a very streamlined affair, with many templates and workflows to help get you up and running in a flash.

3. SendGrid (sendgrid.com)

The SendGrid website.

While SendGrid is one of the cheapest email marketing software tools, it can still get pricey if you have a lot of contacts.However, it’s ideal for smaller businesses that don’t need to send a lot of emails but do want access to a ton of features and customization options. SendGrid also offers a custom API, making it a solid choice for developers.

4.Cakemail (www.cakemail.com)

cheapest email marketing services

If you’re looking for a simple and streamlined option, Cakemail can be an excellent choice.While it lacks some of the automation features more elaborate services offer, it makes managing your list and creating email campaigns simple and painless.It’s a solid option for small businesses that need basic email marketing features without all the frills (and associated costs).

5. MailerLite (www.mailerlite.com)

cheapest email marketing services

All in all, MailerLite is one of the best and most well-rounded options available.It provides plenty of help creating your emails, managing your list, and automating your campaigns, while keeping the cost low.In addition, it’s a particularly strong choice if you’re also looking for a tool to help you design pop-ups on your site to attract subscribers, as well as landing pages where you can send those who open your emails. cheapest email marketing services

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Completely Why Market Your Business With Email ?

Everyone has a question in their minds that Why Market Your Business With Email? We have understood the market already. Email Marketing is a vital marketing way to market and tool for your business or brand that improves relationships with candidates. But how precisely we should leverage email to grow your business and how do you identify if it’s working?

Tactics with information, examples and best practice advice will help to achieve a successful Email Marketing approach for your business. Whether you are beginning to market your business from a mark or wanting to improve your current program.

To Grow an Intended Email List

Why Market Your Business With Email

Why Market Your Business With Email? The first step in marketing business with email is to automatically collect email addresses from recipients. They join with emails and are expected to match giving customers down the line. View promoting your email in extremely-visible areas on your website and social networks. Writing messaging for development, concentrate on the purpose provide in emails and how content will help users.

Plan With Modular Email Templates

plan with modulor email templates

Before you begin sending emails to your subscriber list, it pays to spend some time on your email plans so they can be easily removed together.

Unless you have a dedicated email planner or developer to hardcode your emails, your best chance for building different email campaigns is to use a modular email template plan.

Modular templates consist of pre-coded plan blocks that can easily be updated or exchanged out depending on how much content you’d like to add. It’s also important that your email plans reflect your brand found on your website so that users have a regular experience when they read your emails. Why Market Your Business With Email

Produce a Constant Brand Voice

produce a constant brand voice

Producing relevant and seamless expertise for your subscribers starts with a confirmed and constant brand voice. And just like your designs need to stay constant with your brand, your copy and brand voice needs to come through in your emails.

The nature of your email copy should also follow your website and anywhere else that your brand has an appearance. Brand voice and character will vary according to your industry and service. B2C brands may have more space in their casual and bright tone. B2B companies should try to support a warm, but coach-like tone so that recipients view your brand as a subject matter expert.

Give a Heavenly Welcome Email

why market your business with email

Once somebody signs up for an email list, they should accept a welcome email quickly. The more time that moves between the signup and the first email, the more suitable a recipient is to forget, lose interest, or become involved by your emails. And if this happens, they are likely going to unless

a) Neglect your emails

b) Consider them as spam.

Also, don’t neglect to add a “thank you” in your welcome email. Handing over an email address in today’s times is a huge step for many and giving them recognition is a great way to get your relationship started on the right base. Decide to continue helpful, kind, and friendly in these welcome emails. Adding views to your email list is exciting, but be careful not to take this as a green light to advance your product or service at full speed. Although some possibilities will directly sign up for your service or purchase your product quickly, most will expect you to feed an email relationship first. Why Market Your Business With Email

Forward Promotional Emails

forward promotional Emails

Although it’s engaging to jump in and start sending promotional emails right away, make sure you close accurate details and tactics before you really get long into promotional emails. A list of the types of promotional emails you may want to send:

  • Sales or discounts for your goods or service
  • Private events
  • Social media promotional campaigns
  • A customer center that showcases the power of our brand while not making the email about your product or service
  • Product news walks easily on this one; many product advertisement emails don’t maintain high engagement. Only send important updates when appropriate.

The kinds of promotional emails you send will change according to your business purposes and the resources you have prepared. Try to add education and purpose to your promotional emails whenever feasible. If you’re only promoting your business or brand, you will likely waste the attention of your recipients, and your engagement might begin to move.  Why Market Your Business With Email

 The Newsletter is Right for Your Program?

the newsletter is right for your program

Newsletters can be a strong way to market your business. But you just might as surely decide that a newsletter doesn’t fit with your content. For example, if you don’t issue educational items on a regular basis, it might be hard to pull together an important newsletter that your users find important. It might be sufficient to send one-off emails when you build a best practice model or a data-rich blog post. Market Business

If you do choose to go ahead with newsletters, you will need to strategize the timing and process of turning around this new content piece. It’s highly recommended that you keep your newsletters educational and community-minded. Email

Forward Win-Back Campaigns

forward win- back campaigns

Controlling your metrics and commitment levels will show a lot of insight into your email program. And one of the tougher truths to accept is that some groups just won’t engage with your emails. It may be because they forgot they signed up, don’t feel satisfied by your subject line, or just don’t prioritize your emails.

Whatever the reason, it’s necessary to eliminate unengaged users from your list. However, there is something you can work before you cut out email addresses from your list: send them a win-back or re-engagement email. Be honest with your recipient, tell them you’ve seen they haven’t engaged in a while and that this is a possibility for them to be classified from your email list. Business Market

Discover the Frequency Sweet Point by Testing

discover the frequency sweet point by testing

Email marketing can be a complete science as it is art. Most useful parts of email marketing remain to be one of the most strong marketing channels. We can include and test at an almost unlimited rate. To start out marketing your business with email don’t be scared to explore and turn up once in a while.

Make educated assumptions about your audience and their performance. But you won’t fully know until you try and include the results. Most elements of the email program are included and tested into each other. Moreover, it means you can always make changes that will continuously grow your program.

There are always more plans to test and ways to promote your program. Therefore, no best practice design or blog post will tell precisely how many emails should be sent every month. To strongly market your business the more data you collect, the more advance you may find email marketing purposes. 

bulk sms
Why Market Your Business With Email
bulk sms

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Benefits Of Segmentation In Email Marketing



Segmentation in email marketing is the way by which a business can divide their customers into different groups on the basis of the Geographical, Demographical, Psychological, Behavioral Segmentation. These segment helps to target the right audience at the right time with the right information. It is a way by which you can manage the personalized messages and make emails unique for every person. So that’s a way by which you can make email unique for every customer. segmentation in email marketing.

Segmentation decision one which helps your business to stand in the competitive market.

In other words, Segmentation in email marketing helps you to connect and communicate directly with subscribers. It provides the knowledge that they want about company products and services. best bulk email service

How email marketing is helpful for business? How segmentation help ineffective email marketing?

These questions come in the mind of every marketer when they decide to go through email marketing, and that can be solved by the right segmentation decisions.

When we decide to go with email marketing for our business, Then it is important to choose the right segment.

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Ways Of Email Segmentation




segmentation in email marketing | benefits of email marketing segmentation so

#1 Geographical

Geographical segmentation refers to the target of a specific location customer to promote business products and services. Because that is a way by which you can connect faster to the audience for whom you design products and services.  In other words, Selecting the right geographical segment for a business is the first strategy for any business.

#2 Demographical Audience

Target your audience on the basis of age group, income group, family, education, and interest they show in the services of a business. So That helps to communicate with the customers of different age and income groups you are going to target.

#3 Customer Engagement

Use data of your emails to analyze email performance and customer engagement in which area they are more interested, So it helps to connect with the subscriber. That gives a base to know about your customers. but its required the right content.

#4 New Subscribers

Segment according to the new subscriber and leads to engage with them and share all information regarding company services. By sending them welcome emails and popups to stay connected with subscribers. So send them emails with content and offers to grow a relationship with them.

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Uses Of Segmentation


use of segmentation

use of segmentation

| segmentation in email marketing| benefits of segmentation in email marketing

#1 Personalized Message

If you send the same emails to every customer that directly affects your business because customers found no new and different thing in the mail and they ignore those messages. So it is more important to send your message with different content for different segment customers. Personalized messages get more response if compare to other emails. because of segmentation personalized message can be done easily.

#2 Content According To Customer Interest

Most people show interest in those emails which can help them to gain information on a topic they are interested in. So design mail content according to that in which area your customers are interested.

#3  Target Audience According To Response

Target your audience on the basis of their response to emails, that help to make the right segment decision according to their interest areas. That helps your business to make strategies for segment areas.

#4 Segmentation By Geographical

Divide customers on the basis of location. That helps to reach the customer according to their location for business goals. Dividing customers on the basis of geographical areas helps to target the right location.

#5 Increase Open Rate

Use information about the subscriber’s open rate of emails to know about how many subscribers open your emails. So that helps to get information about the interest of customers regarding company services and helps to increase the open rate of emails.

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bulk sms

marketing email service providers.

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What is Automated Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not only important for the growth of your business but on the other hand, it is a way to make feel your customers more personalized and connected with your business. 

This makes Email marketing way more necessary from other marketing strategies.

Email marketing is one of the pivotal marketing trends in the era of online marketing.  

But let’s understand that why do you require “Automated email marketing for your business?” and “How does it affect the growth of your sale?”  So let’s take a closer look right away:-

What is Automated Email Marketing?

As the name implies, it is the process of sending emails to your customers automatically when an event or trigger has occurred. 

So let’s see an example which defines you that how does automated email marketing will help you to grow your business:-

“There is a businessman who has an interaction of around 100 people a day. And it maintains the data of their birth dates, anniversary, etc.

And there is also a businessman who has around the same number of interactions as the above businessman has. But it doesn’t keep the data of their birth dates, anniversary and all.

Slowly, the businessman who kept the data sends wishing emails to their customers who have their birthday and anniversary. This makes feel his customers more personalized and increases the chance of purchasing from his shop. But on the other hand, the other businessman lost his opportunity to make an impression on his customers. 

But, can you imagine how does this businessman able to send emails to his customers? 

This all done with the help of automated email marketing. This businessman has set triggered on the dates. Which makes it easier for a businessman to send the emails and increases the chance of purchasing percentage.”

By incorporating automated email marketing into your communication strategy, you know exactly when to send, what to send, and to whom to send. 

Through automated email marketing you can deliver the same great experience to your first email subscriber and the last. This helps you to save your time as you have to do work on the planning of your first email, and further, it will be delivered whenever the trigger occurs. 

Types of Automated Email Marketing:-

  • Event-Based Trigger Emails,
  • Drip Feed Email Content.

Event-Based Trigger Emails:

As the name implies, these emails are sent to your customer when an event has occurred/triggered. The events could be a particular occasion or an operation carried out by a user. The emails are auto-generated and sent to a subscriber list based on events like clicking on a purchase button or special occasions like the subscriber’s birthday.

Drip Feed Email Content:

Drip Marketing: Drip marketing is email marketing strategy composed of emails send at a particular time. The customer will receive timely emails until the campaign ends.

Drip campaigns are automated by email marketing automation. They will timely send emails to the customer. 

Drip campaigns is a good way to achieve the growth of the business. This will help to increase the interaction of user. 

Why Automated Emails are Important?

Following are the key point which defines why we use Automated Email for marketing purpose:

  • It Saves Time.
  • Helps to Increase the Sale.
  • It notifies the user about Transactions.

Following are some Email Marketing Automation tools which provide the facility to do automation of mail:

  • Mailcot,
  • Migomail,
  • Sendinblue,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Mailjet,
  • Drip,
  • Convertkit,
  • Infusionsoft, etc.

Automated Email Marketing

Automation of mail is useful for the growth of the business. As it helps to send the automated mails regarding the business purpose.

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Bulk Email

bulk email services

What Is Bulk Email Services?

Bulk email service allows to sending of mass email or a large number of emails to their subscriber or customer in a time period. So using this service you can send one message or information to a large number of people at an affordable price. This service saves time to connect with people for related information of the company and Users can send thousand of the message by using bulk email services.

Bulk Email Includes

  • Email Newsletter

Email newsletter uses to send information to the customer related to change in product and services or update in the product of the company to provide the right information at the right time to the customer of the company. So they aware of it.

  • Auto Welcome Email 

Because of an auto, welcome email services company can send a welcome email to the visitor who visited the company website for information.

  • Promotional Email

Attracting customers by sending promotional bulk email to existing and new customers regarding new offers for products and services. So Its help to build communication between customer and company.

Why Use Bulk Email Services?

  • To target the right customer and audience for product and service.
  • Connect with a large number of people in time duration.
  • Communicate with existing customers for product offers and updates.

Benefits Of Bulk Email Services

  • Cost-Effective

Its cost depends on the number of emails you want to send at a time to your customer. The company decides to target customers to promote their product and services. Because of it, marketing can be done at a low cost.

  • High Customer Base

If compared to other direct marketing media bulk emailing can be more effective in reaching the target audience. Most of the people using email on a daily basis which helps to reach them.

  • Reach Global Audience

Help small and new businesses to reach globally with their product and services. Increase the company’s target audience in the global market also.

Feature For Bulk Email

  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Send now and letter.
  • Dynamic content blocks.
  • Link click tracking.
  • Email open reporting.

bulk email services


Mail Marketing, Mail Marketing India

A Comprehensive Guide for Mail Marketing India

Mail Marketing India a powerful tool and easy to use, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to see results. As a small business proprietor, just how important it is to stay in front of your clients’ minds. And what’s the easiest manner to do that? running success and properly thought out mail marketing India campaign, of course!

Say “goodbye” to “batch and blast” campaigns. We make it simple to send targeted, relevant, and wanted email.

  • Easily add contacts via CSV upload, or use the Contacts API to automatically add contacts as your base grows.
  • Confidently create dynamic segments based on customer data and campaign engagement.
  • Personalize your emails using custom fields to add recipient-specific data.

Get a jump start on the competition via following our 8 mail marketing India guidelines for small businesses:-

1.Make it easy to subscribe:

This appears obvious, but you would be surprised how many small companies have a regular email newsletter however do not have an area to subscribe for emails on their website. however not having a place to subscribe isn’t even the worse mistake a company could make. of the most common mistakes I’ve seen are having a broken subscribe hyperlink and requiring too much information upon sign up. people want brief and easy newsletter signup. instead of requiring their first name, last name, address, phone variety, and email, simply ask them for their name and email. this is an example where less is more.

Mail Marketing India2.Create a newsletter that matches your brand:

Email newsletter templates are fantastic for one reason and one reason alone—they’re easy to use. instead of the use of a templated newsletter, we recommend custom designing (or at least as much as possible) the template to ensure that it matches the appearance and feel of your brand. You have to be aiming for consistency among your mail marketing campaigns and your website. Subscribers may be puzzled when they receive an email newsletter that seems to haven’t any tie to the company website they subscribed on.

Mail Marketing India

3.Make it easily digestible:

How many emails show up in your inbox on a daily basis? If I had to guess, I’d guess lots! I feel like everything I open my email there are 15 new emails waiting to be read. due to this, you need your content to be engaging, however not only that, it needs to be easily digestible as properly. customers aren’t going to spend minutes analyzing via every detail on your email newsletter. It’s like that they’re going to open it and skim via until they find the section that interests them the maximum. To ensure customers can discover what they need, when they want it, make certain your email newsletter has an easy design and is broken up into sections.

4.Don’t forget about mobile:

Nearly 68 per cent of emails are opened on a mobile device—and that number is only expected to continue rising. So, is your mail marketing campaigned optimized for mobile devices? Or do you only look at it from a laptop or desktop computer? if you don’t layout your email for mobile gadgets—no matter how relevant your message is—you can find your self dealing with minimal conversions.

Mail Marketing India5.Test your newsletter on different devices:

Before you start to send out your mail marketing campaign, send a few test emails to distinctive devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. these tests will help make certain that the consumer experience is top-notch across all devices. you can just have a few easy fixes like making some cosmetic or template changes, however, you could discover that the template is completely distorted on one device. testing is one of the most effective steps you may take to avoid mistakes like this—possibly saving you from sending out a poor converting email simply because people couldn’t access the information.

mail marketing india6.Include links to social and review platforms:

If customers have already subscribed on your small commercial enterprise email newsletter, it’s likely that they enjoy receiving regular updates from you. if you are active on social media, it’s a wonderful idea to consist of links to those profiles within the email. Your newsletter subscribers won’t have realized you had facebook where you publish different specials and are probably willing to “like” your web page since they’ve already committed in your newsletter. It’s also likely that the newsletter subscriber has previously engaged along with your company for a service or product. because of this, providing links to review platforms like Google+ and Yelp is important.

mail marketing india

7.Make the unsubscribe button accessible:

We know you don’t need to lose readers, however, opt-outs will happen. And nothing frustrates newsletter subscribers more than being unable to unsubscribe from an email newsletter. Don’t attempt to trick the user and hide the unsubscribe button—white textual content on a white background is just plain old mean. as an alternative, make it accessible within the footer so if a person should decide that they no longer need to receive your email, they can easily unsubscribe instead of sending you a (probably mean) email asking you to take them off your list.

8.Monitor your competitors:

If you need to make your email campaigns more successful, it could be useful to see how your local competitors are handling their mail marketing campaigns. subscribe to their email lists and see what type of content they’re including, promotions they’re providing, what kind of emails they said, how often they send a newsletter, and what elements they included in their email template layout. Don’t take this tip the wrong manner—we are not saying to copy what other small businesses are doing! instead, use this tip to make certain you are sending emails that are different and more engaging than the competition.

Mailcot Mail Marketing India Can Be Very Effective Marketing for any Small or large Business

  Sign up for free today to get full access to all features and discover how:

  • It’s easier to create emails using our editor.
    You can also use our responsive and easy-to-implement templates that have been created by our design experts.
  • It’s faster to segment your contacts with us.
    Design A/B tests with ease, then define dynamic segments based on customer data and campaign engagement.
  • Our industry-leading deliverability will protect your messages from spam folders.
    Save valuable money and resources by ensuring your emails reach the inbox and avoid blacklists.mailcot provides the best email marketing service in India.

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

In an age of increasing usage of social media for advertising, email marketing services still rules the roost, according to a study conducted by Mailcot:

  • 94% of Internet users use email, while only 61% use social media
  • 75% of adult online users say that mail marketing India is their preferred marketing method
  • the “opt-in” feature of email allows marketing by consent
  • mail marketing India allows targeting by demographics (age, income, etc.)
  • email messages have a much wider range of formatting possibilities than social media messages.

As a small business proprietor, just how important it is to stay in front of your clients’ minds. And what’s the easiest manner to do that? running success and properly thought out mail marketing campaign, of course!

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