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Powerful email bulk services Tool for Ecommerce industry.medical industry.

Migomail is a complete email marketing suite that helps you with all your email bulk services needs.

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Built for everyone email bulk services.

Email automation

Send automated emails that are timely and personalized using our email automation tool.

Transactional email

Send transactional emails like welcome and purchase receipt emails with our transactional email service.

No-code editor

Use our no-code email editor to create beautiful email designs without tech or design dependency.

Multi-lingual support

Send Email template in any language.


Personalized Email

Customize Emails for large lists of users with your data.

Email analytics

Measure and optimize your email campaigns to get better ROI for your email marketing efforts.

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An email marketing platform helps you create, send, or automate email marketing campaigns to nurture, delight, and convert subscribers into paying customers.

Look out for the benefits you get while choosing an email marketing platform. Some of them are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Higher email deliverability.
  • Email automation.
  • Drag and drop email editor.
  • Free responsive email templates.
  • Cost-effective.

Mailmodo is one of the popular and cost effective email marketing platforms that provides better value for your money. Read this article where we compared Migomail and Mailchimp to help you choose the best.

It might be tempting to buy an email database when starting with email marketing. However, you need to resist this temptation - not only do you lose credibility in the eyes of your customers, but you’re also probably not even getting quality emails.  The people on these lists also don’t know who you are and don’t have any connection to your company or production. You might also even be violating rules of consent under GDPR. Even though this might seem like an easy way to gain connections, it’s a big no.

This will also differ depending on your business and customer base.  Generally speaking, the best time of day to send emails is weekday mornings, between 10 am - 12 noon. If you do want to send an email on the weekend, try sending it on Sunday night so that your audience sees it first thing Monday morning. However, this is something you want to experiment with to see what resonates with your audience.

Your ‘From’ line needs to be familiar to your audience since they’re much less likely to open an email from someone they don’t know. An unfamiliar ‘From’ line is also an easy way to get marked as spam or unsubscribed. A best practice here is to have the email come from your company name or an individual associated with the company.

Email Bulk Services

Bulk email sending services or mass email services are leveraging the influence of bulk email marketing services to improve your reach to your target audiences and increase sales or ROI.
Migomail is among the few leading bulk email service provider in India, the USA, France, Nigeria, Spain, Africa, Germany, the Netherland, Morroco and many more countries in order to avail of all the benefits of Bulk mailing Solutions. This sort of marketing tactic is used when an organization wants to send promotional emails to its target audiences to convey its business message. In general, email marketing is done via sales, donation solicitation, advertisements and requests for business. These email messages comprise a business-related message used to encourage sales. Check the bulk email services prices here for professional services in INR and USD Both.

Bulk Email Service Features:

  • Ensure Your Emails Reach to the 95% Inbox
  • Monitor your IP’s reputation
  • Personalized authentication like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Find from Mxtoolbox
  • Monitor email performance in real-time
  • Get detailed metrics on opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscriptions and more
  • Easily Create & Edit Email Templates
  • Create templates with our best designing tools
  • Boost engagement with mobile-optimized templates
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