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What is DMARC?

Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformity (DMARC) is a free and open technical specification used to authenticate email by aligning the SPF and DKIM mechanisms. With DMARC, domain owners large and small can fight commercial email compromise, phishing, and spoofing.

With DMARC you can set a policy in your DMARC records to tell the world how to handle unauthorized use of your email domain. There are three DMARC policies:
p = none
Monitors your email traffic. No further action is taken.
P = Quarantine
Sends unauthorized emails to the Spam folder.
p = reject
Final policy and ultimate goal of implementing DMARC. This policy ensures that unauthorized email is not delivered at all.

How does DMARC work?

DMARC is based on the results of SPF and/or DKIM, so at least one of them must be for the email domain. To deploy DMARC, you must publish the DMARC record to DNS.

A DMARC record is a text entry within a DNS record that tells the world the policy of your email domain after checking the SPF and DKIM status. DMARC certifies whether SPF, DKIM, or both are passed. This is known as DMARC alignment or identifier alignment. Depending on the identifier alignment, it is possible that SPF and DKIM pass, but DMARC fails.

A DMARC record also tells email servers to send XML reports back to the reporting email address listed in the DMARC record. These reports provide insight into how your email is moving through the ecosystem and allow you to identify everything that is using your email domain.

Since reports are written in XML, they can be difficult to interpret, and they can be many. dmarcian's platform can receive these reports and provide visualizations on how your email domain is being used, so you can take action and move your DMARC policy toward p=reject .

Why Use DMARC for Email?

Email is involved in over 90% of all network attacks and without DMARC, it can be difficult to tell whether an email is genuine or fake. DMARC allows domain owners to protect their domain(s) from unauthorized use by fighting phishing, spoofing, CEO fraud and business email compromise.

The operator of the Internet domain can always send DMARC compliant email to let the world know that everything I send is easy to identify using DMARC. Feel free to leave fake emails pretending to be me.

If you're curious to know about a domain or someone's health, use our free domain checker to quickly check. It inspects DMARC, SPF and DKIM and explains what actions you need to take to reach compliance.

What are the benefits of DMARC?

There are a few key reasons why you might want to implement DMARC:

1.Reputation: Publishing DMARC records protects your brand by preventing non-authenticated parties from sending mail from your domain. In some cases, just publishing DMARC records can lead to a positive boost in reputation.

2.Visibility: DMARC reports increase viibility into your email program by letting you know who is sending email from your domain.

3.Security: DMARC helps the email community establish a consistent policy for dealing with messages that fail to authenticate. This helps the email ecosystem as a whole to become more secure and more trustworthy.

Why DMARC is so important?

DMARC records are an important development of email authentication. This is another great example of email senders and ISPs working together to protect an email channel.

Does Migomail support DMARC?

Yes. Migomail implements and adheres to email authentication standards including DMARC. In fact, all email we deliver for our users is required to be authenticated. Configuring it is an important step for verifying sending domains when you set up a new Migomail account.

How can I verify my settings?

Migomail's Validator is part of our free email tools for developers. It’s the easiest way to verify your messages have working DMARC signatures.

Learn More about DMARC

Read more about DMARC best practices

Learn more about DMARC with these resources from Migomail’s email experts and elsewhere on the web. The group that developed the DMARC standard has published detailed explanations, how-to’s, and news about DMARC. How to Explain DMARC to Your Grandmother [Infographic]. An easy-to-understand explanation of the basic concepts behind DMARC and how it helps to make email safer.

Three DMARC Challenges You Might Not Know About. An email pro offers three practical tips for making sure you’re implementing DMARC the right way to provide maximum protection for your brand integrity as an email sender. Understanding SPF and DMARC In Sixth Grade English. An easy-to-understand explanation of how SPF and DMARC work together to ensure email is authenticated. Get help with DMARC in the Migomail Support Center

Learn more about how to configure and use DMARC with the Migomail service in the Migomail Support Center.

Setting up SPF and DMARC with Domain Providers. How-to’s for configuring records that support email authentication at various DNS hosting providers. Why do we need to configure SPF and DMARC to send anything? A great explanation of why Migomail requires that all the email we deliver be authenticated with standards like SPF or DMARC. Troubleshooting SPF and DMARC Verification. Tips for ensuring DNS records related to email authentication are propagated properly.

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