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  • Read-Receipt tracking mechanism

  • Email service and application

  • Recipient's mail client and settings

  • Internet headers of the read receipt

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What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a process that uses data to track emails sent and inform business decisions. Most email tracking tools capture click-through data on open rates, times and locations as well as links and attachments.

Email tracking is useful when the sender wants to know whether the intended recipient has actually received the email or clicked on the link, although due to the nature of the technology, email tracking cannot be considered an absolutely accurate indicator of a message's recipient. that a message was opened or read by the recipient.

How does email tracking work?

Email Trackers are browser extensions for Chrome that automatically add a 1x1 pixel image to the body of an email you send.

Once the recipient opens it, their browser requests the server to receive that image. where it is hosted. It will be passed on requests. This indicates that the email has been opened.

You can use this tool for recruiting and link-building to save time and know when to follow up with more emails in case the recipient opened the email but never replied. Maybe they forgot to answer, or something distracted them.

We have gathered a list of the most popular email trackers for your consideration.

What are the limitations of email tracking?

The top 3 limitations of email tracking are:

Some users install blockers on their email, so tracking is limited.
Some email trackers do not differentiate between email previews and fully opened emails, so the results are not 100% accurate
Some email providers will not load email until the default settings are changed.

Does Gmail Have Email Tracking?

On the surface, Gmail doesn't have its own email tracking tool.

You will need to create a Google Analytics account and add a Google Analytics tracking code and image pixel to each Gmail message.

So instead of logging into your Google Analytics dashboard every day to see if your recipients have opened your emails, you can simply check your CRM. And I'll also add this:
Imagine creating a tracking code for every email they send to everyone on your sales team. This is a waste of a lot of time!

What are the benefits of email tracking?

The main benefits of using email tracking is that it gives you remarkable insights, saves you valuable time, and most importantly, allows you to track your marketing efforts.

Does Migomail support Email Tracking?

Yes. Migomail implements and adheres to email authentication standards including Email Tracking. In fact, all email we deliver for our users is required to be authenticated. Configuring it is an important step for verifying sending domains when you set up a new Migomail account.

How can I verify my settings?

Migomail's Validator is part of our free email tools for developers. It’s the easiest way to verify your messages have working email tracking signatures.

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Three Email tracking Challenges You Might Not Know About. An email pro offers three practical tips for making sure you’re implementing Email tracking the right way to provide maximum protection for your brand integrity as an email sender. Understanding SPF and Email tracking In Sixth Grade English. An easy-to-understand explanation of how SPF and Email tracking work together to ensure email is authenticated. Get help with Email tracking in the Migomail Support Center

Learn more about how to configure and use Email tracking with the Migomail service in the Migomail Support Center.

Setting up SPF and Email tracking with Domain Providers. How-to’s for configuring records that support email authentication at various DNS hosting providers. Why do we need to configure SPF and Email tracking to send anything? A great explanation of why Migomail requires that all the email we deliver be authenticated with standards like SPF or Email tracking. Troubleshooting SPF and Email tracking Verification. Tips for ensuring DNS records related to email authentication are propagated properly.

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