One such a channel labeled with a great marketing strategy is Bulk SMS as it enables companies to reach target markets in a snippet with all relevant business information. So Bulk SMS is the fastest method of conveying information to groups or individuals to several members, within the fraction of seconds.

Hence It is one of the simplest ways of sending bulk SMS to your customers or clients. It helps you to keep regular contact with their clients by providing latest updates on offers and services. Hence SMS can get you 10 to 15 percent of more conversation and where you can do remarketing your brand with your customers.

SMS Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy though. But most of the Startups do assume that the platform is intrusive only for Large Entities. Though, with the ever so strict rules & restrictions on messaging services. Because online bulk SMS service comes as a boon to all technology-savvy individuals.

There are two types of Bulk SMS services are there
1. Transactional SMS
2. Promotion SMS

Transactional SMS are used for Sharing information such as informing your customers about account status maintained with your organization,their service,sending purchase confirmation alerts,ticket confirmation alerts,student progress information to their parents,to send appointment status,to send Invoice details, bank account status, O.T.P purpose and for many more applications.

Transactional SMS Features

1.Six character Alphabetic Sender ID. Quick approval of the Templates by our tech team.
2.Delivery of DND numbers
3.24×7 delivery
4.Secured API’s
5.Unlimited Sender ID
6.Unlimited Templates

Promotional SMS is that can be used for Product marketing, Offers, Brand Promotion and general awareness.
1.Delivery Time – 9 am to 9 pm.
2.Delivery Only to NON-DND NUMBERS(DND Numbers – Automatically filtered)
3.Used for promotion, marketing or advertising purpose.

However, it is highly essential for the SMB’s to choose the best Bulk SMS Marketing Platform. Because it offers robust features with redundant servers to stand out the competitive market at an affordable price. Hence SMS Striker is the leading Bulk SMS service provider offering cost-effective, reliable, user-friendly and extremely flexible platform to cater services for all business scales and types to reach targeted customers instantly.

Bulk SMS platform benefits the Startups in the very best way:

Direct marketing channel

SMS is the most favorable marketing channel with high conversion and engagement rates. So SMS Striker’s Bulk SMS service is extremely flexible in conveying promotional and transactional information to customers.

Proficiently Integrated Channel with in-built redundancy

So we provide powerful API suites enabling integrations of any third party tools and applications in sending Bulk SMS instantly. So Redundant servers and intelligently furnished Bulk SMS gateway technology offer 99% uptime enhancing high voluminous SMS deliverability.

Increase customer engagement and conversions

SMS is a simple service that helps an organization to communicate with prospective client base. It facilitates companies to reach customers with relevant updates and transactional replicates instantly, in maintaining a trust bonded relationship framing a unique brand image. Hence bulk SMS increased customers engagement and conversions.



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