There is nothing new about SMS Service. Since the 1980s SMS has started and still its limit is 160 seven-bit characters. It’s power, However, is in the fact that it is a fast, simple and efficient way. By providing instant contact with customers 24/7 around the globe. Which is why it is high on the enterprise radar today when it comes to contact center solutions.

The simple and most un-intrusive answer is integrating tried and tested SMS (short messaging service). Into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy to manage interactions with current and future customers.

Reasons why SMS is helpful in Communicating with customers

Global Reach

Text messages can reach millions of people in no time, wherever they are. In fact, it can reach virtually all of the 6-7 billion mobile phones in use today. SMS is the only technology harmonized between all mobile operators in the world. Which means that text messaging can connect the world Literally.


The biggest challenge to any enterprise deploying SMS is to provide a satisfactory and useful customer experience. It is key to choose a robust and reliable SMS platform that can deliver a high-quality SMS service enabling the personalization and customization of content, whilst having the tools to measure success and an intuitive reporting interface.  It is also important that all parties involved have a thorough understanding of industry rules and regulations and the legislation in various countries re the delivery of SMS.

Immediate delivery

SMS is very fast and efficient. In fact, it is delivered in a matter of seconds, so your marketing message will reach your target audience (clients) almost immediately upon being sent. Also, with over 90% of messages read within 3 minutes of being received, you will see results immediately.


Sending SMS in bulk quantities is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways of disseminating information. Behind every SMS sent there is a whole ecosystem to ensure it arrives at the right destination on time.  To send bulk SMS effectively it is essential to have a stable and official route to network providers.

A one-stop shop approach takes a headache out of the interoperability involved in an SMS strategy, enabling enterprises to get a scalable SMS service up and running quickly without hardware and software investment and providing easy integration with existing IT systems and applications.  In addition, it is advisable to choose a solution that offers various APIs, providing developers with the scope to add SMS to individual apps.


Since mobile phones are almost always within our arm’s reach, SMS is landing directly into client’s hands. By personalizing your communication with clients, you’ll easily grab their attention.


SMS is the Best TimeSaver we can schedule SMS and save our precious time. You can send one message to a large group of people at once without writing each message individually. Hence this allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business which is a huge benefit.



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