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Best Email Marketing Services provider in India

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Why Email Marketing best for Small Business Advertisement

Digital marketing or online marketing is a developing and popular type of advertisement. These days, many types of internet marketing are enhanced. one of the most popular types is email
marketing. email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people the use of email. This Article helps you to understand Why Email Marketing best for Small Business Advertisement.

Email Marketing

In email marketing is using electronic mail conversation to increase awareness, generate leads and build relationships with potential and existing clients. In B2B marketing, email advertising is essential to building trust and preserving an ongoing dialogue with your audience. every marketing campaign you send out gives the opportunity to:

  •  Concentrate on the ways your segment responds (by paying attention to open and click-thru rates).
  • Hold relevancy in your conversations (via acknowledging recipients’ profiles and interests even more).
  • Interaction with them in the most meaningful approaches possible

Email Marketing best for Small Business Advertisement

Digital marketing can also be broken down into more specialize areas such as Web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers.

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is mean to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness even more.

Email marketing can be done to either cold lists or current customer database. Broadly, the term is usually use to refer to:

  • Sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers
  • To encourage customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Sending email messages with the purpose of acquiring new customers
  • Convincing current customers to purchase something immediately
  • Adding advertisements to email messages sent by another company to their customers


Email Marketing best for Small Business marketing. First of all, offers one of the best advertising returns for any small business. The typical call-to-action (CTA) statement is the pitch that will encourage a customer to act immediately. In Internet and email marketing the call-to-action works because you can hyperlink your statement to a landing page on your website or to a customer’s unprocessed shopping cart.

furthermore, when you use a call-to-action you will obtain better results and higher conversions when using an automated system that will provide details about the customer’s behavior. For example, if you know the customer abandoned a cart after trying to enter a coupon code you can send a coupon code that expires in 24 or 48-hours in the email. You can also blend a soft sale and call-to-action in a single email.



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Inbound Email Marketing to Improve leads nutrition

As a marketer, you genuinely want to capture as lots lead information for as many people to your web site as you can, however no longer everyone is ready to talk to sales. you could build some effective lead nurturing campaigns and leverage  Inbound Email Marketing Tactics to qualify leads and  Improve leads nutrition help to increase your company revenue.

leads nutrition

Inbound Email Marketing to Improve leads nutrition

lead nurturing is the functional system of engaging a defined goal organization through providing relevant information at each level of a customer’s journey, positioning your company as the satisfactory (and safest)
the choice to enable them to acquire their objectives

lead nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automatic collection of emails to an early stage lead so that you can pre-qualify them before handing them over to your sales team

Role of Inbound Email Marketing Tactics


lead nurturing With email marketing is powerful, you should see what it can do. In this section, we will explore some of its key benefits, especially in relation to email marketing. Lead nurturing, on the other hand, introduces a tightly connected series of emails with a coherent purpose and an abundance of useful, relevant content. In this context, lead nurturing offers more advantages than just one individual email blast.

Marketers worship email above other marketing channels. this is understandable to a large degree. e-mail permits you establish a relationship with your possibilities, stay top of thoughts and provide discounts and promotion because the want arises  email is the only cost-effective channel your audience accessed regularly

Email marketing aims to attract audiences with relevant content, the best is to establish a connection between email marketing and improve leads nutrition so that together they can keep your leads or prospects well-informed and in contact with your brand.

For being a powerful lead nutrition tool, a communique automobile that keeps your prospect knowledgeable approximately your brand, while email marketing best friend itself to the Inbound approach it takes increasingly applicable content on your leads, evoking their curiosity on the way to resolve a common problem.

Inbound Email Marketing to Improve leads nutrition

Collect and find best Lead

With Inbound Email marketing a person who has provided you with their contact data . However, has now not but engaged lots with your logo.

Engaged Lead

Email marketing growing engagement and is transferring toward your lead scoring, advertising certified threshold (analyze more about lead scoring).

Advertising certified lead

Furthermore, Email is the best way communication to a person who has engaged sufficiently to be considered sales-geared up.

Sales certified lead

A marketing qualified lead whose income has confirmed as having an actual propensity to buy. Its is ready to enter into discussions approximately their options with your brand.

Possibility to generate new customer–

A person who sales have opened a possibility for and is running to convert them to a purchaser. For being extraordinarily flexible, e-mail marketing is used to send distinct kinds of content:

  • Newsletters, promotions and bargain coupons;
  • Content from your business enterprise’s blog;
  • Hyperlinks to different platforms at the internet;
  • Messages for special commemorative dates;
  • Birthday messages, demonstrating that your brand is attentive to the customer.
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Top 5 Ways to Reactivate Your inactive email subscribers

Whether you’re a brand, company, or publisher presently you’re observed that more and more of your subscribers are actually not responding to your messages. they are no longer opening,  clicking and no longer buying a thing. This reality can’t be neglected that many opportunities and products are constantly suffering to get the attention of your customers and you must find ways to Reactivate Your inactive email subscribers.

Why do subscribers become inactive?

There are lots of motives why people go inactive – their interests may have changed, they’ll have signed up just for an incentive offer, or they simply don’t have time to open your emails.this could sound like a long and hard manner, and I’m not going to say it isn’t. There are but several main reasons why subscribers become inactive?

To help you understand what reasons disengagement, below is a listing of possible motives as to why a subscriber
may have become inactive.

  • Changed Interests
  • Expectations no longer set accurately
  • Customer Frustrated with Too many emails
  •  Now receiving emails about unrelated subjects
  • Deliverability issues
  • Captured an incorrect email address
  • Too busy in Their Life
  • Customer Wants to know new and Optimize Content

5 Ways to Reactivate Your inactive email subscribers

Top 5 Ways to Reactivate Your inactive email subscribers

 Identify Your Inactive Subscribers

firstly find out the inactive email subscribers who stopped opening your emails you should start by defining the specific time length of inactivity that is relevant for you.find reasons why they’re not paying attention.

  • Send a survey asking what they’d like to see from you in the future.
  • If you already have an idea of what kind of content they want, send them related content.
  • You can try sending them a freebie – an eBook, checklist or another electronic download – to remind them of your value.

Plan out the  content material, and format of your emails

The variations right here include:

  • Improve your writing, and the subject line style
  • Unique offers and upcoming trends
  • Access to exclusive content material, an exclusive subscriber group, or incentives
    New content material, videos, cheat sheets, or products
    links and big buttons that make it easy for them to re-interact along with your emails
    Segmentation for increased effectiveness

Do Research on Upcoming Innovation and trends

What is crucial is conversion. Even if your open rates are an important metric, you need to focus on the variety of people who make the right action. Regardless if it’s miles a movement of ordering a product, filling out a survey, touring your internet site, or liking your facebook fan page.

  • Research on your open and also click-through rates along with the number of bounces and spam complaints
  • You must adapt your tone of conversation accordingly and work intensely on your relationship with them to turn them into loyal and happy customers.

 Start an Engagement and Campaign

Engagement campaigns are where your awareness completely on getting your subscribers to interact with you.

  •  you need to do is give you a goal in your campaign.
  • you can decide what type of marketing campaign will be best to get you there
  • Also include some strategies for Promotions, contests, crowdsourcing, and user-generated content material campaigns

Create Strategies turn subscribers into buyers

once you’ve sufficiently engaged your e-mail list segments, it’s time to convert them into clients. Furthermore, your offer must be linked in your premium provide.

  • Be clear in informing all the subscribers about the future steps honestly even while you don’t have to drop the subscribers who don’t rush to re-activate in the right way.
  • Tell them about when the last email word can be sent to them and make sure that it must be precise as you stated, regardless of everything else.




Email Marketing

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India – 2019

In this Article Mailcot Define “Who are Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019“, MailCot is the Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India, We provide Email Marketing Services, Marketing Automation, and SMTP Server Services, We are best in our work to Try it.

Email Marketing is the best solution for a new business to get leads and customers so it helps a business to make a reputational image in this digital market. So that Email Marketing Services brings more and more lead by sharing product and service information to users or customers. It provides a cost-effective solution for a newly opened business organization who can’t afford door to door marketing or any big promotion. Email Marketing Simply sends well designed and formatted email relevant to the product or service. Predesigned email templates help businesses to get real leads and sales.

So Email Marketing is the most benefited tool and today more than 50% of organizations are preferring Email Marketing. There are top 5 email service providers listed below which derv their best solutions for email marketing

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services provider in India, Best Email Marketing Services provider in India, Email Marketing Services provider, Email Marketing Services provider in India

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019


1. MailCot:- 

It is the most powerful tool which provides Email Marketing Software & Services. It provides high reliability and 99% inbox delivery so a user doesn’t need to suffer anymore. Well, reliability and deliverability are the main concern while choosing emailing solutions. Hence MailCot provides other extra features for better user experience.

Mailcot Services

  1. Email Marketing Services:- This definitely applies to your business. So many businesses (likely your competitors) do not use Email Marketing responsibly. You should constantly blast them with your latest blog posts or sales pitches. It is such a powerful channel. Let’s take a look at MailCot Email Marketing Services Why is so more important for increase your business
  2. Transactional Email Service:- You probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional messages and is searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk. would like to find a single provider to handle your deliveries. Let’s take a look Mailcot Transactional SMTP Services and Servers.
  3. Marketing Automation Platform:- Treat each customer uniquely with targeted emails triggered by their behavior. Marketing Automation Platform allows you to send what your customers want to hear and when they choose to hear it.
  4. Lead Nurturing Platform:- Our Lead Nurturing Platform also helps you attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns. So sales can step in when they are engaged and ready. Let’s take a look Our Lead Nurturing Platform

Email Design Features

  • Email Personalization
  • Advanced segmentation tools help to create a new list based on the user’s behavior
  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes
  • Dynamic Content Blocks
  • Send Now or Later
  • Pause & Resume Sending

Statistics & Reporting

MailCot bulk email service in the USA, UK, Australia, India, and Singapore provides a basic plan starting from INR 12,000 for 20,000 email credits and so on.  So that for more details visit Mailcot pricing.

2. MailGet:-

One of the Best Email Marketing Services provider in India owned by Magnet Brains Pvt. Ltd headquartered in Bhopal, India. MailGet also offers a world-class email marketing software solution at a very affordable rate.

It is a very powerful email software tool that helps you to boost up your business also and ensure high email deliveries.

Features of MailGet

  • Responsive Email Template Builder to customize your emails as much as you want.
  • Email Marketing for a large volume of email subscribers.
  • Social Integrations to increase your product branding also in the market.
  • Affordable pricing based on the number of subscribers.
  • Email drip campaigns technology improves also an email open rate up to 99%.
  • They offer more options to import email lists as well as email list cleaning is also available.

3. Mail Marketer:-

In the list Mail Marketer is a pioneer of web-based Email Marketing Services in India that is providing a dedicated email platform since 2008 used by corporations and entrepreneurs.

Mail marketer ensures the business continuity plans that help to become a leader in the email market industry.

Features of MailMarketer

  • Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Spam checker & inbuilt Bounce handling.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Real-time tracking reports.

4. Octane:-


Image result for octane logoIt provides you with a state of the art email, web marketing, and SMS platform marketing technology. It is capturing the integrated market with API for ERP/ CRM and Google Analytics integration.


Features of Octane are:-

  • Email Personalization
  • Email scheduling
  • Upload and import contact

5. Kenscio

Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Kenscio is built on a scalable and reliable infrastructure where you can transact email send marketing messages or other high-quality content to your clients. The service is used also for a marketing perspective to promote services and products to a large number of the customer base.

Features of Kenscio includes

  • Strategy making to deliver high-quality contents that are valuable to your existing customers
  • Campaign designing to get improved performance
  • Email campaign monitoring and analytical inputs for effective targeting
  • Testing & Deployment

These above are the topmost Email Marketing Software tools that provide also the best marketing automation platform and email solutions to enhance business sales and help businesses to reach on a different level.


In this Article Mailcot Define Who are Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019, MailCot is the Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India. So that we provide Email Marketing Services, Marketing Automation, and SMTP Server Services, We are best in our work to Try it. Due to a rise in email marketing competition over the Indian market.  So it is important for an email marketing company in India to understand what the client needs and to add more features to cope up with the user’s requirement.

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Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

You’ve probably read all the tips about subject lines, open rates, engaging content, powerful CTAs, and strategic email landing pages. But let’s take a big step back and look at the picture from its most foundational level — email deliverability. To Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth, you need to be familiar with these  tactics

Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

Prime your IP for success.

The job of ISP filters is to defend against spam emails. How do you tell these filters that your IP is valid and trustworthy?Start an Email Marketing campaign by sending small batches of emails.

Implement a sender policy framework.

A sender policy framework or SPF increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of the receiving email server. The server can cross check the domain name against the associated IP address to make sure that it is legitimate. If you don’t have an SPF in place, your emails might be rejected.

Check your sender reputation.

The biggest reason why your emails are not delivered is due to a low sender score. ISPs automatically reject any emails that fall below a certain score.

Return Path produces sender Score. Sender Scores assigns a number to every outgoing mail server. The score is calculated by using traditional email metrics such as unsubscribes and spam reports.

Stick to a consistent send schedule.

One cause for lower sender score and IP rejection is random and erratic broadcast activity. If you are not maintaining a regular schedule with your emails, it creates sending spikes. Do your best to stick to a consistent email sending schedule.

Check feedback loops.

Most major ISPs provide feedback loops, in which the email sender can gain information from the recipients who have complained about that sender’s email. Complaint Feedback Loops or FBLs.

Filter contest entry email signups.

The worst email lists are created from giveaways or signups. People, true to their nature, will attempt to enter multiple times using invalid or nonexistent email addresses. They don’t care about getting on your email address list; they care about a chance to win a free iPad mini.

Send emails at just the right frequency.

Too many emails can burn your subscriber list. Too few emails can kill your revenue.

So what do you do to Maximize Email deliverability? You send just the right number of emails. The only way you can find that perfect number is by thoroughly testing, which isn’t easy. Plus, it takes a long time, during which time you might make some mistakes.

Use branding in your “from” name.

Using your brand’s name in your “from” line will help to reduce spam complaints. Increasingly, some companies use a front person, an individual, to head up their email marketing in order to improve business growth and  give it a more personal feel. You can still use this approach. Just add “from” after the individual’s name.


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