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5 Must-Have Features in your Marketing Automation Tool

You’ve got collected a tonne of information. You’ve further segmented it according to certain parameters and now possibly you have started concentrating on the right clients on all mediums. but wait, what are the steps involved in this process?
1. Are you manually including these contacts in your database?
2. Are you the usage of separate services to target them on more than one channel?
3. Are you the usage of multiple JavaScript to analyze and engage the user in your internet site?
4. Is your timing to reach out to those customers pre-planned? Does it depend on the recency or frequency of the contact connecting with you?
5. Do you want to base your communications on the users’ actions, however it takes days to analyze and understand customers’ actions by then, the consumer has already moved to a competitor?
If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, then you do not have a clear picture of how each of your customers performs on different channels like email, SMS, voice, push notifications, internet site, and app.
You want to start looking for an advertising and marketing Automation tool now!
So what are the features in a marketing Automation tool which you can not DO without?

Marketing Automation

1. Unified View of Dashboard & Contact Management:

A basic contact management function lets you add or remove contacts from the database, it might also help you create separate lists for separate audiences. However, try to search for a tool that also offers features like:

a) A unified view of a single contact: Where in you may check how the contact reacts to or performs on more than one channel, you could target them at the right channels and improve your ROI.

b) Anonymous user support with late binding: Several top-notch organizations have started using this feature helps you keep track of your anonymous customers, who perform activities for your internet site without logging in or signing up. It patches the historical information with the current information once the user has performed a transaction or registered with you, so all of the consumer’s past activities are identified and logged. today, when most customers are doubtful to sign up with a new website or product, this feature can be a boon.

c) Advanced segmentation on contacts: Brands need to be able to section contacts based on attributes, devices used, activity (opens/clicks), date the user was added within the list, and many others. advanced segmentation also allows multiple conditions to create a segment. For eg. “If the user was added in January 2016” AND “The consumer is from Mumbai (attribute)”.

2. A/B Split Test:

This is a have to have in any marketing automation tool as it optimizes the marketing campaign and helps choose the proper creative content or ‘call to action’ or ‘subject Line’.

3. Web Engagement:

It is very important to understand what your target audience is definitely looking for on your internet site. 75% of this understanding can be gained using an automation tool. web engagement features such as notification bars, splash screens with discount offer based on a movement on a relevant product web page, a discount offer performing just before the user tries to exit the browser, and so on. Make a lot of difference and can exchange the decision process of your goal user just earlier than they go offline.

4. Easy & Real-Time Workflow Creation with Nodal Reporting:

An automation tool should allow you to create simple as well as complex workflows. this option can deepen your understanding of your overall performance at each function or marketing campaign sent out. this may help you effectively identify loopholes.

5. Easy Integration APIs & Plugins:

And last but really not least, what good is a marketing automation system in case you are not able to integrate it with your CRM or your lead-generating website? A hassle-free integration and good support have its very own rewards.

Along with the above points, it’s important to have a very good consulting team which now not a lot of marketing automation companies provide these days.


Marketing Automation

5 Steps for Selecting a Marketing Automation Tool

Nowadays, Marketing automation is becoming an essential tool for every modern Business man marketers. Adding automation software program in your advertising and marketing toolbox. It takes the guesswork out of lead nurturing, personalizes the person experience, and centralizes sales and marketing. In this Article, You will see 5 Steps for Selecting a Marketing Automation Tool.  Advertising and marketing automation is a virtual extension of your crewacting duties that after needed to be executed manually with greater ease and accuracy.

To obtain these types of blessings, you need to discover a platform. That your group participants can embrace and works well within your business enterprise’s technique. The top criteria of an advertising and marketing automation gadget for B2B  advertising and marketing managers are rate, product integration, and ease of use.

We’ll discover why these elementsamongst others, must influence your preference and in which alongside the choice making procedure they arrive into play. Therefore, Comply with those ten steps and also you’ll have the smarts. You’ll want to pick the proper marketing automation platform for your B2B business.

Steps for Selecting a Marketing Automation Tool

1. Make a Decision

For Taking Decision-related Marketing Automation Tool. It’s time to pick the marketing automation platform that will help your marketing business and sales team to excels your capturing leads and nurturing. Also, For Them with personalized marketing, and calculating the results of your efforts. Everything you need to know is learned from your business, demos, and questions should influence your final decision. Similarly, Choose the platform that excels your business checks all the boxes, meets the budget and works well within your organization.

2. Understand Your Marketing Automation

Mailcot defines marketing automation as “using software and webbased offerings to execute, manipulate, and automate advertising responsibilities and tactics. Similarly, It replaces guide and repetitive advertising methods with motivebuilt software and programs geared closer to overall performance.” This software operates via a relevant platform to convey your advertising and marketing practices, from email to social.  Advertising and marketing automation lends a digital hand to investigate your contacts, phase your leads. Therefore, It then grants the outcomes and ROI information in simple and customizable reviews.

3. Integration Opportunities

Perhaps your corporation is already working with some tremendous automation equipment. If this example, it’s important to recognize whether they’ll integrate with a brand new device and, in that case, how they’ll combine. Similarly, You don’t want any unpleasant surprises down the road.

First, ensure the automation system you select has utility application interface (API) integrations for the systems you’re currently the use of.  Also, All the precious equipment you have in the vicinity now whether they’d a webinar, social media, or customer dating management (CRM) equipment. However, And don’t simply focus on your marketing team’s structures. Also, check in with sales and different departments as properly to peer if a new automation platform might integrate with their gear.

4. Available Budget

Earlier than you begin evaluating automation alternatives, first check your budget. How a good deal are you able to realistically find the money for to spend on advertising automation? Take into account that the larger your contact database, the more automation vendors will price you. Make the effort to do a little study on your top automation picks and spot what everyone offers. Similarly, The Particular services and to be had equipment will vary from platform to platform. Therefore, Understand that many main providers offer numerous distinct pricing tiers, which can be especially useful for smaller agencies.

5. Ease of Use

marketing automation platform shouldn’t be difficult or overly time-consuming to figure out. That would kind of defeat the reason for automation, wouldn’t it? If feasible, ask the marketing automation business enterprise for a 30-day trial. Therefore, This could let you test usability and functionality and get a sense for what it might be like operating with the device on an everyday foundation. That is additionally useful for testriding the employer’s customer service. More particularly, see what their phone– or on-lineassist hours are like and whether or not they align along with your own business hours.

Marketing Automation, Successful Marketing Campaign

How to Save Time and Money With Marketing Automation Software

First of all Marketing Automation Software is a type of software that allows companies to effectively target customers with automated marketing messages across channels including email, websites, social media and text messages to generate sales leads. So Marketing Automation Software refers to the software that exists with the goal of Automating Market action. Many Marketing departments have to automate repetitive such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of Business Automation makes this task easier.

Best Marketing Automation Tool

1. Hubspot:-

Marketing Automation Hubspot’s Workflows tool is automation beyond email so you can scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks. Professional enterprise uses a workflow to automate the process of creating a new deal in HubSpot and reduce administrative processes for sales representatives.

2. Marketo:-

Marketo, Inc. is a software company that provides Marketing Automation Software focused on account-based marketing, including email, mobile, social digital ads, web management, and analytics. business software is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure business tasks and also, workflows.

3. Pardot:-

Pardot smarter Business Automation on the words. #1CRM Pardot provides a full solution that helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Marketing Automation Software, Marketing Automation, Automation Software

Why Marketing Automation important for our Success?

  1. Personalize Communications
  2. Increase Efficiency
  3. Leads
  4. USE Those Leads
  5. Get Better Data
Marketing Automation Software, Marketing Automation, Automation Software

Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

  • Improving customer experience:- These highly tailored campaigns get sent to customers automatically when they do certain things. This could include signing up for your emails, browsing certain products, or abandoning items in their basket.
  • Empowering your team to improve results:- Any marketing automation software worth its salt comes with nifty reporting capabilities. Also, allows you to create detailed reports, automatically.
  • Increasing average order value:- Also, Automated product recommendations are one of the most revenue-boosting features in the marketing automation arsenal.
  • Recovering lost revenue:- Using marketing automation tools because to send basket abandonment campaigns helps to encourage customers to complete their purchases.
  • Boosting ROI on staff costs:- Marketing automation also reduces the need to employ staff to do repetitive marketing tasks. This allows you to streamline your team and cut staff costs.
  • Predicting and shaping behavior:- First of all Smart business software makes use of machine learning to improve product recommendations over time. so, Every interaction your customers make gives you more data.

How to Save Time and Money with Marketing Automation Software?

  1. Mailing Lists:- Regular mail-outs can be automated. You can also use software like Mailchimp, or if you’ve already opted for more comprehensive business software you might find that your emails can be tailored to the behaviors learned from your clients.
  2. Online Posts:- That includes posts on your blog as well as posts on social media accounts. Finally, It’s common to develop a month’s worth of content. It’s used automatism to space its delivery out over the rest of the month.
  3. Prioritizing Leads:- You can also use the software to analyze sales history and customer behavior to predict which customers are best for following up with new sales offers. This also helps to increase the efficiency of your sales team.
  4. Shopping Cart:- There are a number of ways you can also improve the shopping cart experience too. Lots of potential customers add things to the cart but never complete the transaction
  5. Website Testing:- Google will automatically test your site and record useful metrics such as traffic and crawling results
  6. Scheduling Appointments:- Also, online calendars have powerful features that can allow you to show times that you are available for meetings or appointments with clients. This also allows customers to select and book appointments themselves without needing direct input from you.


Simple, powerful, and affordable, MailCot is a dynamic Marketing Automation Software & Marketing Automation platform allowing businesses to connect faster, target precisely, and maximize results. Know more. Do more. Achieve more.

Marketing Automation Software, Marketing Automation, Automation Software

MailCot’s Provide Best Marketing Automation Software in India, Marketing Automation Platform is the best technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, marketing tasks, workflows, generate more business & maximize ROI. India’s No.1 Marketing Automation Software Solutions,

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