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Email Marketing Experts Should 4 Things to Know

Nowadays, more and more companies have realized the importance of email marketing in the market operation process. For email marketing experts, it is easy to connect with hundreds of potential customers. The cost of marketing is much lower than that of traditional marketing methods, both in terms of manpower and materials.

The core purpose of marketing emails is to get the user to read and generate conversions. When the user receives the email. So it will happen when deleting or going to the trash. How to effectively prevent is the focus of attention. In this article, we will discuss 4 things that every email marketing experts should know about.

These 4 Things Need to Know Email Marketing Experts

1. Express product value and guide customers to understand

Email Marketing Experts Should 4 Things to Know, Email Marketing Experts

For email marketing, the value and usefulness of the content it expresses are especially important. When conducting email marketing. Don’t just advertise the products, use the slogan to guide customers to understand, and before buying the products. You should sell the values ​​held by the customers during product development and then show what value the products can bring to customers.

2. Accurately identify and segment customers

Email Marketing Experts Should 4 Things to Know, Email Marketing Experts

There is a classic line in “Wolf of Wall Street” that “the best sales are manufacturing needs.” For email marketing, accurate customers are the key. Working hard on people who don’t need them, even if they get results. They can’t afford to pay for themselves. Tracking the customers who have sent the mail, which part of the person opens the mail. Which part opens the mail and converts the consumption, through the mail marketing plan for different customers, using different email accounts, sending emails to the customers, and purposeful manufacturing needs.

3. Value the customer experience and try event promotions

Email Marketing Experts Should 4 Things to Know. Email Marketing Experts

Thinking from the customer’s point of view, in the process of using the product, So the interaction experience with the service party is more likely to feel the value concept of the enterprise. Therefore, the contact information of the customer service staff is left in the content of the email marketing. When the customer feedbacks or consults the product-related issues, the customer needs can be further understood, and the promotion activities can be set at an appropriate time to stimulate the consumer’s desire for consumption.

4. Layout account matrix, optimize marketing methods

Email Marketing Experts Should 4 Things to Know, Email Marketing Experts

In the actual mail marketing operation, the frequent occurrence of sending it is very likely to be marked as the source of spam by the recipient domain. Mailcot suggests adopting a matrix to optimize marketing. Usually, according to the segmentation of customers, prepare multiple mailbox accounts alternately. letter. On the choice of the mailbox, Mailcot product has excellent performance. First, the highest single-send group of 400 emails will improve the efficiency of sending letters. Second, the maximum capacity of a 30G space will help to save template emails. Third, separate sending The letter channel ensures the mail delivery rate.

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