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Why Email Marketing is Better

email marketing vs mobile marketing, Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

which one is beneficial  for your business and help you get more client-Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing

As a marketer, we always need to find out the best marketing technique to promote our business and service to reach a number of the client within seconds and also to get traffic and more conversion plus we want to get the attention of the customer quickly to increase your sells.

What is Email marketingEmail Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Email Marketing is a shape of direct marketing that makes email as a means of communicating business or fundraising messages to a target market.
At its most basic level, email marketing is using electronic mail to sell your commercial enterprise. it is used to domesticate relationships with capacity customers, keep current customers knowledgeable and up to date on your brand, product, and carrier, provide promotions, bargain and sales provide to inspire customer loyalty, and extra.

What is Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

mobile marketing means selling a brand or business in a way this is greater efficiency for smartphones and different mobile devices through apps, social media channels, and also websites. mobile marketing is a multi-channel, virtual marketing method aimed toward attaining a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile gadgets, via web sites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

Difference between email marketing and mobile marketing

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

you need a strategy that determines the who, where what and why of your email marketing activity. Without a strategy you’re shooting in the dark, also hoping that someone will engage with your email campaigns.email marketing vs mobile marketing  strategies are best for increase your growth of business


This is where an email strategy comes in to play. A strategy – simply put- is a plan to achieving your goals and objectives. Your strategy will define what email marketing to send, to whom to send it to and when to send it. Marketing research, industry insights and performance analysis of your own marketing campaigns all contribute towards your overarching email strategy.

TacticsEmail Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Creating a strategy doesn’t have to be a long process. Start with identifying what you are wanting to achieve, then conduct competitor insight, a little industry research, and insightful analysis into your customers and you are almost there towards a strategy. Without the first strategic step in your email marketing process, it’ll be incredibly difficult for you to determine if the tactics you are using are the right ones.


Your email strategy should be about building relationships with your subscriber and customer base. Data will also provide insights into what your subscribers engage with and what they don’t. Understanding the insights of what the data is telling you will ensure that your email marketing is optimized.

Target audience

This means a move away from the batch and also blast approach where you send the same message to everyone and focus on what the recipient wants to receive from you. Understand their interests, also their behavior and why they subscribed to your email marketing. Then with your strategy, use that knowledge to tailor and personalize the experience your recipients have with your brand.


By comparison between email marketing and mobile marketing of Email marketing has much more to offer than a click. Your subscriber base should be a loyal customer base to your business.

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Whether you are looking to do B2C or business-to-business email marketing, there are definite benefits for companies of all sizes. Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing who will get maximum return low cost and also help to generate leads

Greater Reach

The reach of emails is one of the best among all digital channels. With more and more people using smartphones, emails can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Easy customizationEmail Marketing vs Mobile Marketing-which one is better

Emails can also be easily customize and this help in getting a better response rate. This is also a great way to retain customers.

Not Expensive

As mentioned earlier, emails are a cheaper medium than many other marketing channels. Keeping the ROI in mind, it is a good channel to send information and promote your brand in the best way.

Better information sharing

Emails can be the best way to share information in the form of text, images, graphs, and others to showcase your brand, share Company information and create CTAs.

In today’s ever-changing digital world, email marketing tends to take a backseat. However, if you haven’t considered it for your business already, now is the time. Working with a trusted marketing advisor makes the process simple and cost-effective. With a strategic approach, proper guidance and a strong message, your business are sure to benefit. email marketing and mobile marketing you easily calculate their feature and if we use email marketing is the best digital marketing technique.

comparisons, Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media Marketing

I suggest with you some solid reason Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing, I hope you that by reaching the end of this article you will understand why Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

If you are a digital marketer, you cannot miss out on email marketing. Many digital marketers do not take email marketing and list building seriously because emails open rates are on the decline and most of your emails land in the promotions tab if your subscribers are using Gmail.

But still, in my experience, emails are the best conversion channel that I have experienced so far. Here are three reasons why you should build an email list and implement email marketing for your business.

Why Email Marketing is Better than Social Media Marketing:-

Why Email Marketing, Why Email Marketing Is Better, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Media Marketing

Emails Are Personal And Customized

Emails can be customized better than websites because you clearly know who your target audience is. You can segment your emails list into different customer avatars. And send messages that are personalized and targeted to each segment of your audience.

For example, in my blog, I have two major groups of readers who want to learn digital marketing: students and professionals. Though their goals are similar, their needs are different. When I send emails, I make sure that each segment gets communication that is relevant to them.

My subscribers also feel good about this because the email messages are customized for them and hence more useful for them. Students look for new jobs in digital marketing after they graduate. Professionals look for a change in career and are seeking to achieve different things. I fine-tune my content to who my audience is.

Email Marketing Helps You Build Better Relationships.

When people read emails, they are in a very different mode. It is like getting a post in the mailbox, opening it and reading it. It’s personal and attention-grabbing. Email is a one-on-one communication tool and is great for building long-term relationships with customers.

Social media, though an excellent communication tool, does not have the power to build relationships. It is like talking to a prospect in a public event. People are in a different mode when they are on social media and don’t take communication very personally. Hence, you cannot build relationships on social media. Social media is a great place to meet new people and make their acquaintance.

I would use social media as a discovery tool to find new customers, but when it comes to building a relationship with them, email would be my choice of communication. And without strong relationships, you cannot sell premium products to your customers. With email marketing automation such as Drip marketing emails and behavior-based emails, you can build relationships with your audience on automation.

For example, people who visit my blog subscribe to a free digital marketing course. The course delivered via email and they get one lesson every two days. In every lesson, they learn digital marketing and these lessons strengthen the relationship between my subscribers and me. Such relationships never built via social media channels.

No One Can Limit Access To Your Audience.

If you have an email list of 1,00,000 people and send a broadcast email to all of them, your message is going to land in the inbox of at least 98 percent of this audience. Two percent may bounce or not delivered due to technical issues.

No one in the middle will restrict you because they are your users. They gave their email ID to you and hence you can reach out to them. However, Facebook Likes and Twitter followers are not your users. Yes, they have chosen to get updates from your Facebook page or Twitter handle, but they are not your users because they have not given you their email ID and did not register on your website.

Why Email Marketing, Why Email Marketing Is Better, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Media Marketing

If you have 1,00,000 ‘Likes’ on your Facebook page and if you post an update, it will hardly reach a few thousand people depending on how engaging your post is. Then Facebook will ask you to pay them to ‘Boost’ the post for a budget. Here you are paying Facebook to reach your audience. Because they are not your users, they are Facebook’s

That’s why when you are building an audience, it is always advisable to create an email list instead of building an audience on a platform that is not under your control. You don’t want to build your dream home on someone else’s land.


I suggest with you some solid reason Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing, I hope you got convinced that email list building and email marketing is critical for any brand. It’s an essential component of digital marketing.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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