Toll free number service suits the best to connect with your customers for a good support. Dealing with your customers by providing them a business number which is free for the callers shows your business professionalism.

Now there is a user-friendly platform IVR which is provided by the Toll free number providers company. This platform gives your business a beauty. Greet your customers with a perfect recorded welcoming voice message. This IVR system helps the customers to connect with the concerned person within a single input.

This IVR platform(Toll free number providers ) provides the flexibility in call receiving. You can easily forward the call to another number, no extra efforts of forwarding required.

Hosted IVR Features

By using the IVR system you can record a welcome voice message for your customers (Toll free number India). Use the customized messages with a human touch that provides a good experience for your customers.

Call Routing- Set a path according to the customer’s requirements. Let your caller follow the path according to the query they want to ask (Toll free service). Create the different call routing paths for the different departments.

Never miss a single call- Your customer’s calls are very important for you, so you can’t afford to miss any call. This IVR system provides you the real-time notifications. This system instant notifies you by an E-mail if you missed any call. So never miss a single call by using this real-time notification system.

SMS and Email Notifications- This IVR platform gives you the real-time notification via SMS and Email (Toll-free service). Store all the call details on the panel for your further future use.

Does your business need toll-free number service?

Yes, every business who want to increase their national presence, need a toll-free number service for connecting with their customers easily.  Either your business is small or big for creating an online presence and supporting your customers you need the toll-free number.

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