Actually just stumbled upon one of the great marketing debates of the 21st century. “Should I get a local or a toll free number for my business?” There are many sides to the argument. But we’ll give you some viewpoints on the matter to help assist your decision-making process.

Toll Free number is relatively inexpensive now. In the past, they were very expensive. A toll free number gives your customers a way to contact your company without having to pay for the call themselves. Customers appreciate a toll free number, particularly in busy times when you might have to put them on hold temporarily. Also, with ever-shrinking local calling areas, toll free number ensure your customers aren’t accidentally dialing a local long distance call that they did not want to make.

Toll free numbers are cheaper than ever and readily available, but should you use a toll free number for your business?

Having a toll free service will enhance your productivity and increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to reach you anytime, anywhere. It is well-known that toll free number build credibility with consumers. Eighty-six percent of customers will associate a toll free number with the quality of the business products or services. By providing your customers with an 800 number option to call you. They will believe that you want to talk to them.

A potential downside to using a toll free is that it can take away from any sort of small, local business vibe you’re trying to put out there. Potential customers who see a toll free number. When they are specifically looking for a local company might skip over your business. You may also end up getting calls from people who are outside of your service area, which would be an unnecessary interruption.

Advantages for Toll free number

There really are many advantages to having a toll free number. You can use toll free numbers to track the success of specific advertising campaigns. And another strong advantage is that you do not need to implement a new phone service, reprint all of your letterhead and business cards just because you relocate. Toll free number is portable and move with your business. The entire US becomes a local calling area to your customers.

Polling has shown that 90% of Americans say they use toll free on a regular basis. It eliminates the need to split area codes. And save you from the cost of having to deal with this in your business. Nearly all telephone exchanges are available – unlike local exchanges which have only a limited calling area.

Additionally, over 90% of households have computers or smartphones. This means that more people are likely to purchase products and services over the phone when they see a toll free number listed on your website. More than one-third of Americans estimate that they make sixty or more toll-free calls per year. Over 70% of those calls are business related, either service oriented or product purchasing. Having your own toll-free number will help you create a good customer-oriented image.

In the end, the best choice when it comes. To using a toll free vs local numbers is to leverage both. Cater to the people in your area code and target your small business angle with a local number. On top of that, you can expand your market reach with a toll free number to bring in new customers.

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