Toll Free Number and IVR goes hand in hand or, without IVR nobody thinks about owning a toll free number. But, I have been getting many Toll Free inquiries from this IVR where people have asked if the toll free can forward to their mobile number! While, there is nothing wrong with getting the toll free number to one’s Mobile Phone, but, I think it is an underutilization of a toll free numbers.

I would like to quickly add few facts about Toll Free Number in India

1. Telecom operators provide 11 digit toll free number which is just a number starting with 1800, which can dial by any mobile phone, landline number without prefixing 0.

2. This Toll Free has to forwarded/terminated on another telephone lie/ PRI line or even mobile number. And this number could be anywhere in India.

3. The cost/charges of owning the Toll Free Number and the phone number where calls to toll free numbers forwarded/terminated are completely different and dependent on each other.

4. The caller will not charged, but the owner of the toll free will bear the cost of both Toll Free as well as the other telephone number.

5. The number simultaneous calls to the toll free number are minimum 30 or a PRI line. It means that at one point in time, 30 people can dial the toll free and get connected. But, if the toll free is forwarded to one Mobile Number. Then at one point in time, only one person will able to speak, rest 29 people will get the busy tone.

IVR is particularly helpful if the toll free not used for a call center. In the normal situation, there would be many call agents to accept. Those minimum 30 simultaneous calls from the toll free number. But for organizations, which do not have a call center, IVR is the ideal solution! The best part is, in order to use IVR, one can always go for hosted IVR model. Which will require very low initial investment and get the benefit of a pay-per-usage model.

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