Toll free number top mistakes which get avoid:

1) Don’t search small-inventory websites for number availability

While I’m obviously biased, toll free number Search is among the best search tools available. Chances are good that if the number is available, and is listed as part of their inventory. Too many first-time vanity number customers conduct a search for number availability on a single site. Conduct a more exhaustive search and remember that toll free numbers can always port over to any phone service provider. Once you own a number, it’s yours – not a telecom company. So search high and low for that number and do invest time in the process.

2) Don’t restrict your choice of the number by industry description or company name

Chances are, especially for 1-800 numbers (toll free number), that your mnemonic number of choice may not be available. 1-800 is worth millions for a reason, but even 1-800-ABC plumbers may not be available. That shouldn’t deter you from getting a toll free number that’s going to be easy to remember at parties, on radio ads, and on the web. Think of verbs such as “Go” or “Call” as additions to your brand or industry name in the toll free number. For example, 1-800 is a simple but powerful example of adding an “action verb” to the addition of your brand. There are tons of other examples, so don’t settle for the first number you find.

3) Know the hierarchy of toll free number recognition with the public

Even American Idol often repeated: “These are 888 numbers folks, not 800 numbers(toll free number). That means that many people still perceive toll free numbers as being 800 numbers. The obvious ideal is 1-800 numbers, after that the second best choice is 888 numbers. IMHO 866 and 877 numbers are an equally third choice. However, that said, if 888 numbers worked well enough for American Idol then the lesson is. It’s ok to have an 888 number and not an 800 toll free. But it may require an extra few seconds reminding folks of that in your ads (toll free number).

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