Toll Free Number

Given the prevalence of smartphones and electronic address books in today’s world, it should come as no surprise that people have more difficulty actually storing numbers in their brain than ever in the past. For businesses, this can become problematic. Creating a phone number that is not only easy to remember but also speaks to the type of business you own is the best way to solve this problem, which is where toll free number comes into play.

Toll free number is available in a variety of different formats, with “800 numbers” being the most common. So If you owned a high-end restaurant and wanted to ensure that your number wasn’t to be forgotten.

Benefits of Having a Vanity Toll Free Number

There is a lot of reasons why businesses can benefit from having a toll free number:

  • According to California’s Mountain Marketing Group, the recall rate of a printed vanity number is 9 times higher than a traditional number when presented in an advertisement.
  • 58% of magazine ads that feature phone numbers utilize toll free number – they simply stand out in ways that regular phone numbers do not.
  • Customers recognize “800” numbers as being free of charge (98% in all), which no doubt has a positive impact on whether or not they’re going to make a call.
  • Perhaps most important is the fact that toll free number can help you to brand your business.
  • They promote client/customer retention and make it easier to forge an association with the products and services you sell. 800 numbers not only help to improve customer experience and satisfaction. But can actually add quite a bit of life to your marketing campaigns.
  • The same can be said for businesses that work with local customers. As more than half of Americans prefer to call a vanity number than dialing a local business’s digits.

Choosing a Service

There are many services out there that provide customers and clients with toll free number. Some offer additional features in their packages, including hold music, real-time call control, and integration. On occasion, you might run into companies that require specific hardware in order for their services to work. So there are plenty of “hardware-free” options out there, which tend to be less of a hassle. Make a list of the features that you think your business needs in order. To reach your goals, and set out to find a service that includes all of them.

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