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  • SPF, DKIM and DMARC Authenticated

  • Easy to use Drag and Drop Editor

  • Database Segmentation

  • Advance Analytics Dashboard(Real-time Tracking and Bounce Management Tool)

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Over 9.4 million email sends per day

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Migomail Best Email Marketing Software

Migomail is a globally renowned email marketing services that allows you to send bulk emails, transactional emails, promotional emails, use email APIs to send bulk emails, provide secure SMTP relay, email delivery services. Migomail headquartered at Pink City is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Migomail is counted among the best and cheapest email marketing in India. Migomail was founded in 2015 by Hemant Kumar and provides cloud-based email marketing communication software and is also a service box of marketing services, customer services and technical expert team. Statistics from our sales report show that over 2000 customers use Migomail bulk email marketing services in over 100 countries.

Migomail's Email Marketing software include several product list which directly dedicated to relationship marketing.

  • Transactional Email: Send email when specific action was taken in the form of password reset, OTP verification, abandoned cart notification, order confirmation email, shipping email and include several like these all.

  • Promotional Email: Send promotional email to inform customer in the form of Discount on specific item email, % off email, launching new product email and several like this.

  • Marketing Automation: Send email series, volumetric scale campaign, email newsletter or also run SMS marketing campaign for sending bulk SMS.

  • Landing Page: Create a impressive custom landing page while using easy to use drag-drop editor to increase more leads.

Mailgun Email Marketing Services

Mailgun by Pathwire Email marketing software company, offers API-based email delivery services includes sending, receiving, and tracking emails with effortlessly and style to businesses. Mailgun delivered innovative technologies to email space for giving the benefits of technically progressive companies. Mailgun provides both SMS and Email Delivery software. Mailgun further acquired a Mailjet.

Mailgun founded in 2012 by Ev Kontsevoy, Taylor Wakefield and its main headquater in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. Mailgun specialized in bulk emails, transactional email, email analytics, email validation, developer API, email deliverability, SMTP relay, whitelisting, cloud infrastructure and IP reputation.

Lets Compare Migomail Vs Mailgun

  • 35$ starting price with 20000 Email Credits

  • SMTP Relay, Webhooks and APIs

  • Delivery Optimization Tool

  • Real-time Tracking Tool

  • Dedicated IP

  • Email Address Validation Tool

  • Inbox Placement Tests

  • Detailed Documentation

  • Chat and Ticket Support

  • 1100 INR/12$ inc. GST starting price with 20000 Email Credits

  • No email sending limits per day

  • SMTP Relay, Webhooks and APIs

  • Delivery Optimization Tool

  • Real-time Tracking Tool

  • Dynamic Email Template Editor

  • A/B Testing

  • Dedicated IP

  • Chat, message, Phone call and Ticket Support

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Awesome support from technical

I have been using SMTP Service for a long time and the quality is great. Available support, quick response, no problems with Service. I'm going to recommend it to my colleagues.

Robert Roberson
Review On  2021-07-16
5 years service experience

I am using Migomail since 2016. We used this service as we want to expand our business we bought a services of email marketing for business growth. The email infrastructure is pretty simple and price is nice.

Peter Anderson
Review On  2021-07-14
Quick and Reliable Support

Best SMTP services for bulk email, support team always respond immediately without delay. I do 2-3 call daily, quickly respond and resolve my queries.

Alisa Andrey
Review On  2021-07-12