What are the Benefits of Email Tracking?

Email tracking empowers us to build and maintain relationships in this more crowded, competitive inbox environment. That's what this guide is about, empowering your inbox with email tracking to increase email efficiency and productivity.

What are the Benefits of Email Tracking?

What is Email Tracking? 

Email tracking is the process of tracking emails sent and using that data to inform business decisions. Most email tracking tools capture click-through data on open rates, times and locations as well as links and attachments. 

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How Does Email Tracking Work? 

Email tracking notifies you that any email you send has been opened, unopened, unsubscribed, bounced, reported and clicked. Email tracking software places an invisible email pixel in your email that can detect the exact time and date the recipient opened the email. 

Benefits of Email Tracking

1. Email Tracking Saves Time: 

No one wants to receive more than one follow-up email. When they didn't even open the first email. Email tracking enables you to see whether your first email was interesting enough for your recipient to open. If they haven't opened the first email, they're unlikely to open a follow-up email in the future. Then you should stop there. 

By preventing unnecessary follow-up emails, email tracking saves time for both the sales rep and the email recipient. Similarly, you see that a contact is clicking on a link sent by you.

And by looking at the cover letter or proposal you've attached, you know what's currently running through their mind. Contacting them when they're thinking about your offer makes the conversation more relevant and timely.

2. Email Tracking Provides Context:

Email tracking gives you valuable insight into your email interactions with contacts, networks, customers and prospects. You can use this insight to strengthen your reach by creating a unique relationship with yourself. 

  • If you see that a contact has opened your email multiple times in a day, you can follow them while on top.
  • If you've included links and attachments in the email before the meeting, you can see if your contacts have seen them.
  • If you sent a follow-up email, you can determine whether the recipient is modifying the content you sent.

3. Email Tracking Provides Unique Insight: 

Let's face it writing email can be daunting and frustrating. How to initialize it to fill that white space. And what can be said that it is easy to deal with it.

With Migomail Email Tracking, You are provided with more than just valuable information about your contact's engagement with your email. You get to see their professional history, details about their company, their Twitter feed and other social profiles, your email history with them, and any other information they choose to share with you.

How To Track An Email: Everything You Need to Know  

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