How to Block Emails on iPhone


To Block Emails on the iPhone, there are various reasons to block the sender of an email. They can be annoying scammer, but they keep on sending us unimportant press releases or it can also happen that we do not want to deal with them. Unlikely, an email blocking the address of our iPhone or any iPad is not quite normal. So now we will move forward to look at how to Block Emails on iPhone.

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1. Why we Cannot Block Using an Email?


 How to block email on iPhoneAn application called Apple’s Mail is considered a convenient email client.

Designing is done with the help of various email providers in thought because of this there is not only one type of size which fits the level of email marketing.

Each email provider uses this feature in its own way. Therefore, we cannot block the senders by swiping or tapping the button available on the application.

Because of this reason, the best solution is to think about an email as a platform for email providers in comparison to the addition of service. By blocking any contact of our iPhone, will not obviously protect it to reach by email. Even if the email address is available.

Blocking an IOS will only influence messages, calls and also face time which people love to do. Other email apps on an iPhone run in a limited way except they are created by any service provider. If we have many email accounts, we’ll have many email applications on our phone because of this reason.

The filtering process in most of the emails is done on the server. Instead of reaching the email in the inbox, redirecting it anywhere else. Mail providers help to prevent the message to reach the inbox by catching it as soon as it delivers. Blocking email like this, the need depends upon accessing the mail provider’s details. The best way to block an email sender is to the first login through the desktop browser. By this, we can get access to all the features.

block emails on iphone

2. Block Messages of Gmail on iPhone

Steps for how to block emails on iPhone


Block emails on iPhone can be done by using Gmail. A sender can be blocked with the device by downloading the free application of Gmail available on the App Store. Also, we can use another substitute called SAFARI to approach the desktop version. But as we all know that Gmail will not work with this device.

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Steps are as follows:


Firstly, we have to download the Gmail application available on the app store. Then launch it and log in

Secondly, find the sender’s email which we want to block and just tap on it.

Thirdly, click on the three-dots available on the top right corner.

In the end, choose Block “sender’s name” from the drop-down list.


3. Try Using Provider’s IOS App


yahooLikewise Google, providers usually have specific iPhone applications. These applications provide access to various special features. Miserably, there is not any other way to test every single mail provider web. On the positive side, these company applications for services of email are mostly free. Therefore, it will take less time to find out.


Blocking Email is not so Simple on an iPhone


To maintain a sound email blocklist for our ios device, the following are the three options :

  1. Download the provider’s application which must have built-in blocking functionality.
  2. When you want to block a sender’s email address, you have to log-in to Safari and request the desktop version of the site.
  3. You have to wait until you get back to your computer. Then do it from there.

block emails on iphone

block emails on iphone


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