Hello friend, in today’s blog we will understand and learn about the objectives of marketing.  A great marketing plan should have a list of strategic and clear objectives of marketing.

As long as you know that your products and services are lurking in these four marketing objectives, then you are going to fail in marketing.

Objectives of Marketing are the set goals of a brand. Job Seeker, freelancer, and for business owner use marketing tricks on their own respective business, need to understand these four objectives of marketing.

Four Objectives of Marketing are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Loyalty

Objectives of Marketing

Before understanding these four objectives of marketing. First I will give an example for better understanding.

I provide the service of email marketing, do you buy our service, while you do not know who I am, and do you still buy our service. Our competitors are Sendinblue, Sendgrid, Mailjet, and many more which are providing the best email marketing services, will you guys still buy me, no matter how much I say that I’m the best in the market.

You will not buy right! There will be many factors that will not let you buy my product.  The most important factor will be trust because:

  • New to Market (just newly enter in the market )
  • No Records (there is no previous history )
  • No testimonial (no customer review)

There will be many factors that will prevent you from purchasing our services or product. If I directly jump on the third objective which is a purchase, no matter how much offer I give or how much discount I give to customers, no one can buy our services.

So the first step should be towards awareness.


My first task will be to create trust in the eyes of the viewer for our service. So we will write a blog to raise awareness, educate them and provide knowledge. First focus on content marketing more, so along with display ads which we will run all over the social media accounts or on the internet, I will make sure that I am running a campaign on creating trust as much as possible. So I will write a blog on all the topics which are related to my services.

For example, My company provides services of Email Marketing, so I will write all the blogs related to Email Marketing topics like, What is Email Marketing, How does Email Marketing work? Importance of Email Marketing, Why Email Marketing services are beneficial for your business, and so on.  We will be writing more and more topics to get more trust factor.

2. Consideration

Now the second step to move to the Consideration stage. When in the consideration stage exactly now is the time to tell about your product and services. Introduce your product, tell USPS about your product why you are the best in the market. So keep telling people about this type of product and services, share real testimonials like A company was offering offers on some of its products, and it had to convey the information of the offer to all its customers, then that company used our email marketing service to pass that offer to its customers and the company’s sales also increased.

If I share this type of real testimonial in front of my audience, then what will come to the mind of the viewer?

  • Email Marketing is the best channel
  • Increase sale
  • Reached more and more people
  • Build Trust

When we are in the consideration stage, this is a stage we still don’t push out your product but you focus more on will people buy or will people not buy. So first is the awareness we have to tell people that you exist in the market, second is the consideration stage you will just let people consider about your product by introducing about your product and services feature and advantages.

3. Purchase

When in the purchase stage, now this time to need ROI (Return on Investment). Now you want to get back the money how much you spend on the awareness and consideration stage. Now is the right time where you can offer 50% off, 30% off, 70% off, buy-one-get-one-free, Hurry Up! 3 days left, with all these types of offers people will buy your products in the market and engage with them because you spend enough of time spent in both the stages awareness and consideration stage.

Now this time to focus on Return on Investment (ROI) and when people will buy your product or services then move to the fourth stage loyalty.

4. Loyalty

In loyalty focus on customer who already use our product and services, it’s easy for us to target someone who has already consumed and used our product or services because someone who already used our product the CPA which is the cost per acquisition comes down and falls down drastically of our company. Target a new customer every time there is a cost involved because he/she traveled from awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Target someone who has already buy and use our product, it’s pretty easy to convince them back to use your product again.

Fun facts, for all the companies 90 to 95% of the business comes from the loyal programs, comes from their retention customers. So, when in the loyalty stage try to build a good loyal program for existing customers


What did we learn today? There are the four Objectives of Marketing, which are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty

These all four objectives are customer cycle for all companies. This is how you nurture a client, remember initially I told you, just directly selling out something to your customer won’t help you in your direct sell but when you nurture your customer from awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty turn you become a successful marketing strategist in this Digital world.


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