Email (Electronic Mail) is called sending and receiving messages through the Internet. The most commonly used feature of the communication network is email. From Email we can send and receive text-based messages or picture, video or other attachment messages. Email Address is required when convey a messages. Email address is required when convey a message.

Free Email Service Provider

Free email service is not for sending mail in bulk, it cannot be used for marketing your business because it has a limit for sending emails.

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel. With email marketing, we can promote our business products and services in public. It helps in increasing the awareness of your brand, providing the latest updates or offers to your customers or vendor, lead generate. It converts people into customers and creates a trusting relationship with the one-time buyer. It allows bulk email and sends millions of emails at once.

But for all this we need Email Marketing Services Provider. Let us now see about the email marketing service.

Email Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing Services is essential for a small business. It can help to communicate directly with its customers and vendors.
  • Email marketing services helps in building the correct contact email address list.
  • Email marketing services helps automate common messages or campaigns to e-commerce marketer, business man or organization.
  • Email marketing services provider provides functions and features for sending messages in bulk, some form of layout or template system; And rudimentary inventory management. In addition it enables to control email marketing campaigns and messages.

Features of Email Marketing Services Provider

1.Email Automation

Email Marketing Services Provider

Email marketing automation is the best feature of ESP, it is a way of creating email in which email is sent to the right person at the right time and for the right action. Do not work full time, send messages automatically using email marketing automation.

For Example You must have also experienced this thing, when we subscribe a newsletter after entering a email address, first mail is to send confirmation mail, after confirmation of the mail, send a mail of thanks and welcome, after this, the notification mail starts sending. All these email handle via a Email Marketing Automation.

Another example we take, when customer buy any product either from online, retail shop or from mall order confirmation mail has to be send or order shipping mail, order dispatch mail, order receive mail. Same these all mail is convey through email marketing Automation.

2. Use Attractive Responsive Template

Email Marketing Services Provider

Email marketing services providers allow marketers that you can also keep the emails format in plain text and can design responsive mail using HTML CSS. But marketers need to have little knowledge of using HTML CSS to design responsive mail. This is why email service providers provide ready-made templates of responsive email design.

You should not focus on purchasing services from those email service providers who are not providing responsive email design templates.

3.Help to Build the Correct Contact List

Adding and Deleting Email Subscribers this is a core feature of the email service provider’s services. Do not compromise in it. Expect this from your email service provider to automatically save you from hard bounce, invalid email address and soft bounce. Providing double-opt service, so that you can maintain a correct email address list. Look for list management rules that keep everything clean and up to date.

4. Control SPAM

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003 defines the U.S. standard for sending commercial emails and grants the U.S. Federal Trade Commission the right to enforce those standards.

The Act covers how membership is managed, what content is written, what behavioral requirements are required.

5. Easy to Connect

Email marketing works very well when it is intimately connected to another system or service. Email service providers allow APIs or platform extensions to be used easily, allowing email capabilities to be added to at least one ecommerce platform.

Email Marketing Services Provider

Email marketing services provider’s integration involves Google analytics to track and control email. Connected with Strikeiron’s cloud-based email verification; or a make a connection with 4-Tell’s product recommendation tool to send personalized messages.

6. Dedicated IP Address

In Email Marketing, Dedicated IP address is used in business for send a messages. Having your own IP address increases the chances of improving mail delivery. In fact, it is a very good feature for business when they have to send mail in bulk.

So keep this in mind whenever you are purchasing a service from an email service provide. Dedicated IP address improves mail delivery.

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