Online Marketing: A Lead Generation tool

Hotel chains have made significant headway into the online field with the help of social media and online advertising. With the hospitality industry facing disruption from online competitors, major hotel chains are facing increasing downtime and are using Online marketing initiatives to boost their booking rate. The luxury hotel chains are now beginning to understand the need for good content marketing. While the mid-size ones are leveraging a tactical approach with email marketing, online ads, and quick lead generation-focused marketing.

Attract Customers through Social Media

Whether it’s Taj Vivanta, Trident, JW Marriott, or any of the ultra-chains of hotels in India, they are all using social media in some way.  Content marketing focusing on events happening across cities has potential, as does create great content around the facilities, the brand, and staff members.

Similar to how other industries leverage social media, the hospitality industry focuses on creating great online experiences ( Online marketing ) for their visitors, giving passive passersby incentives to like, share, and comment. Influencer marketing and blogger engagements have been utilized for many years.

Focused on Customer Experience

Hotel chains need to continuously focus on customer experiences in order to benefit from the effects of network scale. Without the desire created to stay at their locations, there is no need for customer to stray from his/her path. For example, a bride on the lookout for a destination wedding will consider the cost to be the major factor. However, if the businessman or the bride sees the multiple amenities on Facebook, and can save time by browsing through the many features of the hotel, they will both benefit from the information available to make an informed decision that is a win-win.

Hotel Brand in India

Hotel brands in India need a makeover, similar to many other industries. There was a huge spike in activity in hotel chain branding a few years ago. But it has died out due to restrains and tight budgets. However, the core culture of the hotel can still be effectively marketed. If social media were to help me virtually arrive at my destination and be greeted with smiles and water, it would make me choose a certain hotel chain over another. Families are always seeking special benefits, and so are ladies who are on a kitty-vacation. There are many groups that a hotel chain caters to, and satisfying their needs via social media is paramount to their success.

Email Marketing for Hotel Brands

Generating an estimated $50 for every $5 spent and conversion rates three times higher than social media, email marketing is the channel that delivers the highest ROI, whatever industry you’re in. Email marketing offers you the unique opportunity to personalize your guest service and extend your brand through one-to-one marketing campaigns. Effective hotel email marketing starts the minute a guest has booked and nurtures your relationship with them long after their stay.

Every email you send is an opportunity to promote your social media channels and encourage guests to interact with them. You can start with the pre-arrival email. Ask guests to follow you and give you a “Like” on Facebook in exchange for a special offer. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to use email marketing to grow your hotel’s audience online.

Hotels need to execute effectively when it comes to online marketing -Especially Email Marketing. There needs to be a ground-up philosophy to create brand experiences and marketing initiatives.