The personal, plain-text emails approach

Despite all the email design best practices and people saying they prefer HTML emails, study after study has shown that plain-text emails (Email  Marketing ) perform better. In fact, it turns out, “as the number of images in an email increases, click-through rates generally decrease” (Hubspot).

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Now, these studies don’t tell us everything – it’s another case of correlation vs. causation but, for a lot of businesses, this holds true. In my experience, this is more common for B2B brands than B2C but not exclusively, by any means. So don’t rule out the possibility of some plain-text emails because you could be in for a surprise.

Know when to use Images

There’s a place for plain-text emails in many marketing campaigns but it’s important to know when to use images. It’ hard to think of a situation where you’ll want to promote retail products without images so, it depends on the product or service that you are promoting whether you should use images or not. Considering images with retail products is the good option so the customer can get more about it.

The typographic Approach

How much can you achieve in an email marketing design without using images? With bold, branded typography and clear calls-to-action, there’s no doubt in the recipient’s mind about what they’re supposed to do next.  Typographic emails have some well-designed texts, call-to-actions, and at least one image to get the product visually. So it can be a lead nurturing email that will get more leads.

The ‘newsjacking’ approach

Newsjacking is the art of jumping on a current news story and using it to boost your marketing efforts. It’s a classic strategy but one that’s not always easy to pull off. However, marketers get it to spot on by capitalizing on news that’s of genuine interest to its users rather than latching on to gimmicks or cliches.

Breaking up your message into chunks

Whenever you are designing an email template for multiple services, break it into different chunks so it will look more attractive and easy understanding. You should try to promote multiple services and promotions in a single piece. This isn’t like an eCommerce email where you can simply use product images to break up your message. But dividing the message into chunks and using suitable background images complement its bold use of text.

These above are some tips to Design an email to get more leads with email templates. These tactics help any business to promote their services and products and increase sales and revenue. One of the best email marketing tool Mailcot providing Email Marketing Services with lead nurturing platform.