Have you encountered hundreds of development letters and did not reply? For the mail, there is no open rate, how can customers see your content? Increase the development letter open rate in a short time, use these methods to see Which kind of customer you prefer.

How to Improve The Development Letter Open Rate, Development Letter Open Rate

Tips to Improve The Development Letter Open Rate

1. Third party recommendation method

The purpose of the buyer’s inquiry is to find a new supplier. Our company is neither a well-known company in the industry nor an exporter familiar with the buyer. Then we may wish to attract the attention of the buyer through the third party, and exclude the buyer from the new one. Obstacles to supplier mistrust.


If the buyer does not know us, but buyers believe that a certain B2B trade platform, a certain trust middlemen (John Smith), a related or similar authorization of an industry’s retail business (Walmart), then we can use this message headers : ecvv.com (alibaba.com) verified supplier of digital photo frames, or John Smith recommended supplier of digital photo frames or Walmart trusted supplier of digital photo frames. Such a mail headline can also facilitate the buyer to sort and reply to the mail so that the buyer can search the mail system for an inquiry reply from the supplier in the future.


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2. Product quotation method

For example Preferential quotation for Model 123 at the price of US$8.99 FOB Yantian


This title is naturally clear and clear, and the buyer knows the specific quotation of a certain model product at a glance. However, many times it is counterproductive. More than 90% of the title emails with product models, quote currency and data may be intercepted or deleted by the server as a peddling product or advertising spam. Even if the buyer can receive and read the email with this title, such a title may not be able to attract the attention of the buyer. If the buyer sends out the query, the most concerned about is not only the price of the product but more emphasis on the supplier integration. With the overall quotation, it is more concerned with whether the supplier’s quotation can reach the buyer’s budget target.


If the buyer needs this kind of quote, then I suggest using the email title: Quotations offer one percent less than your target prices, then list the buyer’s budget price, the supplier’s quote, and reduce the cost for the buyer. proportion.


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3. Customer Demand Law

Such as Model 123 digital photo frame, or Product catalog of digital photo frames


This email header can highlight the type of product the buyer is looking for, but the buyer does not see the unique selling point and added value of the product provided by the supplier from the email header, so the email will not value unless the buyer sends the query. Just to search for a variety of products and information.


If the buyer making the inquiry asks the supplier to provide a product that meets the buyer’s requirements and can be produced, then we can try to write the message title as Popular digital photo frames in European Market (if Europe is the buyer’s sales market), or Digital Photo frames with patented designs.


The above case analysis shows that what kind of mail headline is used to attract the attention of the buyer, which needs to be based on the buyer’s query focus, appeal point and value orientation, combined with the advantages that the supplier shows to the buyer and the buyer. The value provided is determined.


4. Ask questions

The title can also be use directly and courageously using some powerful questions, such as:


Are you satisfy with your present supplier?


Are you tired of buying inferior *** product?


You are not satisfy with your supplier service?


5. Reply method


Use RE: directly or multiple. RE:RE:RE: + title As the beginning, the first time caught the attention of the customer. If the customer sends and receives a lot of emails every day, he won’t care about what you do. Others and so on.


Don’t just send it out, but also learn to analyze the advantages of your development letter, mainly from these aspects.


  • Is the target customer-selected? Is the industry of the selected potential customer correct? What is the proof? At present, more than 90% of the invalid development letters we have reported have a problem in this first foot.


  • Is the target customer’s point of interest or interest focus accurate? How confident and confident is the letter sender? Why?


  • Does the development of the cut-in point cut the target customer’s point of interest or interest?


  • Does the development letter make full use of various resources such as online advertising, and combine the recommendation of own products with a credible image in front of the target customers?


  • Is the timing, method, and format of the development letter appropriate?