Email Templates for Email Marketing blend unique design and creative best practices to help you win the inbox.

It feels like we live in our inbox all day, well, and this is 100% right. Employees use almost a third of their time at work reading and responding to emails.

Email template allow saving time while creating Email Marketing Campaign. Email Template is a rewritten email that one can use to substitute with your own content so that you can instantly and quickly compose and formulate emails.

Email Marketing, Email TemplatesAdvantages of Email Templates for Email Marketing

Using email templates allow you to quickly and easily create, write, and send emails without having to start from scratch or starting at a blank screen.

Time Savior 

Using an Email Template can help you save a lot of time when both creating Bulk Email Marketing Campaign.

In order to save time and not to revise the whole email for numbers of times, you can just append links, copy, images to a current one and forward to your subscribers.

Uniform Formatting

Another issue with creating a new email from scratch each time you send an email (other than the time involved) is the consistency of it. Composing an Email Template you can be sure that the Email Marketing Campaign will have the same look and you will not have to worry about possible errors with the formatting.

Brand Union

Using an Email Template, the brand correspondence will be preserved, especially if many logos and graphics in your Email marketing are used since it will be difficult to create them for hundreds of times. It is especially true if you use a lot of graphics and logos in your marketing to maintain brand consistency and awareness.

How to Create Email Templates for Email Marketing

There are many ways to create email templates to use in your email marketing efforts.

Email Templates for Email Marketing | MailcotCreate Your Own Email Templates

  • Create your own email templates, either by hand or by using a Mailcot program.
    If you are good at HTML coding and graphic design, then this is the route you’d probably go with.
    Outsource Your Email Templates
  • If you don’t have HTML and graphic design skills, then you can hire someone to create an email template for you
  • There are plenty of outsourcing sites that offer graphic design and web coding services from three sources.
  • A final option is to use the email templates already provided by your email service provider

Most reputable Email Service Providers offer a huge library of predefined email templates across different industries and different styles and formats.

You could always use an email template provided by your Email Service Provider then make some minor tweaks to it to get the exact look and feel you want for your emails.