Email marketing has become one of the most-used marketing tools for lead generation, communication, and general revenue increase. But with the increased popularity also came plenty of strategies on how to make sure your customers actually open your emails in the first place. Writing the right subject lines is tricky. You need to make sure it hits just the right spot.

Ask the who, what, and why

In order to know what to write, you should know who you’re writing for first. Before worrying about a subject line, you should first establish your audience and the type of email you’re sending. Once you establish what your email will be about and write the content, you’ll be able to assess the subject line that will give you the best results.

What do people react to?

So now that you have established who are you writing to and your email type, you can select the reaction you want to install. Digital Marketer notes that there are eight types of subject lines audience tends to react to best. They include things like self-interest, curiosity, news, social proof, humanity, story, scarcity, and offer.

Main Elements of Subject lines

Powerful words

The email marketing world is full of emotion-evoking words. Words such as ‘epic’, ‘fail’, ‘everything’, ‘important’ and ‘inspire’ are able to bring out a certain curiosity in people that will make them want to know what’s happening within your email. And that’s another click for you!.

The value word

Each email needs to have a value. That value should be summarized in a single word, which you need to add to your subject line. For example, that can include guides, facts, planners, offer, discount, sale, and so on. Your email should always include the value you’re bringing to your customer.


Using numbers will help people through what the email will be about. The number can also directly correlate with the value you’re giving your customer and increase your opening chances.

Using emojis

Marketers have started adding emojis after noticing they’re most used in casual online conversation. Strategically using emojis will help you create a relatable subject line that will make people want to open your email and as a bonus point, let them have a giggle or two and will also usually stand out in a crowded inbox. Of course, using emojis is optional as it depends on your own personal brand and tone of voice.

subject lines depend on your own content, industry, and further marketing trends. But if you’re not satisfied by your ROI and the numbers you’re getting, try experimenting with the new subject line.

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