A brief introduction of Email Marketing 

Before we get into why Email Marketing Services are important for your business, let’s understand exactly what is email marketing. Email marketing is a way to reach your customers or prospective customers through email who have given your business explicit permission to contact them.

Unlike many other marketing opportunities, when properly implemented, email marketing services can provide your business with various ways to target specific customers. To do this, make sure that your email marketing software allows for lead scoring. This will allow you to define various actions that a user exhibits through interactions within emails or your website. Once a user has met the criteria you have defined, you can then follow up with them with targeted messaging to further drive them down the funnel.

There are few benefits that show Mailcot Email Marketing tool is the Best For Every Business: –

More Personal and Targeted than Social Media

While there are many benefits to using social media for your business, there are many of your customers who might not use social media. However, these people more than likely have an email address.

There are numerous ways to capture a customer’s email address. Few ways are having form on your website, asking them during the account creation or asking them during phone call. Pair their email address up with a first and last name and you have the foundation set for sending personalized emails. It means you can dynamically insert their information into emails or subject lines.

Data-Driven & Measurable

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is key to the success and improvement of an Email Marketing Campaign. With email marketing, you get insights into your initiatives.

Insight into a metric like open rates which is what percent of users who were sent an email actually opened the email you sent. One key factor in improving open rates is having an intriguing subject line. Whether it is having personalization in the subject line, or text that makes it impossible for them not to open, having an eye-catching subject line helps to create higher open rates.

Permission to Contact Prospects & Clients

Let’s face it, it is much easier to see results by contacting those who want to hear from you. This is done very easily in email marketing by having users confirm their email after they submit it to you. This is called a “double opt-in”, meaning that not only did the user submit their email address. But they are confirming they did so by logging into their email and clicking on a verification link. So by clicking this verification email, they are granting you permission to contact them via email.

Now that you have their permission. You must be conscious of how often you email them as you don’t want to flood their inbox. Users will start to ignore your emails, or worse unsubscribe completely from your email list.

With the permission to email, your business can do a number of things with Email Marketing Services. You can create nurturing campaigns, send them monthly newsletters, or use it for progressive profiling.

Generate Sales with Email Marketing Services

At the end of the day, your business is about making sales. You have probably heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”. The list they are referring to is your email list.

Email marketing can be a channel to help you increase sales when implemented properly. I am not talking about blasting your list with sales pitch after sales pitch. That won’t work out too well. Your business needs to use email marketing the right way. The smart way. To do this, I suggest pairing up your email marketing with a marketing automation platform, allowing you to put your email marketing initiatives into overdrive.

Through lead scoring, progressive profiling, and well-defined Email Marketing Campaigns, your business can know when a customer is primed for a purchase. Knowing where your customer is in the funnel through lead scoring will give you insights on when to be more aggressive with sales based messaging.

Mailcot provides you a platform where you can generate leads and make more revenue by selling your products and services.

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