Marketing Email and Transactional Email Many people ask about the odds between Transactional and Marketing Email. If you do a simple Google search on the odds, you will get blurred definitions. It still makes you wonder when it is and is not suitable for sending marketing emails versus marketing emails.

So how to differentiate between Transactional Email and Marketing Email:-

Marketing Email and Transactional Email


Definitions of Transactional and Marketing Email :

Transactional Email 

One-to-one email containing information that completes a transaction or the recipient has started with you. A common example is in e-commerce, after purchasing an item you get an email receipt containing information about the item, price and shipment. Transaction emails are sent to individuals rather than a large list of recipients.

Transaction emails can also be called “trigger” emails because they include any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a web app. Often, transactional emails are sent via SMTP relay or programmatically.

Marketing Email

Any email sent that principally contains a business message or substance planned for a business design is viewed as a marketing email and should take after local laws. Marketing emails can be sent to groups of contacts that are prospects or customers. Unlike the transactional emails that are activated and sent automatically, marketing emails are coordinated and sent deliberately to your recipient list.

Examples of Marketing Email and Transactional Email :

Now we talk about some examples of marketing email and transaction email.

A marketing email is content that is for a business purpose. A newspaper is a great example of this because it aims to motivate the recipient to make purchases or download content that brings them down the funnel.

The transaction email is different and contains important information that is relevant to each recipient. For example, after purchasing a new modem, an e-commerce website will tell the buyer that the modem has been shipped. And enabled the buyer to track the package.

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