SMTP stands for Simple Message Transfer Protocol. It’s simply the set of strategies and standards on the way utilized in sending transactional emails to an email server. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is virtually a means by way of which one-of-a-kind programs, systems, software, and codes speak with every different and percentage sources.

That appears simple and easy, right? This is due to the fact it is. SMTP is basically the protocol that allows your program or email application to create and send emails to the server. While an API is simply the window or communication to another code.

Advantages of SMTP Server

For starters, SMTP Server is the maximum widely followed of the two, because you do not have to worry about phrases of integration and usage. All devices able to sending emails have an SMTP extension, so you can combine it with Mailcot Services.

it’s also less difficult to configure, all you want is to create your Mailcot account and we will offer access to attach the SMTP to our servers.

The SMTP connection calls for very little understanding of the coding practices. In view that its major awareness is to trade the modern-day output server to the new one.

Now that we understand the blessings of using SMTP, what approximately the main issues with SMTP

Disadvantages of SMTP Server

The SMTP connection is a conversation protocol, because of these numerous round-trip communications with the server, this provides time to the longer bulk mailings.

At the same time, it does no longer allow extraordinary versatility and flexibility as compared to the mixing thru our rest API.

As you may see the SMTP connection although it permits more ease when making the connection. Being a conversational protocol has certain odds of error and decrease performance against big-scale shipments.


The rest API makes it easy to send transactional emails and automate processes via your software or platform.

The APIs, in general, have better transport speeds. And it can be carried out in a count of seconds. This does not mean that sending the usage of SMTP Server is going to be a slow process. However, the API can do it even quicker. This also reduces the feasible steps to fail whilst sending a transactional electronic mail.

The API also provides an extra level security with the use of an API key. This, actually, permits your platform, internet site or software to get right of entry to your board. This level of additional protection is especially important if your system and send very personal records via e-mail.

Disadvantages of the REST API

The main disadvantage of the API is that it requires some programming knowledge to be able to configure and execute transactional shipments.

It can be really expensive in terms of time spent if you do not know how to use it. Therefore, in those situations, the SMTP Server connection can be the solution.

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