SMTP Server For WordPress Email

SMTP Server For WordPress Email

Why And When SMTP Server Is Required For WordPress Email

SMTP Server For WordPress Email, Your WordPress site sends you emails to notify you of new user registrations, lost password resets, automatic updates, and even notifications from your contact form. By default, WordPress uses the WordPress mail function to send email notifications. However, this function does not work as expected for several reasons. Most WordPress hosting companies prohibit the use of this function to prevent misuse and spam.

Spam filters on popular email service providers check incoming email if they have been sent from an actual mail server (SMTP Server). Default WordPress emails fail this check. And sometimes it can’t even be created in a spam folder. The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is the industry standard for sending email. Unlike the PHP mail function, SMTP uses proper authentication that enhances email delivery.

Email provider SMTP Service that you can use to send email from your WordPress site. If you want to send only notification emails to users on your site, then SMTP Server is the best option.

However, if you plan to send newsletter emails using WordPress, then you should use a Large/Mass email service provider like Mailcot.

Free SMTP And Paid SMTP Service For WordPress

You can utilize your free Gmail account to convey WordPress Email/Messages. Be that as it may, for better deliverability, we suggest utilizing paid SMTP Service.

With paid SMTP Service, you get your own proficient email address, for example (name@yoursite.com).

SMTP Service expects you to add MX records to your area name which implies that your messages will give off an impression of being coming from your own domain name boosting validness and ensuring better deliverability.

For more related information, You can check Mailcot and Migomail.

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