Outbound email

Customers must be able to create templates to generate personalized emails from the system database. They have to additionally be capable of import email lists from trade shows, print marketing, CRM and other sources. Emails must contain trackable links to system-generated landing pages.


Email Marketing automation


Social media

Users can publish content on social media, track social media generated traffic, help recipients share content to their own social media accounts, and monitor social media conversations. More sophisticated functions include forms and personalized ads on social platforms. Using social sign-on to capture extra data, and constructing more designated profiles based on activities, consumption, connections, and influence.

landing pages and web forms

Customers have to be capable of creating web forms and landing pages which could capture leads from device-generated emails. Forms designed to gather prospect records and marry this with cross-channel behavioral response styles permitting the organization to identify. Hence these pages are hosted by the marketing automation system and post facts directly to the marketing automation database.

Behavior Tracking

The system must track the behavior of individual visitors to the corporation website, typically the use of a combination of cookies to discover
site visitors and tracking tags embedded in organization web pages. Conventional web analytics captures page and session records, however, do not commonly link those to persistent individual identities.

Lead scoring

The system calculates one or more scores to measure the quality of a lead, in general, to determine when it must be handed to the sales branch. So Scores are based on the combination of individual attributes and behaviors. Scoring formulas complicated, so special interfaces needed to make them easy to build, understand, and maintain.

Lead nurturing

The device configured for automated engagement primarily based on the unique needs of a prospect. At the side of lead scoring, communications can adapt based totally on the prospect readiness to talk with sales. So the messages can change in response to lead behaviors which includes web page views and email opens. Lead nurturing flows may be simple, linear sequences or can incorporate complicated decision guidelines that send special leads down absolutely separate paths.

CRM integration

The marketing automation system maintains its own lead database, however exchanges updates with CRM so both systems have consistent records. Integration may also expand to coordinating campaigns between the two systems and sending alerts to salespeople about behaviors captured via marketing automation