Sending email using a cloud-based SMTP server has numerous benefits for growing businesses, saving you time and streamlining your costs. Customers started with custom systems, but as usage increased found that their current email infrastructure didn’t have long-term appeal to the bottom line. So they searched for more cost-effective ways to manage their email and found outsourcing to be their solution of choice.

If you are still managing your own custom email systems in-house and are considering making the switch, consider the following benefits that outsourcing your transactional email to an SMTP mail server can provide.

Lower Cost

Outsourcing your email to a cloud-based mail server is just cheaper than your own. When calculating the true cost of maintaining your own email infrastructure, you must consider the costs of staffing, hardware, software, maintenance, storage, and ancillary channels like mobile – all of which will add up over time especially as you grow.

Easy Updates

The ability to initiate upgrades and configure software from a central point that can be deployed system-wide eliminates the usual headaches and saves an extraordinary amount of time and resources.

Rapid Implementation

Adding users is faster and more efficient. This is particularly helpful for companies who add large volumes of users on an ongoing basis.

Pay as You Go

Instead of incurring the upfront expense of purchasing hardware and software, you can simply pay for what you need now and increase your usage based on actual need rather than projected need. In this way, companies realize savings almost immediately after making the switch.


When outsourcing your email to a reputable provider, you get a team of individuals. And that can serve as your external email operations team, focused on email deliverability issues.

While all of the above are excellent reasons to choose an SMTP service. Perhaps one of the most important reasons is the overall business benefit of outsourcing your transactional email. In doing so, you can focus your development resources on building revenue-generating products.

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