here are a few ideas on how a virtual assistant can help with your email marketing

Set up an email marketing account

Once you have chosen your email marketing platform, your virtual assistant can complete the registration and profile process. They can ensure that all the required fields are completed. If you have an online store or social media accounts, they can link these to the platform as well

Upload names and email addresses

If you have collected names from a manual signup process then these can be transcribed into the database. If you have details in spreadsheet form, these can be easily uploaded onto the platform.

Create a template 

You can choose the layout of your communication in most email marketing platforms. To ensure consistency, it’s always best to communicate in a consistent format that your audience expects and knows. Your virtual assistant can put this template in place, so you can reuse it time and time again.

Write text in line with business strategy and voice

A virtual assistant with copyrighting ability will be able to write most of your email for you. You will need to provide a simple outline of what you want to communicate.

Create graphics to insert into the email

Graphics and photos are a great way to break up a block of text. Your virtual assistant will be able to create simple graphics that are relevant to the text and in line with your branding.

Schedule or send

Once the communication is complete, your virtual assistant can send or schedule it to go out at a time that suits you and your audience.

Provide summary feedback

Most platforms have built-in analytics, but you might like to track items separately over time. You can report on performance such as opens, clicks, bounce rates and industry averages.

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