Here I am, to discuss the topic How to Avoid Email Going to Spam or How to avoid Email Spamming in Email Marketing? 

So, Firstly we discuss what is Spamming ? and  

Why Emails are going into Spam ?? How to Avoid Email Going to Spam?? every sender thinks is there any way to avoid email spamming in email marketing services. Let’s start to know about Spamming:

What Spamming is?

Spam stands for Simultaneously Posted Advertising Message. Such type of Emails is a type of which is sent by the sender using Bulk Mailing or Email Marketing. Spam Email is an electronic Mail. every people will receive at one unsolicited Email in his/her spam folder like  Brands promotions, some offers or credit cards and some other types of Emails like insurance or Health.How to Avoid Email Going to Spam


For Example:

If the sender uses Bulk Mailing and sends the Email again and again due to its Brands, promotions or harmful link Messages is called Spamming.

The term “Spam” comes from the song of Monty Python song, “Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam”. Like the song, spam is an endless repetition of worthless text.and its continuous repetition is called Spamming.

Why are Emails Going to Spam?

Every people use a different type of mail server like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

These Mail server using different types of email filtering techniques and tools to avoiding some unwanted Emails. These techniques and tools filter the data of the receiving Emails and sending the mail into Spam Folder.

How to Avoid Email Going to Spam

Some following reasons  the Emails going into spam folder :

  • Removal of SPF record
  • Bad domain or custom envelope reputation.
  • It is also based on the sender Domain or IP Reputations.

Spam filters are constantly changing to adapt to new techniques and types of spam messages, so what sent in the inbox today could be spam filtered tomorrow.

What is the CAN-SPAM Act 2003?

CAN-SPAM ACT stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003, The CAN-SPAM ACT 2003 is Established by the United States’, the first national standards law for stop the sending of commercial e-mails and unsolicited junk Mail. The CAN-SPAM ACT doesn’t establish for bulk email. It covers all commercial messages, which the law defines as “any electronic mail message like commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” and also promoting the content on commercial websites.

How to Avoid Email Going to Spam

According to CAN-SPAM ACT 2003, 90% of Email Landing into SPAM Folder and only 10 % Emails is through in INBOX Folder.

In India, there is no law established like CAN-SPAM ACT. According to the Report of the most popular Junk Email filter site “Spamhaus” INDIA  to lead in top 10 Worst Spam Countries

How it can be a Cyber Crime?

According to CAN-SPAM ACT, it is illegal or it’s also a Cyber Crime to irritate people by sending unwanted Emails or Junk Emails. How would we know about it is crime or not?

If the Spammer sends any fraud Mails, Unwanted Links or offer which is saying to put your User Detail or Account Detail. This type of Email Scams is including in Cyber Crime. It is not necessary that every Mail has a Spam Mail. It depends on the recipients to know about the Email is genuine or not.

How to Avoid Email Going to Spam

At current in INDIA, Email Spamming is not a Cyber Crime. According to the current situation of Spam Emails in India. There is a possibility to apply CAN-SPAM ACT in India.

How can a sender become a spammer?

If sender, use bulk mailing at first to sending Emails is called a sender. But if the sender sending Emails, again and again, using Bulk Mailing with attaching some unwanted links, content or some offers is called Spammers.

How to Avoid Email Going to Spam

For Example:

We have use bulk mailing without having of knowledge that what type of content we used, also attach some unwanted links, offering some special offers and tell to give his/her Account Details that type of Mailing we send again and again is called spamming and we have a Spammer. Every business owner wants more sale and more ROI so they send email in bulk and which results in email spamming in email marketing

Are Spam Emails Dangerous?

As generally, Spam Emails are not Dangerous, it always depends on its content, unwanted links, attachments. If email attachments carry some unwanted links infections. Then the attachment and enabling content is a way of infecting your computer or Mobile phones.

Tips to How to Avoid Email Going to Spam?

In this point, we discuss to know the reason for Spamming Complaints why would a user click on Report Spam. The following reasons are:

  • Content Filtering
  • The reputation of sender Domain
  • Spam Email IDs
  • Spam Keywords
  • Good Subject Lines
  • Using Unwanted Links
  • Incorrect “FROM” address

Content Filtering

Sometimes we don’t know that how to write a Mail and we write a wrong content which is not useful to promote things like the brand or some selling product because the recipients do not like that type of content. If you’re unsure about the content, don’t send it! If you run multiple lists, make sure only the list that requested that information gets it, instead of every list you have.

The reputation of Sender Domain

The domain you use for sending your emails has its reputation or not?. The reputation depends on many factors. it depends on how old the domain is. After all, domain reputation is something you can only earn over time. So it’s good to warm up all the emails on such a fresh domain by sending just a few emails per day during the first 4 weeks after the registration. a fresh domain needs about 1-2 months to earn a good reputation. That’s why you should warm up all the email addresses on the new domain before you start sending email campaigns regularly.

Spam Email IDs

Mail ID’s are those mail ID’s which is only used for abusing complaints In this type of mail IDs if the recipient uses this type of mail IDs and open your mail so it generates abusing or spam complaints against your domain or IP. which is very harmful to Domain or IP Reputations.


Spam keywords are those keywords which are used repeatedly again and again. Email Spamming in Email Marketing is a very general term because SPAM keywords can be triggered for a variety of reasons, causing your email to skip recipients’ inboxes and through straight in their SPAM box. One of the easiest ways to avoid SPAM keywords is by carefully choosing the words you use in your email’s content. keywords are known to cause problems and increase the chances of your email getting caught in a SPAM trap. By avoiding these words in your email content, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting beyond SPAM filters. These Keywords can be any type like promotional, social commercial, health & insurance, etc.

Good Subject Lines

Good Subject Lines is an important part of Email Marketing. It gives a powerful impact on email open rates. A Good Subject Lines can possess the recipients to open your email and Increase your open rates ranking. It is very necessary for those customers who are trying to improve our Domain Reputation.  It is also impacting on Inbox rating of the sender. So it is necessary to improve better inbox emails or open rates.

Using Unwanted Links

The sender needs to know that do not attach some unwanted link because those links sometimes containing malware or virus. It directly affects your Domain Reputation or open rates So, avoid links and attachments in your Email because the recipients see some links or attachments in an Email they get to ignore that type of Emails.

Incorrect “FROM” address

If the sender uses an incorrect “from” address it is also included in CAN-SPAM ACT 2003 to misleading the recipients. If your recipients do not know the sender then it will generate spam complaints against to the sender. So It is also the reason for Spam Complaints.

In this article, we have discussed the topic of Spamming and How to Avoid Email Going to Spam? And also knows How can the sender saved sender Domain Reputation and improving sender Email Accuracy and also save from the Report  Spam Complaints?