As a business owner, it is only natural to save money whenever you can, but some savings are shortsighted. Free SMTP servers often associated with well-known email providers like Yahoo! And Google, and while they are fine for personal messages, they are not suitable for business use. If you are thinking about using a free SMTP server to send your professional mailings, you need to think carefully about the things that could happen. Free or standard SMTP servers have a number of issues and some serious limitations. And that makes them the wrong choice for marketers who want to get the most out of their email marketing activities.

Here are few things that could happen while using free SMTP Server:

Some of Your Messages May Not Reach the Recipients

When you are using free SMTP server, you are bound by their terms of service, including strict limitations on the number of messages you can send on an hourly or daily basis. That could mean that only a small percentage of your carefully crafted email messages will reach their intended targets. If your last mailing had a low response rate, the limitations of your chosen free SMTP Server could be to blame.

Your Emails Could Be Delayed

Emails you send through a free SMTP Server may not go out immediately. Instead, they may be held in the queue until the server can handle the volume. That could throw off the timing of your messages and cost your company money. Timing is a critical part of email marketing success. Relying on a free SMTP Server means that critical timing is at the mercy of an unreliable sender.

The SMTP Server Could Ban or Temporarily Block You

Free SMTP Servers like the ones operated by Yahoo! and Google is intended for personal use by subscribers, not for businesses sending email marketing messages. If your mailings exceed a predetermined threshold, the owner of the server could temporarily block your account.

Your Messages Might Not Be Delivered

When you use a free SMTP Server, you run the risk of not having your emails delivered at all. At the same time, everything could look fine from your end, since the reporting mechanisms on these services are less than optimal. You might think that all of your messages have been delivered successfully. But the members of your list might never see them.

Your Messages Could End Up in the Dreaded Spam Folder

Even if your messages to make it through the free SMTP Server, they may not end up where you think they will. When you use a free SMTP server, you run a very real risk that most of your messages will end up not in the user’s inbox but in the dreaded spam folder instead. Since few users carefully check their spam folders. Most of the messages you send will remain unread and all your hard work will have been for nothing.

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