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Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll

The Lok Sabha Election 2019 has two faces: Narendra Modi(BJP Leader, Varanasi) and Rahul Gandhi(INC Leader, Amethi).  Election Commission of India (ECI) announced on 10 March 2019 that the 17th Lok Sabha was held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 and the counting of votes will be conducted on 23 May 2019. India the world’s largest democracy, the exit polls released after completion of seventh phase voting.

What does Exit Poll say about Lok Sabha Election 2019?

Economic Times

Lok Sabha election: Exit polls predict easy majority for NDA, even though BJP may lose some seats

According to Economic Times, Most exit polls are predicting the majority to the ruling coalition of NDA with nearly 300 seats. Exit polls were also divided in their prediction for the most crucial state of Uttar Pradesh with some ABP-Nielsen saying that the BJP’s tally may fall to 22 from 71 while a few others like New 18-Ipsos and News 24-Chanakya tipping its tally over 60 seats.

Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll

After Releasing Exit Polls Mamta Says: Don’t Trust Them 

After nearly two months of high-pitch campaigning and a hectic poll schedule of 7 phases. Most of the exit polls predicted a clear majority to BJP-led NDA, some with seeing the party garner over 300 seats, out of total 542 Lok Sabha seats polled. Ref: (Economic Times)

Times of India

The overall trend emerging from multiple exit polls of the Lok Sabha election is that NDA is the position to form the government. This is in line with most opinion polls conducts prior to voting. Though there were differences on whether or not BJP would cross the halfway mark on its own in the Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll

The polls forecast between 277 and 352 seats for the NDA with the BJP getting 227 to 291 seats. Two of them suggested the saffron party may actually cross its 2014 tally of 282. If these are proving correct, it would be the first instance since Congress in 1980 and 1984 of a single party winning a majority in two successive Lok Sabha polls.

Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll
The trend seems to hold in three other states, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh; where Congress defeated incumbent BJP governments six months ago. However, the exit polls suggest that voters overwhelmingly chose BJP in the Lok Sabha polls. Perhaps a larger proportion of voters are inclines to make a pragmatic choice rather than an inflexible ideological choice.
Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll
If that is indeed the case, it might be unwise to forecast the outcome of the next round of assembly elections based on the Lok Sabha results. Dominant regional politicians such as Naveen Patnaik and Mamata Banerjee. Therefore, may continue to be formidable opponents to BJP in assembly elections. (Reference: Times of India)

Immediate Action of Popular leaders after Exit Polls

According to NDTV Report

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi released an audio message advising party workers to not fall for “rumors” intended to make them drop their guard ahead of the counting of votes on May 23.

In the clip Priyanka Clearly Says “My dear Congress workers, sisters and brothers… Don’t let rumours and exit polls discourage you. This is being done just to break your determination. It is very important that you remain alert amid all this. Please continue to keep vigil outside strongrooms and counting centres. We are confident that our combined efforts will bear fruit,”.(Reference:NDTV )

NCP chief Sharad Pawar said the Exit Poll Results are ”Nautanki” also said “People have been calling me…I told them that an attempt is being made by those who control the electronic media to present a different view (through the exit polls)… The truth will come out after two days. (Reference: https://www.moneycontrol.com/)

Arun Jetly: On Monday Arun Jetly Tweets on Twitter 

Immediate Reaction after Exit Polls

Mamta Banerji Tweets: On 19 May

Immediate Reaction of mamta banerji after exit polls

Shashi Tharur Tweets: On 19 May

Shashi tharoor tweets after releasing exit polls

Omar Abdullah Tweets: On 19 May

Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll

According to India Today Celebrity Exit Polls are:

Lok Sabha Election 2019: A Complete Overview of Exit Poll

But the results are going to be declared on 23 May, its just exit poll no one knows what will be the result so keep calm and hope for the best.

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