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How to Better Your Email Marketing Services Strategy in 2021

One month into 2021 and you can hear the distant rally cry that Email Marketing Services are smarter, stronger, and going to be a popular topic throughout 2021 (and in the years to come).
Email marketing continues to be one of the top-performing tactics that inbound professionals have in their toolbox. Each year is a new opportunity to be human, helpful, and holistic with your email marketing strategy.

In 2021, email is going to continue to improve and evolve. With GDPR launching in May, multi-channel conversations, and new technology always on the rise. A there lot to be excited about and get prepared for.

The very first email sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. It was a short note, sent from one computer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to another computer in the same room. It was another 20 years before email became popular. Today, email marketing is ubiquitous.

You need an email address to do just about anything online including pay your bills, sign up for a social media account, access your bank account, or apply for a job.

Here are A Few More Email Facts You Might Not Know

• In 2020, Livewire reported an estimated 260 billion emails sent every day.

• There are nearly 5,500 million active email accounts in the world.

• The average office worker receives 121 emails every day.

Despite the rampant advances in social media marketing, emails remain as important as ever for businesses to connect with leads and customers. Since a lot of digital marketers have realized the high ROI and customer acquisition rates emails offer, an individual’s inbox has become an ultra-competitive zone with multiple brands vying for his or her attention. That means your marketing emails have to be absolutely spot-on if you want to survive, let alone win, the game.

Email Marketing Services Strategy

Here Are Four Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Services Strategy In 2021:-

Use Attractive Subject Line

90 percent of email’s open rate is increased by having an attractive subject line. Because the user first reads the subject line of the email, if the subject line is attractive, the chances of opening the mail are increased.

Here I will give you some examples of subject lines on how to write an attractive subject line.

  • open to see our top picks of sale (Kate Spade)
  • Save money. Don’t leave the couch. (Dollar Shave Club)
  • Forget Your Troubles, Come On Get Matchy! (Patpat)
  • A Sale of ❄ and ? (ThinkGeek)

Use Segmented Emails Instead of Broadcast Emails.

Companies generally tend to send the same emails to all the contacts on their subscriber list. Sure, they may personalize for each individual, but the crux of each message remains unchanged. This results in a lot of subscribers receiving emails that are irrelevant to them, which in turn lowers open rates and increases unsubscribe rates.

Segmented emails are the solution to this problem. Such emails sent to specific segments within a subscriber base — divided based on previous interactions with a brand, demographics, interests, and position in the buyer’s journey. Research has shown that segmented emails generate 18 times more revenue, and have a five percent higher click-through rate than broadcast emails.

Send Emails Only to Those Subscribers Who Care.

Businesses need to understand the importance of marketing to that person who genuinely cares about what they’re being offered. The first step is to send emails only to those people who have willingly given you their information; never message contacts acquired from purchased email lists. Even among those who have given you their email, there will undoubtedly be a marketing-averse few who won’t ever open your emails.

Repeatedly sending emails to these people will decimate your email opens and engagement rates, which in turn may cause Email Marketing Services to mark them as spam. It’s a good idea to avoid sending emails to unengaged subscribers or at least limit the number of times you contact them to once or twice a month.

Figure Out What’s Going Wrong And Fix It. Fast And Immediately.

If you think your email marketing efforts aren’t proving to be as effective as you hoped them to be, it isn’t a bad idea to take a break and analyze what’s going wrong. If your emails have low open rates, try experimenting with different subject lines and send emails from a personal address instead of a company.

A rise in un-subscriptions, while not debilitating on its own, is usually indicative of forthcoming spam complaints. That’s why it’s essential for you to figure out exactly why people are unsubscribing from your emails. If you can’t find anything wrong, stop sending emails to those people who don’t open them and instead focus on those who have high engagement rates.

Getting marked as spam is fatal for your email marketing strategy. Your domain’s reputation goes down and you run the risk of being blacklisted by email services. If your emails are getting marked as spam, stop sending them immediately. And find out what’s causing your subscribers to take this action. Maybe it’s a faulty CTA, a malfunctioning sign-up form, or a missing link; whatever it is, it’s crucial to identify and fix it before resuming your email marketing services efforts.

Constant Testing Is The Way To Go.

The ideal email marketing service strategy. The one that pays the most dividends for the time and effort you put into it. Formulated by excessive trial and error experimentation. No fixed set of rules that guarantee a successful email marketing services strategy. Only guidelines that you have to work within to create one for yourself.

Testing things like the days and times when you send your emails. The subject lines you use, and which types of your emails have the highest engagement allows. So that you to better understand your subscribers’ behavior. This also helps you create effective Email Marketing Services campaigns. That resonates with your subscribers and has the intended effect on them.

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5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise

Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise has become the most preferred internet marketing tool for various Enterprises. When done properly, this method of marketing can generate the right Enterprise leads for online Enterprises. According to the 2016 State of Small Enterprise Report, 54% of small Enterprise use an email marketing strategy. Since email marketing has the highest return on investment on most traditional marketing tactics and is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, more than half of small Enterprises using this strategy should be. here 5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise:-

5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise

Now Let me tell you the 5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise-

Cost Effective:

It is easy, effective and inexpensive. Email marketing allows Enterprise owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of almost nothing per message. For small Enterprise owners on a budget, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio or direct mail.

Complete Control:

A major advantage of email marketing is that your email list is under you and under your control. Unlike marketing strategies through their social media platforms, which are online real estate that can change at one time – such as Facebook’s topical algorithm – your ability to reach customers on your email list does not change, unless fixed. As such, they do not unsubscribe.


When you use an email marketing software, you can track who opened your email, which link is clicked, and how many people are unsubscribed. You can easily get a picture of how your email campaigns are performing, make adjustments and improve your effectiveness. It is important to remember the email marketing matrix as you monitor and measure your internet marketing strategy.

Higher Conversion:

Your customers have agreed to contact you by adding you to their email list. You have already converted them. Furthermore, joining your email list suggests that they are already interested enough in your company and want to know more. There is a high probability that they will actually read or attach the information you have sent.

More effective than social media:

Social media is an extremely important component in the marketing strategy of any Enterprise. Social media is a great channel for interacting with your audience and strengthening your personal relationships with them. And because of that, it is an important first step towards reaching its ultimate goal – dialogue.

Email marketing has become the most preferred internet marketing tool for various Enterprises. When done properly, this method of marketing can generate the right Enterprise leads for online Enterprises. According to the 2016 State of Small Enterprise Report, 54% of small Enterprise use email marketing strategies. Since email marketing has the highest return on investment on most traditional marketing strategies and is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, more than half of small Enterprises using this strategy should be.

For more related information, you can check Mailcot and Migomail.

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Email Marketing Automation Strategies To Optimize Your Market

email marketing automation strategies

It required an effort to generating new leads.

You need to nurture all of these lead in an effort to build actual sales conversion but it is not that simple. email marketing automation strategies

One option that you may have never thought to use is email marketing automation. This may not be a brand-new concept when it comes to nurturing your leads, but only about 35 percent of all companies currently have this type of system in place.

While there are so many ways to being nurturing your leads email automation is one that definitely be considered.

best email marketing automation strategies

Keep reading to learn what you should do to find success with these efforts.

email marketing automation strategies

email marketing automation strategies

email marketing automation strategies

#1 Understanding Email Marketing Automation

First, you need to understand what marketing automation is and nurture your lead?

This is really an incredible way to build relationships if you deliver good content that helps you to drive more traffic to your website.

While you can’t overlook the importance of email parsing, you can implement email automation to help enhance your efforts and make it more tempting for leads to convert.

While it takes skill to create a lead nurturing campaign via email that is optimized and automated, once you understand basics it won’t be very hard at all.

#2 Plan Your Email Automation Campaign

Creating a successful email marketing automation campaign required to understand what outcome you are trying to achieve. Figure out your goal who exactly are you trying to target.

The goals include creating ongoing engagement with your customers to help develop a stream of repeat buyers increase the levels of engagement through your social sites; drive more traffic to your actual site.

Make a list of objectives

Determine who your prospects are

email marketing automation strategies

#3 Segment Your Email Marketing

email marketing automation strategies

Once you get to know your prospects you need to understand not all of them are going to care about the same things. According that you can’t send them all the exact same message.

Segmentation is a great solution this allows you to make groups of email list and dividing them according to subscriber interest and information that you have.

Segmentation in email marketing is the way by which a business can divide their customers into different groups on the basis of the Geographical, Demographical, Psychological, Behavioral Segmentation. These segment helps to target the right audience at the right time with the right information. It is a way by which you can manage the personalized messages and make emails unique for every person. So that’s a way by which you can make email unique for every customer.

Segmentation decision one which helps your business to stand in the competitive market.

In other words, Segmentation in email marketing helps you to connect and communicate directly with subscribers. It provides the knowledge that they want about company products and services.

#4 Create A Valuable Message

Why would anyone read an email from you? While you have some amazing information to offer and able to solve a problem with your audience as they are never going to know this if they don’t take the time to look at the email.

There are people who are interested in gain information that you shared. They want to know more about the business that they follow. Most new contracts are very likely to read the first email that you send.

When you being creating your email marketing campaign it isn’t just enough for you’re targeting to actually need what it is you have to offer. It also won’t be enough to go through all the features and the benefits you provide at the same time.

#5 Create A Call To Action

After creating your email content you have to focus on the all call to action. This is the moment that your marketing campaign is always working toward.

When you get close to the end of your email marketing campaign, then you need to create CTA. Determine the main offer of your campaign. What your goals really is

Remember, this is the very last part of your email that your prospects are going to see; however, it could be the first thing that you create. When you reach the conclusion of your funnel, then there are two things that you need.

#6 Landing Page Development

email marketing automation strategies

It important that the landing page you create is consistent with the email content you are sending out. Having cohesive images and messaging is going to help to increase your overall conversion rates.

If you plan to use specific visuals in CTA of your email, then you need to make sure that people visiting your website see that same image above the fold on the landing page. Also, figure out the number of landing pages that are needed and then start to develop them.

When you start to create your landing pages, you need to figure out how many you make, make sure they are consistent with the email messages you are sending, and use templates to make it easier.

#7 Use A/B Testing

It’s important to take the test of your emails so that you create a completely optimized and automated email marketing campaign. Make sure that you are testing your emails at each stage of the campaign that you are creating.

You need to provide A/B testing for all parts of your emails including the subject lines, the content in your email, the CTA, the email trigger, the day and time you send, and your frequency.

You need to make sure that you measure your results using a tracking system so you can analyze the conversion rates over a set period of time.

#8 Optimize And Repeat

One of the biggest advantages offered by an email campaign is that they are easy to change. They aren’t too expensive to continue to repeat. In fact, you can test the campaigns you have created on an ongoing basis.

Some of the steps that you can optimize your email is by looking at the frequency, the day and time, the CTA, the “from the line,” the body copy and subject line, and many more.

You should make sure that you observe the results that you are getting on either a weekly or even a monthly basis. When you do this, you can see as your sales conversions get bigger and bigger.

#9 Don’t Give Up

Remember, when it comes to your email automation, there are more than a few emails that you can send. Just because the candidate did not take action based on the first email that you sent, doesn’t mean they are a complete lost cause.

The key is to assure that you continue nurturing the lead. This is what automation is all about. You can set up to send emails based on when someone doesn’t convert, or if they leave something in the cart, or for a myriad of different reasons.

best email marketing automation strategies

Best Email marketing automation strategies. Email marketing automation strategies to optimize market

Email marketing automation strategies

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Best Marketing Automation India

The Marketing Automation India story is yet in its initial steps. Most famous views globally still imply that there is less than 10% approval of marketing software platforms also when you join up the customer part of all primary providers.

Globally the Marketing Automation software market will be worth $7.63 Billion by 2025 as per estimates by various researches. The market is supposed to increase between 2016 to 2025 with India and China witnessing the tremendous growth in the customer base. As per estimates, the size of India market alone is over USD 500 million.

Story- Marketing Automation India

 marketing automation india

Marketing Automation India as the name sounds somewhat amorphous for a whole industry. The marketing automation market in India also started with lead generation and nurturing technologies gradually providing a wide array of analytics and social media management capabilities.

By the time the marketing automation wave hit the country, entrepreneurs in India had realized that they can’t understand the approach of building an “all you ever need” package for marketers. The marketing automation India wouldn’t be concluded without considering serial-entrepreneurs. Marketers have also embraced automation to simplify their tasks.

Challenges For Marketing Automation India

 challenges for marketing automation india

1. Budget Constraints & ROI Enigma

Most marketers connect low marketing budgets as one of the logic for the non-adoption of marketing automation resolutions. For some who take the leap of belief to use a marketing automation solution but only assess it in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) leave to see the value.

Another mistake that marketers could find to see the return on investment (ROI) reaching up, but sales dip. This could be a consequence of some simple causes and effects. As media expansion increase across channels, the reach has decreased for almost every channel and publisher. Growing costs coupled with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point (CPP), which means your original needs to be exponentially more efficient to deliver the same results. In most cases, even the greatest creative cannot compensate for the decline in efficiency.

2. First Think Content Strategy

The latest report suggests that the number of marketing tools competing a marketer’s attention raised by 40%  from the previous year. With so many marketing tools available, the choice to pick a marketing automation solution is usually driven by FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Outwardly a sharply defined content approach, the automation solution only stops up showing the incompetence in the marketing department. Content lies at the core of any marketing automation solution hence it is risky to guarantee that you have a documented strategy of content in status before you design your marketing technology.

3. Automation Detox

The industry as a complete wants some sort of detoxification for putting stand-alone applications like marketing automation suites. The difficulty lies in the mindset that marketing automation is expected to automate repeated tasks that destroy the very nature of what marketers do.

To avail of the best marketing automation services you should choose Mailcot


If you are a business owner then firstly understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts. Mailcot Email Solutions focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI. Email marketing India /Email Hosting India is all about setting a goal and reach the goal in the given time period. You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to your door.

Being online every business wants to be top and the higher rate of ROI, For this, they are competing with each other, So MailCot provides a wide variety of Bulk Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Services (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) to generate sales and attract grand new customers depending on their email campaign. Mailcot also provide email Marketing Reseller program.

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