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2 Future extent of E-mail Marketing

A brief Introduction to E-mail Marketing:

Future extent of E-mail marketing is a very user friendly and cost effective way of marketing. It is used to a great extent worldwide which allows businesses to communicate and communicate directly with their customers. A quality email campaign can quickly generate both sales and brand awareness. In simple words, email marketing is a very attractive form of marketing and cost effective when done correctly these 2 Future extent of E-mail Marketing:-

2 Future extent of E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing will become shorter – Future extent of E-mail Marketing:

Smartphones are gradually acting as the most commonly used tool for checking email. Statistics show that more than 65 percent of users first read email on their mobile devices. Marketers are already taking note of this trend and refilling to meet the need of their brand newsletters. This means that emails will get shorter and more accurate.

Make your business unstoppable with E-mail Marketing using the following ways: –

  • Use your email marketing tool to automatically push your new blog posts to your list.
  • When you publish a new post, manually send an email broadcast to your list containing a teaser sentence or two about your post. Always include a link back to the blog post on your site.
  • Share the entire blog post on your list via a personal email, and finally link back to the post. If you want to encourage conversation, ask people to comment by saying “Join the conversation on the blog” or something similar.
  • Send a weekly, or monthly newspaper that includes links to your best blog posts.

    Future of E-mail marketing Automation – Future extent of E-mail Marketing:

    Email campaign services have enabled more efficient tracking of leads and customers to increase retention rates. This trend will continue and will be built into the ESP’s UI.

Contextualized Content:

Email marketing will show the right content to the right user. Such as integration with data management platforms and advertising exchanges with real-time audience data. In addition, users can be shown personalized content based on apps installed on their mobile devices, as more apps enable deeper links.

Deep links:

E-mail marketing involves deep relationships. Those links lead readers to relevant apps installed on their devices, a better user experience that allows the user to spend more time on mobile devices. Deep links create a web experience on mobile devices and connect better e-mail content between web and mobile.

Predictive Analytics:

Businesses will be able to estimate in advance metrics of e-mail campaigns, such as open, bounce, and conversion rates. This will enable them to optimize content to produce the highest level of engagement.

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Enhance Email Marketing with Cloud Computing

By offering StrongView On-Demand, a cloud-based email marketing solution, Mailcot fully leverages cloud computing. Providing all the benefits of installed software via SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in one versatile solution. This is just as if you host your email server in your own secure storage site. The cloud servers are located in an actual data center. But they are considered “virtual” because they can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, any time.

Cloud computing isn’t just another marketing buzzword. Far from it. This is the real deal, an enormous change with huge implications for marketers, and competitive advantages for those who act on it early. So out on the front lines, marketers need to explore how these changes can affect how we do business.

Following are the benefits of cloud computing in Email Marketing:

Faster Sending Speeds

Cloud-hosted email marketing servers have immediate, redundant access to the Internet. It allowing your campaigns to launch at speeds limited only by your ability to click the Send button.

Flexible Data Integration

Cloud Computing System is easier to connect to your database and CRM tools through the cloud, providing ultimate flexibility to meet your business requirements.

Higher Security

Cloud server hosting companies employ the most up-to-date practices for firewall protection, server security, and data redundancy, making the cloud the safest place to store your data.

Future Proof

Cloud computing ensures that the latest server software updates and equipment upgrades are in effect, putting your business at the forefront of email server technology.

Here are top 5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Help Your entire Marketing Department

Low cost

Cost-efficiency is the name of the game with cloud computing. Hence with the cloud, companies no longer need to set up and pay for expensive infrastructure or spend money on hardware.

Democratizing effect

As a result of the reduced capital costs outlined in the previous point, small marketing departments are finally on a relatively equal playing field when compared to large corporations. With the cloud, both small and large marketing departments have the ability to reach a large audience, engage with a wide range of prospects, and grow marketing resources at the same pace as your business.

Improved time management and processes

The ability to control content and deploy strategies without depending on any other department has the benefit of improving processes, including the ability to stay focused on meeting strategic goals and implementing plans more quickly. This has the added benefit of reducing the time required to train new staff. Especially since there is a minimal learning curve with cloud-based technology.

Improved Accessibility

The cloud allows marketers to access their files with ease, improving collaboration and communication both within the team. Additionally, marketers no longer have to worry about losing data in the event of a hard-drive crash or natural disaster.


With improved accessibility, processes, and analytics, marketers can spend more time focusing in on understanding customer needs. Hence by honing in on target audiences and better understand their pain points, marketers can spend more time creating innovative campaigns to connect with customers.

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