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5 Must Have Features in your E-mail Marketing Automation Tool

You have collected a ton of information. You have segmented it according to certain criteria and now you have started focusing on the right customer on all mediums possible. But wait, what are the 5 Must Have Features in your E-mail Marketing Automation Tool steps involved in this process?

1. Are you manually including these contacts in your database?
2. Are you using different services to target them on more than one channel?
3. Are you using multiple JavaScript to analyze and engage users in your internet site?
4. Do you plan to reach customers who are pre-planned? Does it depend on the frequency or frequency of your joining?
5. Do you want to base your communication on the actions of the users, although by then it takes days to analyze and understand the actions of the customers, the consumer has already gone to a competitor.
If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, then you don’t have a clear picture of how each of your customers performs on various channels such as e-mail, SMS, voice, push notifications, internet sites and apps.
You want to start looking for an advertising and marketing automation tool now!
So what are the features in a marketing automation tool that you cannot exclude?

5 Must Have Features in your E-mail Marketing Automation Tool

1. Unified View of Dashboard & Contact Management – E-mail Marketing Automation Tool:

A basic contact management function lets you add or remove contacts from the database, this can also help you create a separate list for different audiences. However, try to find a device that also provides such features:

a) A unified view of a single contact: Where you can test how a contact reacts to more than one channel, you can target them to the right channels and improve your ROI.

b) Anonymous user support with late binding: Many top notch organizations have started using it to help track their anonymous customers who perform activities for your internet site without logging in or signing up. After a user makes a transaction or register with you, it patches historical information with current information, so all previous activities of the consumer are identified and logged. Today, when most customers are suspected of signing up with a new website or product, this feature can be a boon.

c) Advanced segmentation on contacts: Brands need to enable contacts in the section based on attributes, devices used, activity (opens / clicks), the date list was added to the user, and many more. Advanced segmentation also allows multiple conditions to form a segment. for example. “If user was added in January 2016” and “Consumer is from Mumbai (Specialty)”.

2. A/B Split Test – E-mail Marketing Automation Tool:

This is a must have in any marketing automation tool as it optimizes the marketing campaign and helps to choose the appropriate creative content or ‘call to action’ or ‘subject line’.

3. Web Engagement – E-mail Marketing Automation Tool:

It is very important to understand what your target audience is definitely looking for on your internet site. 75% of this understanding can be achieved using an automation tool. There is a lot of difference between the notification bar such as web engagement features, splash screen with a discount offer based on a movement on the related product web page, discount offers displayed before the user tries to exit the browser and you exchange decisions. – Provide. can be given. Process your target user before going offline.

4. Easy & Real-Time Workflow Creation with Nodal Reporting – E-mail Marketing Automation Tool:

An automation tool should allow you to create simple as well as complex workflows. This option can deepen your understanding of your overall performance in a sent or marketing campaign. This can help you identify deficiencies effectively.

5. Easy Integration APIs & Plugins – E-mail Marketing Automation Tool:

And last but not least, what good is a marketing automation system in case you are not able to integrate it with your CRM or your personal productive website? A hassle-free integration and good support have their very own rewards. With the above points, it is necessary to have a very good consulting team that no longer a lot of marketing automation companies provide these days.

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6 Steps to Design a Successful Marketing Campaign

Whether it is a small or large organization, Successful Marketing Campaign follows the same path and the implementation is always the same. So you don’t need to think more about designing a marketing campaign, what you need to do is- choose a right tool for the same. Here are 6 steps that will help you design a successful marketing campaign.

Determine the Goal

Likely, you will already have a good understanding of your buyer persona profile; this step in the cycle will identify which of those personas you are trying to reach. For example, your buyer personas may be both mothers of elementary schoolers and elementary school teachers, but in this particular campaign, you’ve decided to target the mothers.
Most importantly, start with the end in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? This may sound basic but, speaking from experience, it can prove to be more difficult than you think.

Marketing Campaign design

This is where you can get creative. Start your brainstorm with the sky as the limit; don’t get caught up in your resource limitations during your brainstorm because it will inhibit ideation. After brainstorming, you have to come back down to earth and figure out what your resources will allow. If you have no budget, you probably can’t hire M.C. Hammer (I heard he was busy with a new project too). Not every campaign has to be earth-shattering. Once you’ve developed the campaign outline, proceed to create graphics and copy.

Determine tools for a successful outcome

When determining the tools to use, consider your target audience’s sophistication (especially digitally), your resources, and a quick to market approach. It’s better to use Facebook and your company blog if you already have both of those tools in place. Don’t build a brand new website until you gain traction on some smaller similar campaigns.

After you’ve determined the tools to use, set your metrics. These will be ways that you can tell early and easily if the campaign is going in the right direction.

Schedule campaign implementation

Create your campaign calendar. If it’s a longer campaign(more than one month), set sprint benchmarks along the way. This will keep your team energized and moving. If the benchmarks are not met, it will also let you know if you’re on the wrong track. Put all dates and to-dos in your project management software and include various members of your team.

Implement the campaign

Surprisingly, this will be the easiest step. If you’ve planned appropriately, you know your target audience, and you know what to measure, this will be a walk in the park. Most important in this step is to pair it with step 6 and to begin measuring and analyzing your campaign immediately. Especially if you’re running a digital marketing campaign, you will get an early read on the success and will know whether any tweaks need to be made.

Finally Measure, analyze, and learn for next time

Again, step 6 should walk hand-in-hand with step 5 as measurement along the way is imperative. Just because you’re heading for a mountain that you didn’t expect doesn’t mean that you should crash, burn, and start the next campaign. Make adjustments. At the end of the campaign, be sure to note everything that you learned and measure your final success against your original campaign goal.


9 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid.

Digital Marketing MistakesDigital marketing is an umbrella term that refers to marketing activities that use digital era; it consists of net marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and display marketing. With digital marketing, brands or services and products are promoted through digital media.

An extremely good digital marketing approach will incorporate an array of digital mediums for connecting with customers; at minimal, a savvy commercial enterprise will have a social media presence and a method for e-mail and SMS marketing.

Now not all campaigns are equal; even the most experienced marketers will sometimes run a campaign that doesn’t yield the expected or desired end result. below are some digital marketing mistakes that you should seek to avoid:

1.Failure to have a clear Campaign Goal:

You need to establish your desires before you start. How else will you be able to track the outcome of your campaign? Targets to be described include sales, sign u.s.and subscriptions, enquiries, and so on. It’s close to impossible to measure your return on funding and campaign benefit without having measurable goals from the outset.

2.Failure to Target your Audience:

Digital Marketing MistakesProper audience identity is a critical first step in the establishment of your business. Your content desires to be created to appeal to and capture the attention of your target market – so define this target market on their demographics as well as their online behaviours. put your self of their shoes and create your marketing campaign with them in mind.

3.Inadequate Personalisation:

All offers and correspondence should be personalized correctly. know who you’re communicating with and personalise your communications hence.

4.Overlooking Email Marketing:

Yes, e mail has been round longer than mobile and social media. it’s far still a powerful conversation channel and marketing tool. The huge majority of grownup clients still like receiving professional email correspondence from the organizations they patronise.

5.Ignoring Mobile Marketing:

M[obile marketing is the manner of the future; it’s presently a dominant digital platform and consists of immediacy unlike every other channel. How do your clients already have interaction with you via mobile? work from this to deliver mobile content material this is relevant, well timed, and valuable to them. And remember to optimise your website for mobile.

Digital Marketing Mistakes6.Failure to Have a Social Media Presence:

Social media offers corporations an unprecedented possibility for lead technology. The sky is literally the limit for exposure of a brand on social media – so ensure you’ve got a brand profile and which you listen and interact as well as broadcast at the platform.

7.Buying followers on Social Media:

That is a main digital marketing faux pas. there’s no point having thousands of followers if they may be not real – they won’t be lead generators for you, and those can inform when you have fake fans. faux followers simply make a profile seem fraudulent – don’t do it.

8.Failure to Respond to an Abandoned Shopping Cart:

Digital Marketing MistakesYou want clients to close and entire all sales to your internet site. Any abandoned shopping cart must be followed up on – in case the client got distracted, sidelined, or simply forgot to come back and complete their purchase.

9.Failure to Measure your Results:

Make sure your efforts are not in vain. Analyse and measure your results and return on investment. What works? What doesn’t? Use this information to inform and create your future campaigns.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Campaigns You Should Be Using

In terms of marketing automation, it can be difficult to understand where to begin. The aspect about marketing and communication automation is that the opportunities are endless. you could use those automation platforms for outside communication with capability leads, ongoing engagement with your present clients, or even use it internally with your staff with a view to hold processes streamlined.

Marketing automation is now not only for lead nurturing campaigns and newsletters and is no longer limited to just email — even though those are still very much legitimate. but, those systems have the capability to offer so much more to your organization, customers, and leads. So, if you’re ready to get more out of your contact database and provide more to your contacts, it’s essential to identify what you desire to get out of using the platform. Having set goals will help focus your plan and help you hone in on what you may accomplish. That being said, there are a few campaigns that maximum, if not all, companies and organizations can take advantage of to enhance their overall marketing and communication strategies.

Welcome Campaigns

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile a contact first signs up with you, whether it’s for extra information, a free trial, blog subscription, or whatever the case can be, it is important to have a customized welcome message primarily based on that topic. With marketing automation, you can essentially silo your welcome messages based totally on what you’re welcoming the contact for.

For instance, your blog welcome campaign might also include a welcome e-mail, any other email a few days later with your top three most famous blogs, after which proceeds into your everyday blog campaign where you send that week’s blog posts. this will be totally separate from your other welcome campaigns.

New Employee Welcome Campaign

Consider your employee on boarding process right now. How and while do new employees get their training materials? Are there a few they have to receive and overview first? agree with it or not, marketing automation can aid in welcoming your new employees by means of automatically sending them the training materials they need in a timely manner and automatically checking in on them to make sure they don’t need something. in the event that they do, your HR department is right away notified automatically.

New Customer Welcome Campaign

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile on the subject of welcome campaigns, it is essential to specially observe the all-essential new customer welcome marketing campaign. even as other welcome campaigns have their area for your marketing automation strategy, the location wherein the platform can surely shine is its ability to offer new customers personalized data with the intention to simply appeal to their interests, displaying that your staff has taken the time to inspect what the customer desires.

Engagement Campaigns

How many methods do you connect with your leads and customers right now? Are all your messages consistent in timing, design, and tone? marketing automation is the perfect avenue for streamlining those techniques as you may set time delays, use the identical template designs, and make an effort to ensure the tone of your emails is steady.

Engagement campaigns are very important with regards to customer retention as they assist you to preserve customers up to date with your organisation news, special offers, new tools coming down the pipeline, and any other data it is crucial for them to know.

Marketing Automation CampaignsRe-Engagement Campaign

Without a marketing automation marketing campaign for this instance, a variety of inactive users just fall off, never to be heard of again.

instead of losing those contacts, can you believe the value-add on your organisation to be able to win them again and convert them into customers? With a re-engagement campaign, you could reach out to contacts who haven’t engaged with you for a set period of time and try to win them again with an exclusive offer or promotion.

Customer Engagement Campaign

It comes as no wonder that having a customer engagement campaign is beneficial for your organization. however, when it comes to engaging with active customers, you may provide them with campaigns to preserve them informed of the factors mentioned above, and you can additionally take this one step similarly with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation CampaignsIf you’re monitoring customer success metrics, you’re in an interesting position to cause customer engagement campaigns based on how active and engaged your customer is. Do you have a customer that makes use of your services or products properly and is a promoter? you can trigger campaigns asking them to be part of a case examine. as an alternative, if a customer isn’t taking full advantage of your product/service, you can automatically send them messages to assist them learn more and train them inside the use of your offering.

Internal Process Campaigns

Your staff is busy. And, once they’re too busy, things get missed. maybe a salesperson forgets to follow-up with a lead, or someone misses a shift. unload some of the manual work and assist your staff be extra organized and efficient with marketing automation campaigns. That’s the great factor about diverse marketing automation platforms; they allow for all sorts of communication automation, which might not be related to marketing at all.

Staff Happiness Campaign

Do you know right now how happy all your staff are at work? employee happiness is very important for preserving employees and making sure that they don’t pursue different positions because they are sad. Going around to each employee individually is a time-consuming task, and a few employees might not feel secure answering questions one-on-one. an automated staff happiness campaign allows you to acquire anonymous feedback and gives staff an area to voice concerns.

Marketing Automation Campaignssimply send around a survey that collects data from employees and gives all of the information to you in an easy-to-study report.

Follow-up Notification Campaign

Although automation can help you provide instantaneous information to leads and customers pertaining to their interests with your company, every so often there is just no alternative for the human contact. Having reps follow up with contacts at certain points within the customer life cycle is still a very important component of business and have to no longer be neglected.

In parts of your automation campaigns, you can pause the campaign, have a rep reach out individually, and then resume the automated part of the marketing campaign. those notifications make sure staff do not forget about follow-united states and allows you to include personal touches in your automated campaigns.

Shift Reminder Campaign

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile you’re working a 9-5 job, it’s quite difficult to forget while your shift starts. however, for jobs that require different starting times every day, automatic shift reminders help ensure staff recognize exactly while their shifts are and helps reduce people coming in late or missing shifts altogether. Automating this process means that managers don’t need to call staff while they’re running late and don’t need to fear about anyone missing shifts.

There are only some of the many campaigns you could implement with the help of marketing automation.

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