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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

Every year people get swept up in the latest trends. Whether it’s purchasing the newest iPhone or trying out the latest health craze. Industries are subject to their own trends and one that seems to be making its way into the workplace for many (including marketers) is artificial intelligence (AI).

Today, artificial intelligence impacts numerous aspects of life in the form of smart devices, chatbots, and self-driving cars. All of these designed to understand consumer needs and preferences and deliver customized customer experiences. Artificial Intelligence has been a trending topic for quite a while now. And it is being used in various fields including digital marketing. This is mainly because the use of AI digital marketing strategies can help you deliver improved customer experiences. More than that, they can help you save both time and money.

AI is starting to creep its way into most aspects of marketing, from advertising and personalized web experience all the way to generating interactive content.

Getting to Know Your Customers

One of the favorite features of Artificial Intelligence is the insight it can offer into your customers’ behavioral patterns. It takes a lot of hard work out of market research by gathering, calculating and making sense of data far faster than a human team could do it.

These AI algorithms can help marketers build in-depth customer persona profiles to help them better meet and understand audience needs, build deeper connections and brand loyalty, and provide the best possible user experience.

Building Better Experiences

A greater understanding of customers better enables personalization, a benefit to brands in a time when audiences are expecting increasingly meaningful experiences. In fact, personalized content is shown to be exponentially more effective than non-personalized content.

From using machine-learning algorithms that create customized product recommendations to employing chatbots for automated customer support, marketers continue to leverage AI technology to achieve marketing objectives.

A Challenging New Battleground

With AI constantly advancing, companies keeping up with such advancements are gaining a competitive edge, leaving technologically challenged companies in the dust. AI can help brands become more consistent, customer-centric and tailor content and services based on consumer needs. But the more brands utilize these tactics, the more customers come to expect exceptional service and personalization.

Digital Marketing Experts Says- If you believe your brand has to fight to be distinct and memorable in today’s landscape, you already believe you need Artificial Intelligence.

Increase ROI

Artificial Intelligence helps you end the guesswork. You can create a more effective marketing strategy for your business with AI’s data-driven analysis. AI empowers decision-making and also helps you create better-performing content. Implementing AI digital marketing strategies helps you reach out to the right audience with deals they can’t refuse.

Increase Productivity

Using AI algorithms, you can automate a number of repetitive tasks. This can help you increase productivity and save you both time and money. Using AI digital marketing strategies can transform the way you engage with your audience. It can help you drive relevant traffic, acquire new customers, increase sales, and retain your existing customers.

Here’s how you can use Artificial Intelligence technology to process your customer’s needs:


Chatbots are the biggest example of the use of AI technology. They act as a virtual assistant for consumers whether you ask Alexa to play your favorite song or Siri to set an alarm.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Many retail and e-commerce brands use AI technology to track their customers’ preferences, habits, and buying behavior. These insights help them make suggestions on products and services that their customers interested in.

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How marketing has changed in last 10 years

The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last ten years. I have had to personally go through a digital transformation to truly understand how to best market business (Online Marketing ) and because of this. We have analyzed every step of a customer acquisition journey.

I have analyzed some of the major changes. Now we will discuss these changes made in marketing in brief:

Online Marketing has become Key

Over the last ten years, we’ve adapted to using the online world to listen, research, and find products/services we want to buy. For any business in any industry, it’s no longer a nice to have it’s a necessity. Being present online is only step one of letting customers know what we do. We must also build brand awareness and engage with our community to build trust.

You Need to be brand Consistent

Customers used to look at maybe one or two websites when wanting to make a purchase. They wouldn’t go to 10-20 different websites and look at reviews, social activity and how a business was dealing with customer service. For a business to succeed in the marketing world now, they need to be brand consistent.

It takes on average ten touch-points for a customer to trust, and purchase from a business. It never used to be this difficult, or complex.

The Need To Be Digital has Businesses Worried

I found some interesting statistics from a study ran by Adobe. They found that less than half of the professionals considered themselves to be highly proficient in digital marketing. The study also showed that only 9% agreed that their digital marketing is “working”.

Businesses are worried about embracing digital and are finding it hard to be truly successful through their digital marketing. Digital marketing was barely an after-thought ten years ago but now, it is the primary focus and one which does have businesses worried.

The Cost Of Marketing Has Increased Dramatically

Over the last ten years, there have been some major advancements in technology. And because of this, a larger budget is being put in place by businesses (Online marketing) so that they can stay ahead of their competitors.

This also includes hiring more knowledgeable people to take control of a digital aspect of the business as well as having freelancer help with content creation, and paid advertisement. The ways in which we can engage with consumers has increased. And there are endless opportunities but it does cost money to explore these and put a strategy in place.

Social media is game Changer

Businesses (Online Marketing) have been quick to realize, especially over the last five years, how critically important Social Media is to generating revenue and brand awareness.

As more potential customers are turning to Social Media as a way to engage online, businesses (Online Marketing) have had to follow suit. Something I always say as a way to be successful is to take the conversation to your customer. Go to where they want to hang out and that is Social Media.

Credibility is More Important Now, Than Ever Before

Credibility is what can make or break a business. You need to be memorable, and authentic.

This doesn’t mean that you say something headline-grabbing and then because you have a lot of short-term interest that you suddenly have credibility. It doesn’t work like that. Building long-term relationships with your audience and a brand that is credible and respectable will win in the long run.

A Business-First VS. An Audience-First Strategy

Having an audience-first strategy means that you are creating content that your audience wants from you, and not what you want to create as a business.

The above is a given, but there has been a slight change. There needs to be the delivery of the correct message, to your target audience, at the right time and using the right social network to achieve success. So, to understand how this can be done, do your research and find out where your target audience “hangs out” online.

This has been a huge shift over the last ten years. Businesses (Online Marketing) would be successful through being in essence; selfish. Creating “me, me, me” content worked. It doesn’t anymore.

A short video is Here which shows how marketing is evolved…


5 Key Reasons of Increasing US Dollar against India Rupee

The Indian currency dangerously slipped to a low of 72.96 in early trade — within striking distance of its lifetime low of 72.99 hit last week but managed to pare some losses on likely intervention from the central bank. It briefly touched a high of 72.57 in mid-afternoon deals. The rupee has lost 49 paise in last two days. Heavy dollar selling by banks and exporters along with Greenbank’s weakness against some currencies overseas largely supplemented the recovery momentum.

Fear of trade war

The world’s two biggest economies – the growing tension between the United States and China – have kept the investors on the edge of the fear of global trade war. Analysts at HDFC Bank said, “In the near term, the rupee is likely to be under pressure because oil prices persist, capital flows continuously from emerging economies and trade war tension keeps the markets jerky.”

Increase in oil prices

Rupees in high oil prices have also declined. Deepak Jasani, Head of Retail Research at HDFC Securities said, “In the recently released Financial Stability Report, the situation in the banks’ rise in the price of oil by the Reserve Bank of India on the status of NPAs (Non-performing Assets) and in response to caution, there has been a sharp decline in the rupee”.

Emerging market exchange rates

It should be noted that the rupee depreciation is in line with emerging market exchange rates, which were largely fed through dollar strength. Deloitte India’s partner and chief economist Anis Chakraborty said that a difference between appreciation of the US dollar and a restraint in the euro has boosted the dollar’s strength, which has led to the depreciation of the rupee strengthened.

“Separately, monetary policy announcements by the U.S. Federal Reserve will have led to the re-routing of investment with the pressure generated on the rupee. Which is likely to define the route by the Fed in three periods. Rupee expected to pick up. ”

Macroeconomic situation

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIS) have sold over Rs. 40,000 crores in debt and equity so far this year. ” A wider current account deficit and continuous outflow from FIIs pushed the currency lower,” Said Rahul Sharma, Senior Research Analyst at Equity99.

Other currencies

Due to the trade dispute between the United States and China, other Asian currencies also declined because investors kept on the edge. The rupee has declined 7.7 percent this year, making it the worst performing in Asia, closely followed by the Philippine Peso.

Supply Vs. Demand for Driving Dollar Value

When the U.S. exports products or services, it creates a demand for dollars. Because customers need to pay for goods and services in dollars. Therefore they will have to convert their local currency into dollars by selling their own currency to buy dollars to make the payment. In addition, when the U.S. government or large American corporations issue bonds to raise capital that purchased by foreign investors. Those payments will also have to be made in dollars. This also applies to the purchase of U.S. corporate stocks from non-U.S. investors, which would require the foreign investor to sell their currency to buy dollars in order to purchase those stocks.

These examples show how the U.S. creates more demand for dollars, and that in turn puts pressure on the supply of dollars, increasing the value of the dollar relative to the currencies being sold to buy dollars. On top of this, the U.S. dollar considered a safe haven during times of global economic uncertainty, so the demand for dollars can often persist despite fluctuations in the performance of the U.S. economy.


7 Reasons for Startup Failures In India

Startups are coming up everywhere throughout the nation. Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai remain the key startup centers yet different regions like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and so on are not very a long ways behind. There are a lot of positives. However, the reality remains that 78% of new businesses bomb in the initial three years. It’s unforgiving yet a reality. There are various reasons why startup falls flat and in the wake of experiencing a significant part of the web.

1. Building a wrong product

Building a wrong product or product without really validating the thought through potential clients is an awful move. As is building a product that takes care of a trivial issue in a client’s life instead of one which is the significant agony hotspot for them.

2. Not having the capacity to assemble the correct group

Frequently in a rush to dispatch their product early, new businesses tend to assemble groups with individuals who have almost no enthusiasm for the product. This prompts to disappointing results as the people working never give their best for the product.

3. Absence of special incentivised offers

In the event that your product neglects to convey at least one USP when contrasted with comparative products accessible in market as of now, your product will undoubtedly fizzle. Before you begin fabricating your product, make sense of no less than four unique feature which will help you emerge and give an upper hand expanding your benefits.

4. Absence of tirelessness

On the off chance that the startup originator does not have a solid energy for their product, they won’t have the capacity to hold on through the terrible circumstances, which is a given in a startup run, more regularly than great circumstances. Awful circumstances address the confidence of founders in their product. The absence of confidence frequently prompts to the intermittency of the item, which prompts to startup falls.

5. Neglecting to pivot/alter course

Frequently because of the affection for their underlying/first idea, new businesses, regardless of realising that they are building a wrong product, don’t pivot. This prompts to wastage of time, assets and cash as well, in the end prompting to failure.

6. No guides or consultants

It is constantly great to have a mentor for your startup. Going alone there are more odds of you committing errors that may lead you to failure. So experienced coaches can control you in your everyday choices to abstain from tumbling off the bluff.

7. Gradualness to dispatch

Firstly, every thought bites the dust in the event that it is not executed on time. This is a result of the straightforward certainty that we begin losing interest and begin under organizing over the long haul. Furthermore, in today’s quick moving business world, ordinary a huge number of items are tackling a similar issue. In such a situation, deferring the dispatch of your product may really desert you the opposition, which will inevitably prompt to item disappointment.

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Complete Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a class of technology that permits organizations to modernize, automate, and measure marketing duties and workflows. This tool booms your operational performance and develops sales and marketing quicker.

Marketing automation automates your marketing and income engagement to generate extra leads, greater deals, and the higher degree of marketing success.

Who Uses Marketing Automation?

Regardless of the dimensions of your business, marketing automation can give you the strength to acquire your marketing desires.

Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) organizations each can benefit from this technology. So each can use marketing automation structures to maintain their marketing materials and supply it to the clients.

Marketing Automation gives you the equipment to manipulate a massive database of leads without missing out on possibilities. Every industry such as healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail all are adopting the software for its real-time.

Increase Sales and Marketing Throgh Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation Advantages

  • Get a complete view of prospect activity through linking records from your CRM to campaigns
  • Without difficulty discover and prioritize the freshest leads
  • Nurture cooler leads till they prepared so you never pass over a possibility
  • Fill your pipeline with great leads to immediately impact revenue
  • Supply a customized client experience
  • Target shoppers at every level of the buying cycle
  • Make statistics-driven decisions and discover new possibilities for growth.

Overcome Marketing Challenges Via Marketing Automation

challenge: Your conversion rates are losing, however, your lead database is overflowing.
solution: locating great leads doesn’t need to be a guessing game. With lead scoring, you are able to decide how involvement a prospect is primarily based on activities and how closely they suit the profile of your perfect customer. The rating and grade capabilities make it simpler to inform which results in follow up with first so that you may be able to make the sale as quickly as your customer is ready.
Challenge: you’re missing out on possibilities due to the fact your reps simply aren’t connecting with customers on the proper time.
Solution: Effective functions like lead nurturing make sure which you may not leave out on an opportunity that isn’t always prepared to shut. Those possibilities can exceed marketing warmed as much as the income prepared state. In case you pissed off by using the range of lost leads that appear to be falling through the cracks, marketing automation can come up with the performance. You need to make certain that each opportunity is higher.
Challenge: sales goals and marketing goals are at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
Solution: Your sales team is at one end of the building, and your marketing group is at the alternative, and income left completely inside the dark about how or if marketing’s efforts are impacting their bottom line. Advertising automation might be the solution. Hence working collectively, sales and marketing can greater clearly discover what an ideal lead seems like, and create a technique for sourcing and guiding leads through the sales funnel.

Getting started with Marketing Automation.

Marketing alignment is essential to effectively impose a marketing automation platform. Sales and marketing need to work together to become aware of what your best customer seems like. So It creates a streamlined cycle that will generate, nurture and ultimately convert possibilities. Getting both groups on board will present a robust case to your executive team. So starting those lines of communication is the first step.


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The best email marketing examples that will Inspire you

Best Email marketing is a powerful tool to speak to your audience, generate leads, share information, and be remembered by prospects. Email marketing has been written off several times over since the era of Web 2.0 and beyond. But the truth remains that Gmail has over 1 billion active users. Add to that the less popular email service, work emails, college communities and more; emails remain one of the highest used communication tools of the connected era.

Best Email Marketing

However, breaking the clutter is a challenge across most marketing functions today. Email marketing is no different. Sometimes, all you need to come up with an idea that stands out is creativity. But some days, it could be just plain inspiration. So we went out and looked for some examples for the next time you need the inspiration to make the most of your best email marketing effort.

Here Are 4 Best Email Marketing Examples That Will Leave You Inspired And Force You to Think –


Much like its website, devices, advertisement, and product launch press conferences. Apple’s email marketing is minimalistic and truly mirrors the brand personality.

It says all that it needs to, without an overdose of words and pictures to dilute the message. It only says what is important and that alone is enough to make you want to switch or upgrade as the case may be.


Yet another brand that gets its email marketing right is Mango. Simple, clear albeit persuasive graphics, extremely relevant updates, and ones that are helpful to both fashion conscious and fashion ignorant shoppers. Add to that their end of season sale alerts being more honest and to the point than most other clothing companies, and you have a formidable brand loved the world over. That is the kind of authenticity it takes to win hearts of such a diverse, global club of fans.


Although Urban Ladder’s frequency of emails can get a little intimidating considering the category they operate in, sometimes their emails get it really right. The #ULStory campaign on social media and its application in best email marketing was once such example. They gathered examples of how Urban Ladder furniture was used among its customers and used their creativity as inspiration for prospects in what was a minimalistic yet function and good-looking email. Since most of these ideas came from real users, they looked practical and realistic. Way more inspirational than a Photoshop image of what can only be a hotel room for most people. Kudos for this one, Urban Ladder!


Indigo’s special brand of irreverence in an industry that had thus far strived on luxury clichés, was truly a game changer. From check-in signages to magazines, in-flight announcements to meal packaging, Indigo does many things right and in style. Their email marketing is no different. I started 2016 with a whole series of Indigo flights through India, visiting friends and relatives. A few months later, I get an email in my inbox from a brand that not only tells me they are giving me a discount but also, that they miss me. While the offer details at the bottom might be a legal boilerplate. Everything else about this emailer is fun, friendly, and persuasive. In short, truly Indigo.

Believe it or not, our favorite emails don’t even try too hard to be clever. They say what they need to, and they do it well. And what’s more is that they get out of your way quickly. Few things reflect the character of a brand better than respecting your customers’ time and intelligence.

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Why You need Marketing Automation in your Enterprise

With Marketing Automation, you keep away from the hidden costs associated with hiring new marketing employees–and as an alternative, have access to an array of tools that don’t take sick leave, go on holiday or leave the business. With Email Marketing Automation, you’ve got the means to conduct specific marketing activities without an entire marketing department… providing you understand how to use it properly.

Marketing Automation

At the same time as Email Marketing Automation provides your small business with the means to automate most (if now not all) elements of the marketing process, it is not a “replacement” for your marketing managers. Email Marketing Automation, at its center, provides the means to scale up marketing activities, access deep analytics, and customize marketing efforts. This means extra personalized and applicable marketing at scale and repetitive tasks may be controlled automatically, permitting your marketing team to focus on the aspects of the marketing campaign that matter.

Marketing Automation for small businesses ultimately takes the “heavy lifting” from your marketing processes and helps you and your marketing and sales teams to get returned to what they do high-quality!
at the B2B marketing Lab, we specialize in HubSpot but also have also supported our clients with different marketing Automation platforms. We help businesses to simply get the most out of their marketing Automation platforms and increase Inbound campaigns that deliver high-quality leads.

The advantage of Marketing Automation for Small Organizations.

new york, April 22, 2016, /PRNewswire/ — marketing automation has the capacity to fuel small business growth and provide these companies the competitive edge they need to compete in a saturated marketplace. previously touted as a solution for Fortune 500 companies, small corporations that are trying to maximize their dollar and streamline their marketing campaigns can benefit tremendously from what marketing automation has to offer.

Here are the top Advantages that small businesses can expect if they adopt marketing automation:


Automates lead capture.

Marketing Automation captures offline and online leads via using integrated forms and these leads are added directly into the company’s database. All companies can benefit from and these leads are added touch list that Best Marketing Automation Platform can help develop and even monetize.

Nurtures the middle pack of the sales funnel.

Thru automated email campaigns, prospects that weren’t ready to buy after their first interaction can now be nurtured through academic and beneficial content.

Right message on the Right time.

Marketing Automation provides integrated behavioral tracking together with what links are possibilities clicking on, what content do they view and the way engaged are they with the content? This information is a goldmine as it allows businesses to provide messaging this is laser-focused on an individual’s needs and interests.

Marketing Automation Software

luckily, there are many Best Marketing Automation Platform software alternatives for small companies. these answers can deal with some, or built-in, of automatic marketing techniques. In different words, they encompass integrated various automation features such as:

  • Forms and landing pages,

  • Automated email campaigns,

  • Trigger emails based on set or custom rules,

  • Built-in eCommerce functionality or integration with eCommerce platforms;

  • Lead scoring,

  • Built-in CRM or CRM integration,

  • Smarter segmentation and

  • Website behavior tracking.

marketing-automation (Tools)

while you’ll be hesitant to try one because of either cost or gaining knowledge of curve, you should be aware that many marketing automation software companies:

  • Charge based on use (number of clients, features used, and so forth.) so the cost scales, and is viable, as you grow; 
  • Offer Strong help as you learn how to use their tool including free training, customer support representatives, comprehensive documentation and a supportive user community forum.

And more Information To Best Marketing Automation Platform Tools Visit Website:- https://mailcot.com/services/marketing-automation/


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Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

You’ve probably read all the tips about subject lines, open rates, engaging content, powerful CTAs, and strategic email landing pages. But let’s take a big step back and look at the picture from its most foundational level — email deliverability. To Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth, you need to be familiar with these  tactics

Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

Maximize Email deliverability to improve business growth

Prime your IP for success.

The job of ISP filters is to defend against spam emails. How do you tell these filters that your IP is valid and trustworthy?Start an Email Marketing campaign by sending small batches of emails.

Implement a sender policy framework.

A sender policy framework or SPF increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of the receiving email server. The server can cross check the domain name against the associated IP address to make sure that it is legitimate. If you don’t have an SPF in place, your emails might be rejected.

Check your sender reputation.

The biggest reason why your emails are not delivered is due to a low sender score. ISPs automatically reject any emails that fall below a certain score.

Return Path produces sender Score. Sender Scores assigns a number to every outgoing mail server. The score is calculated by using traditional email metrics such as unsubscribes and spam reports.

Stick to a consistent send schedule.

One cause for lower sender score and IP rejection is random and erratic broadcast activity. If you are not maintaining a regular schedule with your emails, it creates sending spikes. Do your best to stick to a consistent email sending schedule.

Check feedback loops.

Most major ISPs provide feedback loops, in which the email sender can gain information from the recipients who have complained about that sender’s email. Complaint Feedback Loops or FBLs.

Filter contest entry email signups.

The worst email lists are created from giveaways or signups. People, true to their nature, will attempt to enter multiple times using invalid or nonexistent email addresses. They don’t care about getting on your email address list; they care about a chance to win a free iPad mini.

Send emails at just the right frequency.

Too many emails can burn your subscriber list. Too few emails can kill your revenue.

So what do you do to Maximize Email deliverability? You send just the right number of emails. The only way you can find that perfect number is by thoroughly testing, which isn’t easy. Plus, it takes a long time, during which time you might make some mistakes.

Use branding in your “from” name.

Using your brand’s name in your “from” line will help to reduce spam complaints. Increasingly, some companies use a front person, an individual, to head up their email marketing in order to improve business growth and  give it a more personal feel. You can still use this approach. Just add “from” after the individual’s name.


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