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Best Marketing Automation India

The Marketing Automation India story is yet in its initial steps. Most famous views globally still imply that there is less than 10% approval of marketing software platforms also when you join up the customer part of all primary providers.

Globally the Marketing Automation software market will be worth $7.63 Billion by 2025 as per estimates by various researches. The market is supposed to increase between 2016 to 2025 with India and China witnessing the tremendous growth in the customer base. As per estimates, the size of India market alone is over USD 500 million.

Story- Marketing Automation India

 marketing automation india

Marketing Automation India as the name sounds somewhat amorphous for a whole industry. The marketing automation market in India also started with lead generation and nurturing technologies gradually providing a wide array of analytics and social media management capabilities.

By the time the marketing automation wave hit the country, entrepreneurs in India had realized that they can’t understand the approach of building an “all you ever need” package for marketers. The marketing automation India wouldn’t be concluded without considering serial-entrepreneurs. Marketers have also embraced automation to simplify their tasks.

Challenges For Marketing Automation India

 challenges for marketing automation india

1. Budget Constraints & ROI Enigma

Most marketers connect low marketing budgets as one of the logic for the non-adoption of marketing automation resolutions. For some who take the leap of belief to use a marketing automation solution but only assess it in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) leave to see the value.

Another mistake that marketers could find to see the return on investment (ROI) reaching up, but sales dip. This could be a consequence of some simple causes and effects. As media expansion increase across channels, the reach has decreased for almost every channel and publisher. Growing costs coupled with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point (CPP), which means your original needs to be exponentially more efficient to deliver the same results. In most cases, even the greatest creative cannot compensate for the decline in efficiency.

2. First Think Content Strategy

The latest report suggests that the number of marketing tools competing a marketer’s attention raised by 40%  from the previous year. With so many marketing tools available, the choice to pick a marketing automation solution is usually driven by FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Outwardly a sharply defined content approach, the automation solution only stops up showing the incompetence in the marketing department. Content lies at the core of any marketing automation solution hence it is risky to guarantee that you have a documented strategy of content in status before you design your marketing technology.

3. Automation Detox

The industry as a complete wants some sort of detoxification for putting stand-alone applications like marketing automation suites. The difficulty lies in the mindset that marketing automation is expected to automate repeated tasks that destroy the very nature of what marketers do.

To avail of the best marketing automation services you should choose Mailcot


If you are a business owner then firstly understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts. Mailcot Email Solutions focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI. Email marketing India /Email Hosting India is all about setting a goal and reach the goal in the given time period. You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to your door.

Being online every business wants to be top and the higher rate of ROI, For this, they are competing with each other, So MailCot provides a wide variety of Bulk Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Services (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) to generate sales and attract grand new customers depending on their email campaign. Mailcot also provide email Marketing Reseller program.

bulk sms

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5 Best Cheapest Email Marketing Services

A cheap and affordable email marketing service isn’t difficult to find. On the research for the cheapest email marketing services to run your campaigns without wanting to take out a second contract?  In this blog, we’re going to introduce the cheapest email marketing services options. We’ll examine what makes each one unique, and help you settle on the best solution for your business. Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Let’s read various cheapest email marketing services !! cheapest email marketing services

Why Choose The Best Email Marketing Services ?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing instruments for small businesses. According to a study, email marketing on average equals a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States. This is because email marketing is simple to operate, gives you whole control, and supports you to establish a direct connection with your customers. Not convinced on email marketing? See these email marketing services for why growing an email list is so great today.

It’s essential to know that a lot of your profit with email marketing depends only on the email marketing software you choose because they are answerable for making sure that your emails really go delivered. If you aren’t accurate, then you will end up paying a lot more money for some features and disastrous email deliverability rates (which causes you to drop even more money).

1.Mailcot.com (www.mailcot.com) 

cheapest email marketing services






They are No.1 Mass Mailing Service Provider Company in India. They provide the Best and Cheap Email Marketing Services.Boost your sales and business with Bulk Email Marketing Services, we provide email newsletters, email drip campaigns, automated welcome emails, email template design, copywriting, transactional emails, email analytics, contact forms for your website, email software setup, email CRM integration, compliance with GDPR and federal CAN-SPAM laws.

Provides services such as :-

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services allows your business to email the consumer whenever you want. While not every email needs to be a sales pitch, your contact with the customer should provide something of value to them.

  • Transactional SMTP

If you are looking for a Transactional SMTP service, then you probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional messages and is searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk.


  • Marketing Automation

Create fully automated campaigns with the world’s most intuitive workflow builder. Apply tags, trigger campaigns, add delays, branch with if-then logic, and do about 30 other things.


2. SendinBlue (www.sendinblue.com)


As one of the cheapest email marketing software options, SendinBlue’s key selling point is its scalability. If you’re looking to try out an email campaign or two without investing a ton of resources, you can start out on the free plan and work your way up as needed.This service also makes email marketing a very streamlined affair, with many templates and workflows to help get you up and running in a flash.

3. SendGrid (sendgrid.com)

The SendGrid website.

While SendGrid is one of the cheapest email marketing software tools, it can still get pricey if you have a lot of contacts.However, it’s ideal for smaller businesses that don’t need to send a lot of emails but do want access to a ton of features and customization options. SendGrid also offers a custom API, making it a solid choice for developers.

4.Cakemail (www.cakemail.com)

cheapest email marketing services

If you’re looking for a simple and streamlined option, Cakemail can be an excellent choice.While it lacks some of the automation features more elaborate services offer, it makes managing your list and creating email campaigns simple and painless.It’s a solid option for small businesses that need basic email marketing features without all the frills (and associated costs).

5. MailerLite (www.mailerlite.com)

cheapest email marketing services

All in all, MailerLite is one of the best and most well-rounded options available.It provides plenty of help creating your emails, managing your list, and automating your campaigns, while keeping the cost low.In addition, it’s a particularly strong choice if you’re also looking for a tool to help you design pop-ups on your site to attract subscribers, as well as landing pages where you can send those who open your emails. cheapest email marketing services

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Completely Why Market Your Business With Email ?

Everyone has a question in their minds that Why Market Your Business With Email? We have understood the market already. Email Marketing is a vital marketing way to market and tool for your business or brand that improves relationships with candidates. But how precisely we should leverage email to grow your business and how do you identify if it’s working?

Tactics with information, examples and best practice advice will help to achieve a successful Email Marketing approach for your business. Whether you are beginning to market your business from a mark or wanting to improve your current program.

To Grow an Intended Email List

Why Market Your Business With Email

Why Market Your Business With Email? The first step in marketing business with email is to automatically collect email addresses from recipients. They join with emails and are expected to match giving customers down the line. View promoting your email in extremely-visible areas on your website and social networks. Writing messaging for development, concentrate on the purpose provide in emails and how content will help users.

Plan With Modular Email Templates

plan with modulor email templates

Before you begin sending emails to your subscriber list, it pays to spend some time on your email plans so they can be easily removed together.

Unless you have a dedicated email planner or developer to hardcode your emails, your best chance for building different email campaigns is to use a modular email template plan.

Modular templates consist of pre-coded plan blocks that can easily be updated or exchanged out depending on how much content you’d like to add. It’s also important that your email plans reflect your brand found on your website so that users have a regular experience when they read your emails. Why Market Your Business With Email

Produce a Constant Brand Voice

produce a constant brand voice

Producing relevant and seamless expertise for your subscribers starts with a confirmed and constant brand voice. And just like your designs need to stay constant with your brand, your copy and brand voice needs to come through in your emails.

The nature of your email copy should also follow your website and anywhere else that your brand has an appearance. Brand voice and character will vary according to your industry and service. B2C brands may have more space in their casual and bright tone. B2B companies should try to support a warm, but coach-like tone so that recipients view your brand as a subject matter expert.

Give a Heavenly Welcome Email

why market your business with email

Once somebody signs up for an email list, they should accept a welcome email quickly. The more time that moves between the signup and the first email, the more suitable a recipient is to forget, lose interest, or become involved by your emails. And if this happens, they are likely going to unless

a) Neglect your emails

b) Consider them as spam.

Also, don’t neglect to add a “thank you” in your welcome email. Handing over an email address in today’s times is a huge step for many and giving them recognition is a great way to get your relationship started on the right base. Decide to continue helpful, kind, and friendly in these welcome emails. Adding views to your email list is exciting, but be careful not to take this as a green light to advance your product or service at full speed. Although some possibilities will directly sign up for your service or purchase your product quickly, most will expect you to feed an email relationship first. Why Market Your Business With Email

Forward Promotional Emails

forward promotional Emails

Although it’s engaging to jump in and start sending promotional emails right away, make sure you close accurate details and tactics before you really get long into promotional emails. A list of the types of promotional emails you may want to send:

  • Sales or discounts for your goods or service
  • Private events
  • Social media promotional campaigns
  • A customer center that showcases the power of our brand while not making the email about your product or service
  • Product news walks easily on this one; many product advertisement emails don’t maintain high engagement. Only send important updates when appropriate.

The kinds of promotional emails you send will change according to your business purposes and the resources you have prepared. Try to add education and purpose to your promotional emails whenever feasible. If you’re only promoting your business or brand, you will likely waste the attention of your recipients, and your engagement might begin to move.  Why Market Your Business With Email

 The Newsletter is Right for Your Program?

the newsletter is right for your program

Newsletters can be a strong way to market your business. But you just might as surely decide that a newsletter doesn’t fit with your content. For example, if you don’t issue educational items on a regular basis, it might be hard to pull together an important newsletter that your users find important. It might be sufficient to send one-off emails when you build a best practice model or a data-rich blog post. Market Business

If you do choose to go ahead with newsletters, you will need to strategize the timing and process of turning around this new content piece. It’s highly recommended that you keep your newsletters educational and community-minded. Email

Forward Win-Back Campaigns

forward win- back campaigns

Controlling your metrics and commitment levels will show a lot of insight into your email program. And one of the tougher truths to accept is that some groups just won’t engage with your emails. It may be because they forgot they signed up, don’t feel satisfied by your subject line, or just don’t prioritize your emails.

Whatever the reason, it’s necessary to eliminate unengaged users from your list. However, there is something you can work before you cut out email addresses from your list: send them a win-back or re-engagement email. Be honest with your recipient, tell them you’ve seen they haven’t engaged in a while and that this is a possibility for them to be classified from your email list. Business Market

Discover the Frequency Sweet Point by Testing

discover the frequency sweet point by testing

Email marketing can be a complete science as it is art. Most useful parts of email marketing remain to be one of the most strong marketing channels. We can include and test at an almost unlimited rate. To start out marketing your business with email don’t be scared to explore and turn up once in a while.

Make educated assumptions about your audience and their performance. But you won’t fully know until you try and include the results. Most elements of the email program are included and tested into each other. Moreover, it means you can always make changes that will continuously grow your program.

There are always more plans to test and ways to promote your program. Therefore, no best practice design or blog post will tell precisely how many emails should be sent every month. To strongly market your business the more data you collect, the more advance you may find email marketing purposes. 

bulk sms
Why Market Your Business With Email
bulk sms

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What is Automated Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not only important for the growth of your business but on the other hand, it is a way to make feel your customers more personalized and connected with your business. 

This makes Email marketing way more necessary from other marketing strategies.

Email marketing is one of the pivotal marketing trends in the era of online marketing.  

But let’s understand that why do you require “Automated email marketing for your business?” and “How does it affect the growth of your sale?”  So let’s take a closer look right away:-

What is Automated Email Marketing?

As the name implies, it is the process of sending emails to your customers automatically when an event or trigger has occurred. 

So let’s see an example which defines you that how does automated email marketing will help you to grow your business:-

“There is a businessman who has an interaction of around 100 people a day. And it maintains the data of their birth dates, anniversary, etc.

And there is also a businessman who has around the same number of interactions as the above businessman has. But it doesn’t keep the data of their birth dates, anniversary and all.

Slowly, the businessman who kept the data sends wishing emails to their customers who have their birthday and anniversary. This makes feel his customers more personalized and increases the chance of purchasing from his shop. But on the other hand, the other businessman lost his opportunity to make an impression on his customers. 

But, can you imagine how does this businessman able to send emails to his customers? 

This all done with the help of automated email marketing. This businessman has set triggered on the dates. Which makes it easier for a businessman to send the emails and increases the chance of purchasing percentage.”

By incorporating automated email marketing into your communication strategy, you know exactly when to send, what to send, and to whom to send. 

Through automated email marketing you can deliver the same great experience to your first email subscriber and the last. This helps you to save your time as you have to do work on the planning of your first email, and further, it will be delivered whenever the trigger occurs. 

Types of Automated Email Marketing:-

  • Event-Based Trigger Emails,
  • Drip Feed Email Content.

Event-Based Trigger Emails:

As the name implies, these emails are sent to your customer when an event has occurred/triggered. The events could be a particular occasion or an operation carried out by a user. The emails are auto-generated and sent to a subscriber list based on events like clicking on a purchase button or special occasions like the subscriber’s birthday.

Drip Feed Email Content:

Drip Marketing: Drip marketing is email marketing strategy composed of emails send at a particular time. The customer will receive timely emails until the campaign ends.

Drip campaigns are automated by email marketing automation. They will timely send emails to the customer. 

Drip campaigns is a good way to achieve the growth of the business. This will help to increase the interaction of user. 

Why Automated Emails are Important?

Following are the key point which defines why we use Automated Email for marketing purpose:

  • It Saves Time.
  • Helps to Increase the Sale.
  • It notifies the user about Transactions.

Following are some Email Marketing Automation tools which provide the facility to do automation of mail:

  • Mailcot,
  • Migomail,
  • Sendinblue,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Mailjet,
  • Drip,
  • Convertkit,
  • Infusionsoft, etc.

Automated Email Marketing

Automation of mail is useful for the growth of the business. As it helps to send the automated mails regarding the business purpose.

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3 Effective Email Tracking Tools (Opens & Clicks of email)

Email Tracking

email tracking

It is basically the tracking or monitoring sent, delivered, opens, clicks and bounce of emails to follow up with leads, job applicants, and partners. Email Tracking can be termed as the checking of metrics of your email marketing campaigns to improve their quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Working on Email Tracking


  • Email trackers are browser extensions from chrome, as it typically employs a tiny pixel image. Tiny pixel image of 1 x 1 attached with email is invisible to you.   email opens and clicks
  • But once you open the email, the image is loaded from a server and then the server records that data for tracking agency. These trackers vary in precision.
  • You can use this tool for recruitment and link building to save time and to know when to follow up with more emails.

Tracking Tools

email tracking tools, email tracking

There are many email tracking tools, three of them those who offer extra features and beyond basics are listed below:-


Snov.io’s unlimited email tracker offers emails open and clicks tracking as well as additional features. Features, for instance, are email scheduling, follow-up reminders, real-time notifications, and reports. It is a free and unlimited chrome extension that integrates seamlessly into Gmail. And it shows the exact number of clicks and opens, and help to enable or disable the monitoring of particular email addresses.


 MailTrack offers the same features as offered by snov.io but it adds a branding signature to each email sent. So recipients may find out that you keep track of opens and clicks. It offers some additional features too but with the paid plan.  Therefore, you can see the opens information directly in the inbox and you can see if a person opened an email once or twice.  email opens and clicks


This service allows you to monitor the way recipients interact with your attachments. The document can be viewed and how far a recipient has progressed in reading it. And, you can see the exact percentage of reading by this so that you can make changes if the recipients are responding to it half-way.

Disadvantages of Email Tracking

  • Images can be blocked by default
  • Blockers installed by users
  • Previews count as an open
  • It doesn’t work for groups

There are advantages and disadvantages of email tracking. Images can be blocked by default so that your pixel images that are invisible will not load. Blockers installed so that trackers are not able to see the email or cannot track your emails. It doesn’t work for groups as if you sent a single texted message to groups you cannot track the exact count of opens for a particular message.


email tracking, best email marketing company in india, email tracking tools



email opens and clicks       email tracking tools      email tracking tools      email tracking tools

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8 Twitter Marketing Tips To Follow in 2019

Twitter has successfully established itself as an authoritative and certified brand marketing platform. As Twitter content marketing grows and becomes more complex. A unique approach to Twitter marketing tips in 2019 will help shape the way content marketing and the way the audience intends to use it.

8 Twitter Marketing Tips To Follow in 2019, Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter has always been an extremely important marketing tool for all types of businesses and brands. So If used properly, it is an efficient marketing tool in its own right. Working with other social media channels to work with your marketing strategy is very different. Working with Twitter in brand marketing means that as your feed is constantly updated, you can keep up with trends in real-time.

Below we will explore some of the twitter marketing tips included in your Twitter marketing strategy in 2019.

8 Twitter Marketing Tips

1. Find old content for reuse

Redesigning your old content is a great way to improve the reach of your content. When it is about the Twitter time, a simple scroll to feed on, find the relevant Twitter, and forwards them will be able to play a role. This forwarding can be any of your old blog posts, infographics, or just any episodes you might find relevant. As long as this old content is great, its existing tentacles can still be your new Twitter strategy.

2. Create your Twitter reserve in advance

You may have heard the word ” content calendar”. If not, the content calendar will detail what you will generate in a given time. Also, be prepared in advance, will help keep you organized on the content released for the audience, a clear and consistent.

3. Decide on your posting frequency/timeline

You should arrange your Twitter in this way so that you can maximize your reach and engagement. Deciding how often your Twitter time can help you reach and attract more followers. Have a ready Twitter frequency schedule to help you in more ways you can’t imagine. First, it improves your productivity, because you do not have to stop whatever you are doing, just as you planned launch time. Second, keep your Twitter quality and consistency. You can plan your Twitter content directly using the planning tool.

4. Personalized user interaction

2017 years later, audiences and customers prefer personalized content, rather than the generic content. Using personal touch to gain loyalty is not a new marketing strategy. When you interact with a Twitter audience, you can effectively connect with users using personalized responses. You need to send a semantic message, you value their feedback, and each user is valuable.

5. Introducing humorous colors

Brands like Wendy and Netflix are showing how other brands have a humorous corporate Twitter account. That not only lets you entertain your audience, but it also allows you to become unconventional. We think this is the purpose of our use of marketing.

6. Using video marketing

If you are really keen to make your Twitter marketing work, you must incorporate video marketing into your existing Twitter marketing strategy. This is because the engagement with Twitter with video is more than 10 times. Clicking on this dimension will help your Twitter marketing approach have more say. Since 93% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile phones if you have already entered the video marketing of Twitter content so you need to pay attention to the mobile optimization of the video.

7. Create a Twitter list

Even though Twitter is a very effective Twitter marketing tool, there aren’t many brands that use Twitter listings. By using the Twitter list, you can create a group of planned Twitter accounts. You can also subscribe to lists created by other brands related to your industry or marketing. When you are on the list timeline, you will be able to see the tweet stream from the account on that list.

Having a list can save you a lot of time, it can help you get the right followers, who are really interested in following your account. They give you instant access to expert insights and news.

8. Monitor and measure your Twitter metrics

Measuring the return on investment of your Twitter marketing and tools is critical, so you can be sure that you won’t be detoured. Learning how to track the right Twitter metrics will help you make informed decisions about future marketing activities.

Twitter analysis, Klear, Quintly, Mentionmapp, Sprout social and various social media tools and resources, and other tools can greatly help you track metrics, to ensure that Twitter marketing to obtain an absolute success.

We hope these twitter marketing tips in 2019 turn into an actionable success strategy.


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How to improve your website conversion rate

Your visitors to your site are taking action or not. Some of them are becoming managers, subscribers, registrants, and clients. Most of them are not, however. Your website conversion rate refers to the percentage of your website visitors.

The transformation of the website can drive the motivation of the operators, stimulate more potential and open up more ideas. Let the operators become more and more motivated, and the transformation of the website has also made many small wishes become reality. It also gives operators a wealth of operational experience and enhances their capabilities.

In this article, you will see what is conversion rate and how the website conversion rate can be improved.

What is the website conversion rate

A conversion rate is a rate of comparison between the total amount of visitors to the website by internet advertisers and marketers and the total amount of users paying for them. Conversion rates for electronic storage owners are highly useful, Who can use the outcomes of website traffic to identify other advertising techniques for increasing product revenues.

How to increase website conversion rate

1. The website needs to have a traffic entrance

The most important thing for the Internet today is information. Network information has covered every corner. No longer good wine is not afraid of the alleys. You need to find a few platforms or channels that require users to pay most attention to content delivery or advertising.

How to improve your website conversion rate, website conversion rateNo matter how good the website does not do the corresponding promotion. I am afraid that no one knows anything other than himself and his friends.

It is necessary to do a good job of analyzing potential users. The more subdivided it is, the better. Just like selling products, everyone knows that they can sell online. If you don’t subdivide the Internet, how much do you sell? Where will users pay attention to this? These are the analytical work that needs to be done in the early stage.

2. The website product or service has characteristics

After positioning the main source of website traffic, you need to promote the product or service. Both the paid mode and the free mode need to be planned. Only reasonable planning need to facilitate the later promotion direction and continuous testing to find the best and most effective platform and channel. Characteristic products and services will allow more users to remember. And choose, no matter where they are embodied, this is a must.

How to improve your website conversion rate, website conversion rate

If you design on the website page, it is more attractive to the user. Whether it is from the color matching of the page, the emphasis of the text and so on.

Use your existing strengths to impress users, such as web design is in place. There is strong soft writing, the product has a unique advantage.

3. Establish your own brand

Need to provide real content to demonstrate your own characteristics, in order to get more people to recognize. Whether it’s a TV advertisement or paid promotion or other forums in related industries, You need to show your content to users. For example, the classic slogan “The cups can connect around the earth.” “Hello everyone, it’s really good.” “It doesn’t come down at all.” If you won’t promote, can you recognize these brand products?

How to improve your website conversion rate, website conversion rateIt is most important to establish your own brand in the industry. Smaller products and small services should build their own brands.

Brands can make more users remember. Because your brand has different characteristics and it will be favored by more users. More users will recognize you, know you and willing to try your products and services.

4. Pay attention to word of mouth publicity

The key to improving the website conversion rate is to pay attention to word-of-mouth publicity, especially Internet sales products. Good product users will help you to spread and promote. If the user is very upset after using it, and feel regret after using it, then the user will also spread. At this time, a lot of negative information transmits.

How to improve your website conversion rate, website conversion rate

Praise may not recognize by more customers, but bad reviews must affect the sales of products!

5. Providing quality service

Quality service should do on every website. Regardless of the number of products or services, services should be done. This is also an important way to spread word of mouth, paying attention to the famous saying that “the customer is God.” Because only when a customer buys a product or service can you have a better function, it will slowly grow and become bigger. If you can’t treat customers with a grateful heart, then even the best products are hard to get customers to spread.

How to improve your website conversion rate, website conversion rate

The increase in website conversion rate not only requires the provision of quality services and products but also needs to reflect more value and make users feel valued. Only then will users help you to better promote and promote.

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